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China Popcorn Packing Machine

Popcorn pouch packing machine plays a very important role in the popcorn manufacturing industry. Multihead scale popcorn packaging machine is widely used in the food industry, especially for efficient and accurate weighing and packaging of small granular food such as popcorn. It is more suitable for popcorn manufacturers and food processing enterprises. In addition, the use of a multi-head weighing packaging machine can also pack other granular products, such as potato chips, candy, chicken, nuts, and other products. Whether it is a large-scale production or small-scale customization, the multi-head weighing popcorn packaging machine can meet the needs of different industries for popcorn packaging.

KEFAI's popcorn packaging machine combines the functions of a multi-head scale and packaging machine to quickly and accurately weigh and package popcorn, bringing the industry's productivity and packaging quality to a much higher level. An automated machine for packing popcorn is much more efficient and convenient for factories that need to package large quantities of popcorn as compared to manual packaging. Its efficient and precise weighing and packaging functions make it an important tool in various industries.

  • Precise Weighing
  • Flexible Adaptation
  • Multipurpose
  • Automatic Operation


Automatic popcorn packing machine is an excellent packaging equipment. Popcorn is sold in weights ranging from 20 grams to 100 grams. Our multi-head weighing popcorn packaging machine can accurately measure the weight for filling and tight sealing. Additionally, the packaging speed of the machine is fast, and the system is suitable for daily outputs of approximately 2,000 to 5,000 bags. Contact us if you are interested in this popcorn packaging solution.

Back Seal Bag Granule Powder Application

Affordable Price:
Popcorn packaging machinery with multi-head weigher has a good price/performance ratio and is relatively affordable. In the long run, because this type of packaging machine has accurate weighing and excellent packaging features, the productivity gains and labor cost savings brought about by this entire automated operation will always be favorable.


Main features

  1. The automatic rotary packaging machine adopts a precise indexing device and PLC to control each action and workstation to ensure easy and precise machine operation.
  2. The speed of the machine is adjustable range by frequency conversion and the actual speed depends on the product type and bag.
  3. The automatic checking system checks the bag condition, filling condition, and sealing condition.
    The system will show 1. No bag feeding, no filling, and no sealing. 2. No bag opening/opening error, no filling, and sealing 3. No filling, no sealing.
  4. Advanced materials such as stainless steel are used in the part of the product in contact with the bag to ensure product hygiene.


KF02-PD V420
KF02-PD V520
KF02-PD V620
KF02-PD V720
KF02-PD V820
Bag length
Bag width
Max width of roll film
Packing speed
1-25 bags/min
1-20 bags/min
1-15 bags/min
1-10 bags/min
1-8 bags/min
Measuring range
100-2000 ml
100-3000 ml
100-1000 ml
1000-5000 ml
1000-6000 ml
Air consumption
Gas consumption
Power voltage
220V/50HZ(can be customized 110V)
3 phase 4 wire 3.5KW

Deatils images

Back Seal Bag Packing Machine details Back Seal Bag Packing Machine display

Optional device

VFFS packing machine can include various special features such as gas flushing for modified atmosphere packaging, and inkjet printers for date and lot coding. These features can add value to the packaged product and meet market requirements.
Back Seal Bag Packing Machine optional device
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Realated Popcorn Machines

All in One Popcorn Packs Packing Machine: This type of machine can pack popcorn with 3 in 1 popcorn packs which are small packs of popcorn. Popcorn all in one packs are convenient and easy-to-use packaging solutions capable of dosing popcorn kernels, oil, and seasonings, all individually packaged in a separate bag. This automatic packing machine can package the best all in one popcorn packs using a three-sided seal.

Popcorn Glass Packing Machine: The popcorn glass packing machine is also named the popcorn cup sealing machine. It is a semi-automatic sealing machine that can seal cups of popcorn. This machine is suitable for small businesses and the popcorn glass packing machine price is cheap.

KEFAI Popcorn Glass Packing Machine

Popcorn Filling and Sealing Machine: This popcorn packaging equipment is designed to efficiently fill and seal popcorn products into cup containers in a linear fashion. The fully automatic packing machine contains multiple columns and is capable of packing large quantities of popcorn quickly, thereby accelerating plant productivity.

KEFAI Popcorn Cup Filling Sealing Packing Machine

KEFAI Advantages

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, KEFAI is committed to providing customers with high quality and efficient popcorn packaging solutions to meet their popcorn packaging needs. As a professional packaging machine supplier, KEFAI has rich experience and expertise in the field of popcorn packaging machines. We guarantee that all of our machines are made of high-quality raw materials and strict production processes ensure that each multihead scale popcorn packaging machine is subjected to strict quality checks and tests. Currently, KEFAI is striving to enhance the quality and competitiveness of our packaging machine products through technological innovation and excellent service.

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Our Customers Feedback

We are a food processing factory, recently we purchased KEFAI’s packaging machine for popcorn snack packs, and the whole process is very satisfactory. Using KEFAI’s packing machine for popcorn packs reduces our labor workload, and its automated operation improves packaging efficiency. Overall, this is a very cost-effective popcorn packaging machine, and we highly recommend that everyone who needs a packaging machine choose KEFAI machinery. Mr. Joseph, a customer from Mexico.
The effect of popcorn for packing is great. Popcorn packing material we are using plastic laminated film, which is also excellent in the use of packaging machines. In addition to this, KEFAI’s after-sales service is very good. The technical team at the KEFAI factory answered our questions in a timely manner and provided training to enable us to operate and maintain the equipment proficiently. Thank you KEFAI for providing us with such a good packaging solution! Mr. Christopher, a customer from Jamaica.
KEFAI was able to respond quickly to our needs and their professional customer service staff gave us the utmost support and assistance about the machine of caramel popcorn packs. It is because of KEFAI’s full assistance that our popcorn production can be realized in normal style. Thank you very much. Mr. Mark, a customer from Nicaragua.

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FAQs about popcorn pack machine

1. How to pack popcorn?

How does KEFAI's packaging machine pack popcorn? First, the popcorn is supplied into the hopper of a multi head scale or other weighing device. Multihead scales can weigh multiple bags at the same time to ensure accurate and efficient weighing. The popcorn is then filled into automatically formed bags. In the sealing area, the packaging machine will automatically complete the sealing of the bag to ensure that the mouth of the popcorners variety pack is firmly closed to ensure food quality and safety. Finally, the best popcorn packs will be automatically discharged, ready to enter the next packaging cycle or into the subsequent processes of the packaging line. In addition, you can add the label and date printing function, you can add product information, brand, and expiration date for the bag.

2. Is the operation of the popcorn packing machine complicated?

Not complicated. It is possible that the operation of a packaging machine for popcorn seasoning variety pack may seem complicated to a novice operator, requiring some learning and adaptation time. However, KEFAI's packaging machines are designed with a user-friendly interface and equipped with intuitive touch screen controls. This simplifies the operation process and reduces learning costs for novice operators, making it easier to get started.

3. Will the bag formed by the popcorn machine not be strong?

Of course. Our popcorn pack design is back sealed bag, our VFFS packing machine for popcorn packing adopts high quality sealing system and advanced sealing technology to ensure the popcorn variety pack is firmly sealed to avoid scattering and contamination of popcorn.

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