One-stop Worry-free Service

Working with KEFAI Machine makes it easy for you to start your project. Most importantly, we provide one stop worry-free support service before and after you purchase our automatic packaging machines. We know exactly you need our guidance on “how to install your packaging equipment”, “how to get it working smoothly”, “how to maintain your packaging machine”, “how to achieve your productivity goals”, and “how to ensure the quality of your product and package effect”

Don't worry about these, our engineers can help design the layout according to the size of your workshop. Our support team is available to guide you face-to-face at your production site.

Spare parts are another important necessity you need when operating in your production process. Usually, we will put some standard spare parts with the machine before shipping. But if you need more spare parts or some non-standard spare parts, we can express some to you.

Everything we do is for your convenience and we are always ready to serve you.

Research & Development Capability

There are 5 members in the Research and development team and 40 technical engineers in KEFAI. So far, KEFAI Machine has a total of about ten independent patent certificates. Besides, our chief technical engineer has over 30 years of experience in the automated packaging industry. The professional team in KEFAI industrial packaging machines is strong in research and development capability. We can help you design and customize various styles of automatic packaging equipment.

KEFAI can provide a range of services from your product preprocessing to the end of the automatic packaging. Even though we are not a manufacturer of packaging materials, we are able to provide qualified packaging materials when our customers need them. We are also a reliable partner for our customers, designing and printing according to your requirements, as we work with a wide range of suppliers who have worked with us for many years. We can provide you with these services to save you time, or you can contact them directly to double-check.

About our products automatic packing machines before manufacturing, the size and specification of the packing machines can be designed according to your requirements. After production, you can obtain a free warranty within one year worn parts can be replaced within two years, and lifelong technical support.

We will consider all factors affecting your production, whatever anyone, KEFAI always provides you with the most suitable and cost-effective packaging solution.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the basis of cooperation with our customers. No matter what service or packing machine you buy from KEFAI, we are always focused on excellent quality. We have the following quality system:

All raw materials or incoming parts we buy from other suppliers are inspected by our professional quality control team before entering our warehouse.

All third-party manufactured parts must be reviewed before entering the production process.

Establish inspection standards for each step of production and strictly implement them.

Testing 72 hours before shipment, such as sealing and cutting aesthetics, air leakage test, water bathing test, sealing test, etc.

A full inspection is carried out after completing the above process to ensure that we deliver qualified and excellent products to our customers.

We are always your reliable and trusted partner: ”Deliver the perfect technology, Promote your successful end results.”

After-sales service guarantee

Before sales, KEFAI Machinery can provide customers with packaging solutions and design layouts, as well as FOB, CIF, CFR, customs clearance, and other reasonable transportation plans.

After sales, KEFAI can provide a one-year core component warranty, two-year wear parts replacement, and lifelong technical support. KEFAI has set up local network service centers all over the world. Therefore, if there is any problem with the pouch-filling machine, we can immediately come to your house to deal with it.