KEFAI tea bag packing machine is a device that uses inner bag and outer bag to pack broken tea in food industry. KEFAI teabag packing machines comply with the requirements of international production standards.

KEFAI tea bag pouch packing machine can package the tea bags with thread or without thread. We can provide you with different models of tea bag packaging machines. We are not ambiguous at all when it comes to after-sales service. Our overseas service center has been established all over the world. On-site installation and maintenance services are available at any time.

kefai tea packing

  • Green Tea Bag Packing Machine: KEFAI green tea bagpackaging machine has an user-friendly product design and the equipment is fairly easy to learn. Our green tea bag packaging machine is equipped with an emergency button to have a prevention of accidents. When encountering an accident, the operator can press the button to stop the green tea bag packing equipment quickly.
  • Black Tea Bag Packing Machine: KEFAI blacktea bag packaging machine has auxiliary devices such as inner bag and outer bag packaging machine, which can be used alone and are highly practical. Our black tea bag packing machine is capable of being equipped with a date printing machine to production date and expiration date on the package.
  • Scented TeaBag Packing Machine: KEFAI scented tea bag packing machine can be applied to pack all kinds of scented tea bags such as jasmine tea bags, chrysanthemum tea bags, rose tea bags, hibiscus tea bags, and so on. Besides, The position of the label can be adjusted at will according to your needs.
KEFAI Pyramid Teabag
  • Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine: KEFAI pyramid tea bag packing machineadopts a die-cutting technology so the shape of tea bag is three-dimensional. Besides, this special shape of the triangle tea bag packing machine allows it for containing more items.



  • Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine: KEFAI double chamber tea bag packing machineuses sophisticated technology and exquisite structure so as to have a high-speed running process.


  • Round Tea Bag Packing Machine: KEFAI round tea bag packing machineis an automatic tea bag packing device that is suitable for small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale business.
  • Filter Paper Tea Bag Packing Machine: KEFAI filter paper tea bag packing machinewill perforate the tea bags to ensure that the tea bags can be well brewed.
  • Tree Side Sealing Tea Bag Packing Machine: The three-side sealing packaging method of the tree side sealing tea bag packing machine is one of the most common packaging way in tea bag packaging.
  • Used Tea Bag Packing Machine: KEFAI used tea bag packing machineis equipped with a volumetric cup for having an accurate measurement of tea bags.


Feature Box

  • Safe to Eat: Our teabag packing machines are used with food grade stainless steel, which is is not only rugged, but also easy to clean. In addition, the parts of the machine that come into contact with the product are all smooth surfaces, which can better handle the tea bag and keep the product in a more sterile and sanitary condition.
  • 100% Pure Taste: The most significant point about food products is their original taste. For this purpose, we have put plenty of effort to do the best we can. Our automatic tea bag packaging machines pack the tea bag in the advanced heat-sealing method to maximize the freshness and quality of tea bags.
  • Applicable: KEFAI Machinery is able to offer you a variety of tea bag packaging machines to meet your production requirements. For example, the small tea bag packing machine is suitable for for small-scale and low-cost businesses. And the fully automatic tea bag packaging machines are suitable for medium and large businesses which are well-funded.
  • Completely Controllable: The design of our tea bag packing machine is based on the premise of flexibility and safety. Both the sealing temperature of products and the packaging length of bags are able to be adjusted. KEFAI Machinery uses high-end components to improve the stability of the tea bag packing machine for long-term use. The tea bag packaging machine can automatically detect the abnormal situation and sound the alarm.


Available In All The Models You Want.

As an expert in the tea bag packaging solutions, KEFAI Machinery has understood what you would like. There is some possibility that you might be concerned that we don't have enough in stock. But now, you can put that worry to rest. Our standard tea bag packaging machines are in abundant supply and high production capacity. A great deal of customers need to customize the teabag packaging machines because of their different situations. We are experienced and skilled in this aspect so your customization requirements are capable to be fulfilled to the largest extent. Tell us what you want and a design scheme will be sent to you immediately.


KEFAI packaging machines have a high degree of recognition in the industry. As a result, a large amount of customers are willing to buy our tea bag packaging equipment, and many of them will choose to repurchase. Even with heavy workloads, our tea bag packaging machines can still run smoothly at high speeds. Excellent performance is the highlight of our brand. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us. As for your feedback, we will reply in the earliest time. Our young team is always online for you.


Customer Comments On Our Products.

A review from Monaco: A few days ago, I opened the packaging of the machine with joy. I am a small tea supplier so I choose to purchase a semi-automatic mini tea bag packing machine, which can save more cost. Although the mini tea bag packing machine doesn’t have high efficiency, it is powerful enough for my production.


A review from Egypt: It is a great opportunity for us to purchase a tea bag packing machine compete for a position in the market. We were surprised at the quality of the triangle tea bag packaging machine. It can run for a long time and we really love it. Thank you, KEFAI!


A review from Austria: We would like to express our gratefulness to KEFAI. The team members of you are so patient to provide me with a suitable solution. You are sincere and I’m sure that you will develop better and better.

Bottom FAQ

  • What about the packaging of the tea bagsin tea bag packing machines?

The tea bag filling and sealing machine is packaged in two layers of inner bag and outer bag. The inner bag is filter paper and the outer bag is composite paper.  In addition, these two bags can be formed at one time, and the tea bags can be packaged directly without contact between people and tea materials.


  • Can we visit the tea bag packaging machine in advance at the factory?

Off course. You are allowed to see the tea bag packaging machine and you can get detailed explanation from the engineer. Once you purchase our products, we will provide you with free product training.


  • Are your tea bag packaging machines easy to operate?

Yes. Our teabag packaging equipment has human-machine interfaces, and the operator can make proper adjustments on the touch screen.