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Candy Packaging Machine for Sale

The automatic candy packaging machine is a packing equipment dedicated to packaging granular products such as candy. This machine for packing candies is especially widely used in the food industry. In addition, candy packaging equipment can also pack snacks, potato chips, meat, gummy bears, ice cubes, popcorn, peanuts, parts, etc.

KEFAI China candy packaging machine is equipped with a multi-head weigher and a VFFS packing machine. Candy packing machines are indispensable equipment for candy production plants that want to effectively package products in a manner that ensures candy quality and packaging that is attractive and complies with industry regulations. It can efficiently pack candy and the perfect packaging style can arouse buyers' desire to buy. The automatic candy packing machine plays a vital role in improving the overall production process of candy, maintaining product quality while ensuring the purpose of exquisite packaging appearance.

  • Precise Weight
  • Customizable Machine
  • Adapt to Various Sizes
  • Extended Shelf Life


The candy pouch packing machine can automatically complete the work of bag making, weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, and printing production dates. Also, this intelligent packing machine can be easily adjusted to suit different candy sizes, shapes, and packaging materials.

Protect the Quality of Candy
These machines contain sealing mechanisms to protect candy from moisture, air, and pollution, thereby extending its shelf life. In addition, food safety and hygiene are essential in candy packaging. The candy packaging machinery has a hygienic design, and the surface of the machine is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets the standards of the food industry.


Main features

  1. Adopts the advanced PLC and photoelectric control system, touch screen in both Chinese and English, and automatic completion of measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, and printing codes.
  2. Adopts the stainless steel 304 for the machine's mainframe, and stainless steel 304 for the parts touching supplies, which has a very good effect of anti-rusting, guaranteeing the products are clean and sanitary, and also greatly prolongs the machine's life span.

Bag shape selection:

  1. Pillow bag
  2. Gusset bag
  3. Flat bottom bag
  4. Quad seal stand-up bag
  5. Bag with hanging hole
  6. Bag with easy tear


KEFAI Candy Packaging Machine
Bag style
Back sealed bag, Pillow bag, etc.
200-2000g (According to your requirement)
Bag size
L80-300mm, W50-200mm(According to your requirement)
Packing speed
5-60 bags/min
Control system
PLC+ touch screen
stainless steel
380V, 50Hz,3P/ 220V, 60Hz, 3P
about 5*2*3.5m for the whole packing line
Film material
Paper/polyethylene; cellophane/polyethylene;
Plated aluminum/polyethylene; BOPP/polyethylene; nylon/polyethylene

Deatils images

Optional Device:

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Related Machines

Candy Pillow Packing Machine: The candy pillow pack machine is mostly used for pillow packaging in hardware, food, medical supplies, daily necessities, and other industries. This candy bar packaging machine can automatically realize the tasks of bag making, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting.

KEFAI Horizontal Pillow Back Seal Packing Machine

Candy Premade Pouch Packing Machine: The premade bag packaging machine has an eight-station manipulator, which can be quickly matched and operated, and the bag width is automatically adjusted, which is extremely stable and has low loss. It is able to use a variety of stand-up pouches, nozzle pouches, zipper pouches, and other bags whitch are already made.

Candy Vertical Packing Machine: This is a small candy packaging machine that can package various candies. It is small, which doesn't take up a lot of space, and is priced to be affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

KEFAI automatic sugar sachet packing machine

High Speed Candy Packing Machine: The high-speed pillow packing machine can pack 100 to 1200 candies in one minute. It is suitable for back-sealing packaging of candy, cheese sticks and other materials with regular shapes.

KEFAI High Speed Candy Packaging Machine

KEFAI Advantages

KEFAI has a strong and mature technical R&D team. We have accumulated more than 15 years of experience in the design, development, and production of candy packaging machines in the machinery industry, and we are one of the high-tech enterprises. We have cooperated with many well-known brands, and KEFAI is your trusted partner. Our candy packing machine has national certification patents, national CE certification, and other certifications, which means that the quality of our candy packaging equipment is guaranteed.

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Our Customers Feedback

KEFAI’s chocolate candy packaging machine has good performance and can achieve our production output goals very quickly and efficiently. And each candy is packed very neatly without any defects. I have to agree that KEFAI’s automatic candy filling packing machine has provided great help to our candy packaging. Since purchasing their packaging machine for candy, everything has become much easier! Mr. Kyle, a customer from El Salvador.
I am looking for a suitable cotton candy packaging machine and a hard candy packaging machine. As a result, KEFAI’s multi-head scale packaging machine can pack hard candy and soft candy, which greatly reduces our costs and expenses, and it is very convenient and easy to replace the packaging roll film. Thank you very much for such an easy-to-use cotton candy packing machine recommended by KEFAI. Mr. Ted, a customer from the Czech Republic.
KEFAI’s ice candy packing machine is powerful. If you want to purchase an ice candy pouch packing machine, I suggest KEFAI Machinery. They can help you choose a suitable automatic ice candy packaging filling and sealing packing machine. What’s more, their ice candy packing machine price is cheap and cost-effective. Mr. Luis, a customer from Norway.

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FAQs about candy packaging solutions

1. What type of candy can be packed with a candy packaging machine?

Candy packaging machines can handle various types of candy, including hard candy, gummy candy, chocolate, marshmallows, rock candy, etc. Flow pack packing machines need to have regular shapes and the same requirements, while vertical packaging machines do not need to care about shape, size, and consistency.

2. How does the candy packing solution ensure the accurate dose of candy?

The automatic candy packing machines can accurately measure and distribute the required amount of candy to each package by using precise measuring mechanisms, such as volumetric fillers or weighing devices.

3. Can the candy packaging machine handle different packing materials?

Yes, candy packaging machines can use a variety of packaging materials, including plastic film, aluminum foil, paper, etc., depending on the design and configuration of the machine, and premade bags can also be used.

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