KEFAI food packaging machines can be applied to package nuts, chips, snacks, cereal product and so on. The production of food packaging machines is one of our main lines in business.

KEFAI food packing machines can fully solve your problem if you are still looking for a suitable food packaging machine. As regard to the transportation of the food filling and sealing machine, it is unnecessary to worry about. We can reassure you about the quality of fully automatic food packing machines in the entire process. We can also offer you a proper shipping plan to save your time.

  • Pet Food Packing Machine: KEFAI pet food packing machine can be used to pack small granule food such as dog food, cat food, fish food and other pet food. The pet food packaging machine is convenient to maintain and repair so the maintainance expense can be kept to a minimum.
  • Popcorn Packing Machine:The packaging of KEFAI popcorn packing machine is quite convenient for customers to store popcorn and can make it more sanitary. In addition, the popcorn packing machines also make it easier to carry popcorn so they are more and more popular with plenty of customers.
  • Walnut Packing Machine:KEFAI walnut packing machine has several kinds of packaging styles such as three-side sealing, four-side sealing, pillow-shaped bags, preformed bags, gussetted bags, etc. The walnut packing machine has a simple circuit but is full of powerful functions.
  • Potato Chips Packing Machine: KEFAI potato chips packing machine is widely used in the packaging of potato chips and french fries. And the potato chips packing equipment usually adopts the vertical bags and pillow-shaped bags to pack chips products.
  • Premade Pouch Food Packaging Machine: KEFAI premade pouch food packaging machine is fairly flexible and easy to changeover so you can save much time.
  • Vertical Form Fill Seal Food Packaging Machine: KEFAI vertical form fill seal food packaging machine has a great demand and is widely used in the market.
  • Carton Packaging Food Packaging Machine: KEFAI carton packaging food packaging machine can well fulfill the production requirements at a high speed.
  • Stick Packaging Food Packaging Machine: KEFAI stick packaging food packaging machine has a variety of sizes and the sizes of the device can be made according to your requirements.
  • Vibratory Filler Food Packaging Machine: KEFAI vibratory filler food packaging machine is mainly used for the quantitative packaging of food products.
  • AutomaticCounting and Filling Food Packaging Machine: KEFAI automatic counting and filling food packaging machine occupies small space and it is flexible and convenient for you to use.


  • One-stop packaging solution: KEFAI can provide a range of services from front-end production processing, packaging material design and customization, to the end of the packaging. Before production, the size and specification of the packing machine for food products can be designed according to your requirements. After production, you can obtain a free warranty within one year  wear parts can be replaced within two years, and lifelong technical support.
  • Professional Team Members: There are 5 members in the R&D team of products and 40 technical engineers in KEFAI. Besides, the chief technical engineer of the food packing equipment producer has been working in this industry for more than 30 years. The foreign trade manager of the food packaging device supplier has been working in foreign trade for 8 years.
  • Reasonable Product Price: The food packing machine price in KEFAI is extremely reasonable because the prices are factory prices. The electrical components of products belong to the first-grade well-known brand. We also need to take the cost of production into consideration.
  • Strict Testing Procedures: Before leaving the factory, the automatic food packing machine will undergo a rigorous 72-hour test. Before delivery, We will provide you with equipment photos, operation videos and test reports.


In addition to some pre-sales services, KEFAI Machinery, a food packaging machines manufacturer, will also offer a complete set of after-sales services. At the meantime, we have set overseas after-sales service centers all over the world, which can provide on-site technical support for you at any time. If you find problem with the food packing device, you can contact us to help you solve.

The chips food packing machine in KEFAI is very helpful for me. I owned a mill, and this food packing equipment for potato chips helped me a lot. The response from aftersales service staff was so quick and they were very friendly.A comment from Vietnam
I’m very happy with your food packaging machine and the after-sales service in KEFAI. I have already ordered an automatic food packing machine for whey powder and I am going to buy food packaging machine for milk powder.A comment from Spain
The quality of the industrial food packing equipment is amazing and I’m very excited about it. Thank you for producing such a good car! Thank you to everyone on the team for your efforts!A comment from Germany

KEFAI food packaging machines can help you make the best choice with a professional solution.We are always committed to becoming your outstanding helper on the way of food packaging. KEFAI automatic food packing machines are equipped with intelligent systems. Therefore, the operation process of the food packaging equipment is as easy as your smart cellphones. Besides, Our industrial food packaging machines can be quite durable in use. As a food packaging manufacturer, We can deliver those fully automatic food packing machines at a much faster speed compared with others. This because we possess a great deal of commodities in stock, which can definitely be delivered on time.

How to define a food packing machine?

Food packaging refers to the closed packaging to protect food from external contamination. Nowadays there are an increasing number of people choosing to use active wrapping.

Can I get the benefits of food packaging?

There are three main advantages:

  • One of the biggest functions is to ensure food hygiene
  • The shelf life of the productcan be extended because the packaged food is isolated from the ai
  • Packaged food is easy to transportand convenient for distant people to purchase.

How to understand food packing machine handler?

The purpose of the packing machines handler is to try his best to make sure that the commodities wrapped are standard so that the commodities can be sold and dispensed.