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High Quality Rotary Bag Snack Food Packing Machine Factory

The Rotary Bag Snack Food Packing Machine is a packaging equipment that efficiently and accurately fills and packs various types of snacks into premade bags. This snack packing machine is commonly used in the food industry to package a variety of snack products including potato chips, candy, nuts, popcorn, and other similar granular items.

KEFAI's automatic snacks packing machine is equipped with a multi-head scale weighing system and a rotary premade bag packer. The main objective of the fully automated snack packaging machine is to be able to automate the entire packaging process, ensuring the precise filling of each bag and guaranteeing consistent bag quality. In addition to this, the snacks' quality and freshness are maintained.

  • Well Designed
  • Efficient Output
  • Superior Quality
  • Fully Certified


The automated process of filling, sealing, and packaging snacks of the snacks pouch packing machine ensures consistent product quality, freshness, and appearance. The premade pouch packing machine for snacks food can automatically fill and seal many snacks.

Cheap Price

Compared with other highly automated packaging equipment, the snacks packing machine price is less costly. It will be a better choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. Rotary pre-made bag packing machines typically use low electricity and gas consumption, which helps to reduce production costs. In addition, the high level of automation of the packing machines reduces the reliance on human labor, which in turn reduces labor costs.



  1. It uses a stainless steel 304 shell for the food grade required.
  2. Automatic detection. No pouch or pouch is not opened completely, no filling, no sealing.
  3. Horizontal Infeed conveyor suits for bags with zipper, max. put 300pcs each time.
  4. Zipper Openner System: Servo motor (Yaskawa/Japan) controlled.
  5. Independent temperature control system (Omron/Japan).
  6. PLC adjusts bag width clamping: Only 2 minutes by auto PLC to adjust different bag width sizes.
  7. Automatic lubrication system: PLC controls the lubrication time, and automatically lubricates the machine parts instead of by manual.
  8. It includes ribbon type date code: 3 lines * 17 characters.
  9. Guarding: Glass Door Alarm / Air Pressure Abnormal.
  10. Internal grooved cam design: The technology with high precision, suits max. packing speed: 50 cycles/min with stable running.
  11. Use a free oil vacuum pump, to avoid polluting the environment in the production.


Product Name
KEFAI Rotary Snack Doypack Packing Machine
Stainless steel
ISO9001, CE
Working position
Eight-working position
Pouch material
Laminated film
Pouch pattern
Stand-up & Zipper
Pouch size
W:100-210mm L:100-320mm
≤35 pouches/min (The speed depends on the product status and filling weight)
1300 KG
380V 3phase 50HZ/60HZ
Total power

Detailed Images

rotary premade bag packing machine details

Other Snacks Packing Machines

Snacks Packing Machine with Nitrogen: It is a nitrogen packing machine for snacks. The automatic packing machinery is equipped with a nitrogen filling device, which can not only effectively protect food from collision damage such as transportation, but also extend the shelf life of snacks. This packaging machine is always used in packing potato chip food. The chips snack packing machine is very popular among our customers.

VFFS Packing Machine for Snacks: The vertical forming filling sealing machine can automatically package snacks into back-sealed pouches. In addition, this VFFS machine can help you pack your products faster, and you can use this automated packing machine with no errors.

KEFAI Back Seal Bag Packing Machine

Chain Bucket Packing Machine for Snacks: Chain bucket packing equipment adopts chain bucket to transfer materials continuously to achieve the purpose of continuous supply of the snacks. What's more, the chain bucket packaging machine is equipped with a precise metering device that provides a consistent amount of snacks in each bag.

KEFAI's Advantages

KEFAI is an advanced domestic and international rotary bag snack food packing machine factory. KEFAI is strong enough to provide you with a systematic set of high-quality equipment only to create the most advanced snack packaging machine. Since KEFAI's inception, we have been exploring and researching new technologies to create the world's leading packing machine for snacks. We can assert that KEFAI is the best rotary bag snack food packing machine factory! KEFAI's snack packing system provides important help for the packaging of various snacks, which will reduce the workload of workers and improve production efficiency. We believe that snack packaging solution plays an indispensable key role in the industry.

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Our Customers Feedback

KEFAI is a great snacks packing machine manufacturer. They can customize the right snack packaging machine according to our requirements. And this customized machine fully meets our expectations, with all parameters being able to meet the standards. I am very satisfied with the quality of this snack packaging solution. KEFAI is trustworthy. Mr. Atik, a customer from Belarus.
I was impressed by KEFAI’s professional one-on-one service and the excellent attitude of their customer service. The China rotary bag snack food packing machine is wonderful that I can use it for a long time. Not only that, all kinds of snacks can be well packaged, and it is very convenient to change the settings by simply adjusting on the touch screen. I would like to continue to use KEFAI’s snack packaging machine. Mr. Alan, a customer from Germany.
We think China snacks packing machine is cost-effective. KEFAI provided a suitable snack packaging line within our budget and in a short time we had the desired return on investment. We also hope to continue our long term relationship with KEFAI, and hope that we will get better and better with each other! Mr. Emile, a customer from the Vatican.

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FAQs about Snacks Packaging Machine

1. Does the snack packaging machine have product counting and detection functions?

Yes, our packaging machine is equipped with counting and detection functions to ensure that the weight of snacks in each packaging bag is accurate and consistent.In addition, it can also detect whether there are empty bags, whether there are foreign objects, etc., which is enough to ensure the quality of snack packaging bags.

2. What packaging materials can be used for snack food packaging machines?

Generally speaking, plastic roll film is the most common packaging material for snack foods. As well as some aluminum foil film, composite film and other packaging materials.

3. Can the snack packaging machine adapt to different bag types?

Yes, snacks packing machine has many models can adapt to different types of bag types, such as flat bag, back seal bag, side seal bag, triangle bag, all kinds of stand-up pouches, prefabricated bags and so on.

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