KEFAI chips packing machine is quite suitable for all kinds of granular products, especially chips products like potato chips, banana chips, plantain chips and so on. KEFAI chips packaging machine is a packaging equipment specially designed for the unified packaging of puffed food.

Our chips packing machines adopt PLC control system, which is easy to operate. The chip packaging equipment can operate in a relatively quite state without noise. Using our machines, we will greatly reduce the production cost and management cost for you. A reasonable chips packing machine price can be gained from us.


Technical Parameters

KEFAI Automatic VFFS Chips Pacing Machine
Multi-heads weigher
Bag style
Back sealed bag,pillow bag
200-2000g(According to your requirement)
Bag size
L80-300mm, W50-200mm(According to your requirement)
Packing speed
5-60 bags/min
Control system
PLC + touch screen
stainless steel
380V, 50Hz,3P/ 220V, 60Hz, 3P
about 5*2*3.5m for the whole packing line
Film material
Paper/polyethylene; cellophane/polyethylene;
Plated aluminum/polyethylene; BOPP/polyethylene; nylon/polyethylene
all kinds of grain or granule, such as sugar, salt, coffee, seasoning, instant powder drinks, desiccant, washing powder, etc; or a little bigger granules like pills, tablets, capsules, candies, nuts, peanuts, agricultural products, etc; or some sliced, blocked and puffed foods like potato slices, potato chips, rice crust, etc.
Main functions
Automatically measure, make bags, fill, seal, cut and print codes.

Related Machines

  • Potato Chips Packing Machine: KEFAIpotato chip packaging machine is one of the most saleable chip packing machines. Our potato chip bagging machine integrates weighing, bag making, filling, sealing , date printing, etc. The speed at which the product is packaged will vary depending on the fluidity and density of the materials.
  • Banana Chips Packing Machine: KEFAI banana chips packaging machineis capable of detecting its own operation situation automatically. It will stop immediately when the air pressure is abnormal, and it will alarm when the heater is disconnected. The packaging bag of the banana chip packing machine has a wide range of applications, which will be suitable for multi-layer composite, single-layer plastic film, and paper preformed bags.
  • Plantain Chips Packaging Machine: KEFAI plantain chips packaging machineis able to display the vacuum level and temperature of the package in real time. The plantain chips packaging machine can even achieve the packaging of various widths. In addition, our plantain chips packaging machines are equipped with many safety protection devices to protect the operator from injury.

  • Diverse Bag Styles: Taking into account the different needs of customers for packaging bags, KEFAI Machinery can provide customers with various categories of containers such as cans, pillow-shaped bags, back seal bags, gusset bags, chain bags, hole punching bags, bags with European hole, and so on. In other words, the packaging bags of chips products are able to be chosen by you.
  • Quality Maintenance: Our chips packaging machines are equipped with the nitrogen flushing devices to prolong the shelf life and keep the chips from going bad. Nitrogen does not react with the materials of the package, making it ideal for packaging. The pressure of nitrogen is able to prevent the package from crushing the chips.
  • Stability and Convenience: The parameter adjustment in the chips packing equipment can be carried out directly on the screen, and no human operation is required during weighing and packaging with a high degree of automation. The automatic chip packaging machine uses closed structure, which makes it impossible for dust to enter the interior.
  • Better Forming: Our chips packaging machine adopts the lapel-shape former, making the film pulling more stable. In addition, the film is not easy to deviate from the direction by means of the tracking of cursor electric eye, thus gaining a beautiful forming bag.


The Attentive Service Will Make You Linger.

KEFAI Machinery is capable of offering you the most effective and timely service. Throughout the process, KEFAI Machinery will make you feel attentive and considerate. We have a complete service system, which can give you the best service experience before, during and after sale. We are 24 hours online in order to make your inquiry solved in the earliest time. We can give you a detailed introduction with pictures and texts, so that you can fully understand the product. Before delivery, we will let you know and send you a video of the chips packing machine in action for you to check. We will keep track of the progress of the logistics until you receive the chips packing equipment successfully. After you receive the equipment, we will have a localized service center to solve any problems for you. When door-to-door service is required, our service staff will also arrive within the scheduled time.

KEFAI packing machines are able to enhance the production efficiency of large, medium and small-scale enterprises. We can make all of your requirements about the chip packaging machine fulfilled. We can provide you with a small chips packing machine or a big chips packing machine based on your needs. Do not worry about the size, voltage, and specifications you need are not the same as what we show on the web, these items are all customizable. We design, installation, commissioning, after-sales service, step by step. Over the years, we have completed the whole process from design, installation and commissioning to after-sales service step by step. After you receive the chip packing machine, it does not mean that our service is over. The chips packing equipment can be repaired free of charge within the warranty period, and you can enjoy online technical support services for life.


Customer Evaluation Column

A review from Ukraine: KEFAI is the one I trust the most among all the potato chips packing machine manufacturers. I’ve come several times and they always offered the most favorable potato chips packing machine price to me. The quality of their products is also top of the line. So awesome!


A review from the United States: The automatic chips packing machine is just in line with our requirements. This is because it saved lots of chips packing machine cost for us. Compared with the previous manual packaging, automated packaging now reduces a lot of costs, and there is no need for redundant workers on the production line. Thanks a lot!


A review from Cuba: The chips packaging machine has a good performance. Not only the measurement accuracy is high, the efficiency is fast, but also the packaging materials will not be broken. I’m really grateful for this!


FAQs about Chips Packing Machine

1. Can you offer the customized chips packing machine?

Yes. All of our chip packaging machines are able to support customization service. You need to tell us what kinds of products you will pack, and it is better to provide us with photos of products. Then, we also need to know the dimensions of the package, such as length, width and height. Besides, if you have any other special needs, please let us know and we will try our best to meet your requirements.


2. Is it harmful to the human body for the chip packaging machine to inject nitrogen into the packaging?

Of course not. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless gas and it is widely used in packaging because of its abundance. The injection of nitrogen also makes the transportation of the chips more convenient and does no harm to the human body.


3. Does the chips packing machine conform to the food hygiene standards?

Yes. All parts that come into contact with the chips products and packaging containers are made of food-grade materials. We can assure you that the chips products packed by our chips packaging equipment will not have any food safety issues.


4. How many main parts does this machine include?

1. Basic vertical packing machine
2. Multi-heads weigher
3. Material elevator
4. Working platform
5. Product conveyor