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Meat packaging machine is widely used in the food industry and is suitable for packing all kinds of meats from raw meat to cooked meat, mainly through the way of vacuum packaging to prevent product oxidation, mildew, moth, corruption, and moisture, so as to achieve the purpose of extending the storage life of products.

KEFAI meat packaging equipment has a compact and generous appearance, it is small and only covers a small area. Also, the meat packing machine is easy to operate and maintain, you don’t need to spend too much time on maintaining it after using it. Therefore, choosing the right packaging machine can improve the cleanliness and freshness of food, but also allows food manufacturers to show the brand effect. KEFAI can provide a wonderful meat packing solution for your meat package.


Meat Premade Pouch Vacuum Packing Machine: It combines the functions of a premade bag packaging machine and a vacuum packaging machine to achieve fast, efficient and hygienic packaging of meat products.First put the meat product in a pre-made plastic bag, and then seal the mouth of the bag through the packaging machine.While sealing, the packing machine will perform a vacuum pumping operation to extract the air in the packaging bag to form a vacuum environment.This can effectively extend the shelf life of meat products while maintaining the taste and quality of meat products.

  • High Production Efficiency
  • Stable Operation
  • Perfect Prevention System
  • Environmental Protection


  1. The use of high-tech technologies such as microcomputer displays and graphical touch panels makes the machine easy to operate and maintain.
  2. The main part of the machine is made of stainless steel, which has good durability and hygiene.
  3. It adopts advanced technology, high performance, and smooth operation.
  4. All parts are easy to clean.
> What can this machine package?
KEFAI automatic meat packing machine is suitable for fresh food or other foods that need to be vacuum packed. You can use this powerful packing machine to pack fresh meat of beef, pork, lamb, poultry, etc.


NameKEFAI Meat Packing Machine
Bag Width55-100 mm
Bag Length80-190 mm
Speed50-85 bags/min
Power5 KW
Dimension(L*W*H)2750*1480*1600 mm
Weight2500 KG

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Related Machines

Pillow Meat Packing Machine: The pillow meat packaging machine is mainly composed of a feeding mechanism, film feeding mechanism, longitudinal sealing mechanism, cross-sealing, and cross-cutting mechanism, which is a continuous packing machine that has a strong ability to package.

pillow packing machine

VFFS Meat Packing Machine: Vffs meat packing machine is consists of lifting machine, combined scale and vacuum packaging machine mainframe. The fast bagging speed and accurate weight simplify operation procedure and improve the production efficiency.

Vacuum Meat Packing Machine: Skin vacuum meat packaging machine and tray vacuum meat packing machine is to place the product on the cardboard or bubble cloth, the film is heated, and then the product is sealed with the bottom plate under vacuum. No matter the size, shape, single or combined, the products are sealed and packaged at one time without any mold, which is convenient, flexible, practical, and efficient.

KEFAI Vacuum Meat Packing Machine


High Freshness Retention

Automatic wrapping machine for meat adopts vacuum packaging, which is a method to isolate oxygen that can prevent dry shrinkage, string taste, pollution and weight loss of food, which can make the product more hygienic.

What’s more, the addition of an inflatable function can not only prevent oxidation and discoloration during meat processing, but the inflatable function uses the modified atmosphere preservation function, which extracts the air in the bag and then fills it with gas with a certain freshness preservation function, so as to achieve the effect of fresh-keeping meat products.



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KEFAI has built a good reputation for innovation and development of specialized, high quality meat packing equipment. As a meat packing machine manufacturer, KEFAI is always devoted to providing the best packing solutions for you. Customers choose us not only for the considerate service we offer but also for the high quality packing machine we provide. All customers who bought the meat vacuum packing machine from us are satisfied with our meat packaging machine and our service.

Moreover, with the constant development of our technical team, and learning advanced technology and experience from the same industry abroad, we are constantly improving our machines, so that the performance and quality of the meat packing machine are out of expectation.

You can also search our HFFS packaging machines at Alibaba and Made-in-China.


Our Customers Feedback

"I brought a commercial meat packing machine from KEFAI three times. All the fresh meat packing machines I bought are fantastic. They are made of stainless steel materials that are easy to clean and maintain. I really love the ketchup packaging machine."

—— Mr. Smith, a customer from Canada.


"The ability of the HFFS packaging machine to handle various granular products is commendable. HFFS packer provides precise filling to ensure that the weight of the product in each package is consistent. We highly recommend this machine to anyone who needs an efficient and reliable particle packaging solution."

—— Mr. Joe, a customer from the United States.


"We compared many HFFS packaging machine suppliers and finally decided to purchase KEFAI's HFFS granule packaging machine. It has completely changed our packaging process, and the high-speed capabilities of the machine have greatly increased our production, allowing us to meet the needs of the market. In addition, KEFAI's after-sales support is also in place, and their professional customer service staff solved any of our problems in time. We are very satisfied with the performance of this meat packing machinery."

—— Mr. Will, a customer from Germany.

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FAQs about Meat Packing Machine

1. How do I choose a suitable meat packing machine?
When choosing a meat packing machine, you need to consider the product types you will pack, the output capacity you want to reach, and the container’s material and size you will use. If you still can’t make a decision, please feel free to contact us, and we will give you a perfect recommendation.

2. Can the meat packing machine be used to pack sausages?
Of course, our vacuum packing machine can not only be used to package all kinds of meat but also can be used to pack various fresh products, like vegetables, minced, shrimp, and so on.

3. Can you offer some videos or pictures of the meat packing machine?
Yes, of course. We can also help you to have your products packaged if you are available to send us some of your products and then record a video for your reference.