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China Sausage Packing Machine

Sausage packing machines are automated machines capable of packing sausages more tightly for preservation. This packaging machine is suitable for a variety of food industries, meat processing plants, food processing companies, and a variety of meat and non-meat products packaging needs, but also able to pack other salami, ham, meat food products, and other products.

KEFAI's automatic sausage packing machine can greatly preserve the freshness of meat products such as sausage and bratwurst. It is important to ensure the food safety of your sausage products, and KEFAI can give you the best quality wrapping machine for packing food. Next, we will introduce you more information about the sausage packing machine.

  • Hygienic Design
  • Ensure Sausages Quality
  • Good Sealing Properties
  • High Return Rate


Sausage Packer is a new innovative packing solution for meat factories. It provides a fast and efficient sausage packaging method, which can pack sausages and other foods at the fastest packaging speed, thereby improving production efficiency. KEFAI's sausage filling machine is ideal for various meat food packaging factories.

Food Safety And Security

The stainless steel structure and fully automated process of the packaging machine minimize the risk of food contamination.The machine can tightly seal the sausage packaging, and the product quality is ensured through correct handling.



  1. Conveyor system: servo motor with planetary gear reducer for the stepping running, it can run very fast but avoids material splashing because the servo motor can start and stop smoothly, and also keep the positioning accuracy.
  2. Empty tray detecting function: it adopts a photoelectric sensor or optical fiber sensor to detect the mold if have a tray or not, it can avoid the mistake of sealing the mold without the tray, reduce product waste and machine cleaning.
  3. Sealing cutting function: The system consists of an automatic film drawer, printing film location, waste film collection, and thermostat sealing system, the sealing system can run fast and locates the printed film accurately. The thermostat sealing cutting system uses an Omron PID temperature controller and a sensor for high-quality heat sealing.
  4. Replacement of mold: molds are made of 304 stainless steel and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, the operating parameters of the different molds are saved by the touch screen which makes it easy to call up the operating parameters, molds can be replaced within 15 minutes.
  5. Discharge system: it can output the sealed trays and sends them to the outside liner.
  6. Automation control system: it is made up of PLC, Touch screen, servo system, sensor, magnetic valve, relays, etc.
  7. Pneumatic system: it is made up of a valve, air filter, meter, pressing sensor, magnetic valve, air cylinders, silencer, etc.


ItemKEFAI Automatic Sausage Tray Packing Machine
3P 380v/50hz
2.2 KW
Sealing temperature
0-300 ºC
Tray size
L*W≤240*150mm, H≤55mm or customize
Sealing Material
PET/PE, PP, Aluminum foil, Paper/PET/PE
1600 trays/hour
Intake pressure
0.6-0.8 Mpa
640 KG

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Other Sausage Packing Machines

Sausage Vacuum Packing Machine: A sausage vacuum packaging machine is an effective solution to extend the shelf life of sausages and maintain their taste and texture. The vacuum seal can remove the air from the packaging, prevent oxidation and deterioration, and thus achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life of the sausage.

KEFAI vacuum packing machine

KEFAI's Advantages

KEFAI is a sausage packing machine manufacturer with more than 15 years of professional filling and packaging solutions. We are committed to providing customers with the best personalized sausage packaging solutions and machine information according to customer needs. We produce and sell the highest quality sausage packaging machines. And we guarantee 100% on-time delivery, as well as provide 1 year after-sales guarantee and machine operation guidance to solve your worries. KEFAI as a sausage packing machine factory hereby promises to tailor the most satisfactory sausage packaging system for you.

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Our Customers Feedback

One day I saw that KEFAI had a sausage packing machine for sale, then I sent them the inquiry. KEFAI’s professional customer service agents are very responsible and they are always online to respond to my questions promptly, no matter when I ask them. With this trust, we chose to buy KEFAI’s machine and it has proved to be a really useful sausage filling machine. Ms. Sophia, a customer from Canada.
KEFAI’s sausage and bratwurst packing machine plays a key role in our sausage production line. The quality of KEFAI’s machines is premium and we haven’t had any errors with the machines over a long period. The best part is that the machines run endlessly for long periods, which speeds up our production schedule. Thank you KEFAI for such a great sealant sausage packing machine! Mr. Jeff, a customer from the Netherlands.
There are so many sausage packing machine manufacturers. But KEFAI as a sausage packing machine supplier is very committed, the service attitude is very good. The entire shopping session down very reassuring and smooth. We hope that we can continue to cooperate with KEFAI in the future. Mr. Ahmad, a customer from Morocco.

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FAQs about Sausage Packing Machine

1. Can the sausage packing machine be customized?

Yes, KEFAI supports the service of customizable machines, and we will design and produce suitable sausage packaging equipment according to your specific requirements.

2. What is the working principle of the sausage packing machine?

The packaging machine for sausage can put the sausage into a tray and then transfer it to the film for sealing and packaging.

3. Does vacuum packaging affect the taste and taste of sausages?

No, vacuum packaging can prevent the sausage from being exposed to air and cause oxidation and deterioration, thereby helping to maintain the taste and taste of the sausage.

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