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China Rice Packing Machine

Rice packing machine is a kind of equipment that can vacuum pack rice, including a VFFS packing machine with a vacuum device and a multi-head scale. Rice vacuum packaging machine plays an important role in the industry. The Rice Weighing Packaging Machine is suitable for all kinds of food processing factories, which can accurately pack all kinds of foodstuffs that need to be vacuum packed, such as some granular foodstuffs like beans, dried fruits, grains, and so on.

KEFAI's rice vacuum packing machine is an important equipment in the field of modern food processing, which combines multiple technologies to provide an efficient, convenient, and reliable solution for the packaging of rice and other granular foodstuffs. Overall, the automatic rice packing machine has significant advantages in the field of food processing, providing an efficient, precise, hygienic and economical solution for the packaging of rice while meeting consumer demand for fresh and high-quality food.

  • Preservation Packaging
  • Reducing Waste
  • Widely Used
  • Machine Quality Guarantee


1 kg rice packing machine can be efficient and fast. An automatic packing machine for 1kg of rice is more convenient and accurate than a manual rice packing machine. The rice packing hand machine is not suitable for large-scale operations and is prone to errors and inaccuracies. Therefore, the packaging effect is more significant with the VFFS packaging machine, and we recommend you use our new rice bag packing machine which is independently researched and developed.

Efficient Packaging

The rice packing system combines multihead scale weighing technology and vacuum packaging technology to accurately weigh and vacuum pack rice in a short period of time. Vacuum packaging removes the air from the bags, reducing the risk of oxidation and spoilage, helping to prolong the freshness of the rice and thus ensuring its food quality.



  1. This rice bag packing machine can automatically complete the following tasks: material lifting-multi-head scale metering-coding-bag making-filling-air injection/exhaust (optional)-sealing-counting-finished product transportation-finished product sorting.
  2. Imported PLC servo, pneumatic control system, and super touch screen are used to form the drive control center, which has high reliability and high degree of intelligence, and is equipped with safety protection devices.
  3. The touch screen can store the packaging process parameters of a variety of different products and can be used at any time when replacing the product without resetting it.
  4. The vacuum brick bag packing machine is equipped with a fault display system, when a fault occurs, it can be seen at a glance so that it can be eliminated in time.
  5. Punching devices can be made according to customer requirements.
  6. All contact material parts are 304 stainless steel.


Product name
KEFAI Rice Vacuum Packing Machine
Filling method
linear scale
bag shape
back sealed or gusset bag
bag size
L100-400mm, W160-350mm
18-40 bags/min
control style
PLC control + English screen
stainless steel
3.5 KW
about 1300KG

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Other Rice Packing Machines

25 Kg Rice Packing Machine: This kind of particle filling and sealing machine is mainly suitable for quantitative packaging of granular, granular powder mixing, and other materials such as pet feed, fertilizer, sawdust particles, rice, and other products.

KEFAI 25 KG rice bagging machine

50 Kg Rice Packing Machine: This packing machine can effectively quantitatively fill materials such as granules and powders. This is an efficient and intelligent machine for packing 50 kg of rice, which can automatically pack granular products and improve production efficiency and packing quality.

50 KG Rice Packing Machine

Rice Vacuum Packing Machine: You only need to press the start switch after the materials are packed in the packaging bag, and the packaging machine can automatically realize the operation of capping and sealing, double-sided shaping, vacuuming, and venting.

KEFAI's Advantages

You may find there are so many rice packing machine manufacturers, but KEFAI can give you the best choice of rice packing machine. KEFAI has exported its new rice packing equipment to many foreign countries and regions. We have a wealth of experience in the production and sale of rice packing machines, and our many cases can make you more trust in our ability. Whether it is for home use, small businesses, or large scale producers, KEFAI offers the most efficient, accurate, and hygienic solution for rice packaging. It is enough to bring great convenience and advantages to the user. KEFAI can help you achieve the best one-stop rice packing solution.

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Our Customers Feedback

KEFAI’s high-quality rice packaging machine has made a huge impact on our rice business. Our company has to handle large quantities of rice but was always prone to errors due to the performance of our previous packaging machine. But with KEFAI’s rice packaging equipment, we can weigh and package rice quickly, and the quality and quantity of each bag is consistently correct. Mr. Donald, a customer from Colombia.
KEFAI’s puffed rice packing machine is very sturdy. We purchased and used one of their rice wrappers and have not had a single error. And to my surprise, the style of the finished product is also very beautiful and attractive, so I would recommend this excellent quality packaging machine to other companies. Mr. Alec, a customer from the Guyana.
I was really satisfied when I used KEFAI’s multi-head weighing vacuum packaging machine. Not only does it dispense rice efficiently, but the multi-head weighing ensures the accuracy of each package. It is a value for money machine and the rice packing machine price is acceptable. Mr. Vicente, a customer from Antigua and Barbuda.

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FAQs about Rice Packaging Machine

1. What is the working principle of a rice pouch packing machine?

Firstly the rice is transported by an elevator to a multi-head weighing system for accurate distribution and weighing. The bags are stretched from the rolled material and formed into bags by relying on a bag maker, the rice is loaded into them, the oxygen is pumped out of the bags by means of an evacuation device, and then the bags are sealed to create a vacuum environment. The obtained vacuum-packed bags of rice finally emerge from the outlet.

2. Is it possible to adjust the amount of rice in the bags?

Yes, the rice bag packaging machine is equipped with a multi-head scale. The multihead scale can independently adjust the amount of rice in each bag as required. This ensures that each bag of rice is accurately weighed with a consistent weight while avoiding food waste.

3. How is the sealing of bags in this packaging machine?

Rice bag packing machine sealing system is advanced such as heat seal or ultrasonic sealing technology to ensure the sealing of the bags. All these methods can effectively seal the mouth of the bag and bring the rice in the bag into contact with the external environment.

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