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Best HFFS Zipper Bag Packing Machine

HFFS zipper pouch packing machine is used when a variety of products need to be packed efficiently and easily into bags with zips. This machine for packing zip bags are widely used in the food, personal care, medical and daily chemical industries. They are capable of packaging a wide range of solid products such as hardware parts, stationery, etc. If you need to pack other materials, you just need to change the corresponding hopper.

KEFAI's zip lock bag packing machine is a wide variety of models complete, the inventory is sufficient, you can quickly and easily package your products, the bag packaging effect is perfect. The biggest advantage of hffs packing machine is the customisable design of its bags. Horizontal from-fill-seal zip bag packaging machines offer flexibility in terms of bag size, shape and design. These zip bags can be customised to meet specific branding and marketing requirements and are attractive packaging.

  • Extended Shelf Life Of Products
  • Flexible Bag Sizes
  • Easy To Use
  • Good Value For Money


HFFS zipper bag packaging machine provides a secure seal to protect the packaging from external factors such as moisture, dust, and contaminants that can affect the product. The product is packed into a zipper packing pouch which helps to maintain the integrity and quality of the product. Automatic zipper packing machine can handle a wide range of products. KEFAI offers you the best zipper bag packing machine. The zipper bags for packing many products are useful, these can protect the product from damage.

zipper pouch application


  1. Highly integrated and reliable operation: PLC programmable computer controller, touch screen, encoder and frequency converter.
  2. Advanced photoelectric sensor tracking system and servo motor puller for precise pocket width and film position. Perfect packaging appearance
  3. Independent digital temperature controller for sealing bags vertically and horizontally with a tight seal.
  4. Simple material changes, smooth performance, low noise levels, reasonable safety devices and a pollution-free production process.


NameKEFAI HFFS Zipper Bag Packing Machine
Bag size range50*80mm(Min)
Packaging capacity range400ml
Packing speed40-80ppm
Air consumption200NL/min
Machine size4650mm(L)*970mm(W)*1500mm(H)
FunctionFlat bag, Shaped bag, Hanging hole bag, Zipper bag

Deatils images

HFFS Doypack Pouch Packing Machine detail

1. zip release mechanism 2. film release mechanism 3. film forming 4. zip guide 5. film guide 6. colour coding 7. top sealing zip

8. vertical sealing zip mechanism I 9. bottom sealing mechanism 10. vertical sealing mechanism 11. easy tear device 12. servo bag draw 13. shearing mechanism

14. bag clamping 15. bag opening mechanism 16. filling I 17. filling II 18. top sealing 19. Finished product 20. Finished product output

HFFS Flat Bag Packing Machine details
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KEFAI Advantages

KEFAI is a high-tech company specialising in the design, development, manufacture, sales and service of fully automatic and intelligent zipper pouch packing system. KEFAI's HFFS packaging machine encompasses almost every flexible zip bags for packing option on the market. It is a hffs machine that the ablity of packing zip is very well. Since its establishment more than 15 years ago, from traditional packaging to intelligent manufacturing, KEFAI has always adhered to the values of innovation and integrity, solidarity and win-win, and has sold our automatic packaging machines for many countries and regions across the country with a professional and responsible quality philosophy. KEFAI can give you the best zipper pouch packing solution, so please ask us for advice. KEFAI will give customers the best zipper pouch packing machine price.

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Our Customers Feedback

I have purchased the HFFS packing machine from KEFAI and have not experienced any breakdowns so far. Our packaging efficiency has been greatly improved by using the zipper packing machine from KEFAI and the machine also guarantees quality and tightness of the packaging. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to KEFAI.”Mr. Kevin, a customer from Austria.
Our company chose the zipper bag packing machine from KEFAI as our main packaging machine. This HFFS machine is extremely stable and reliable, capable of autonomously forming rolled film into flat bags with simple operation and virtually no downtime. It is able to seal and pack zip bags accurately, ensuring product freshness and quality. Our productivity has increased significantly and we are very grateful to KEFAI for providing such an excellent hffs machine!Ms. Reg, a customer from Monaco.
KEFAI’s horizontal forming filling sealing machine for packaging our granule food is extremely effective which amazed us. This automatic packing machine has exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and quality. I think we should buy the same flat zipper bag packing machine from KEFAI again!Mr. Sunny, a customer from Luxembourg.

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FAQs about HFFS Zipper Pouch Packing Machine

1. What is the working principle of the HFFS zipper bag packaging machine?

First of all, you need to prepare suitable packaging coils, including plastic film, zipper materials, etc. The HFFS packaging machine will cut and position the coil according to preset parameters and procedures to form one or more continuous bags. At the same time, the bottom of the bag will be sealed to form a bag with an upward opening.Next, the product will be filled into the bag through the feeding system. After that, the zipper material will be accurately positioned and installed at the opening of the bag. Finally, the sealing and cutting of the bag completes the packaging process of a product.

2. How much does the Hffs zipper pouch packing machine cost?

The price of HFFS zipper packing machines can be affected by, among other things, machine specifications, functional configuration, production capacity and many other specific factors. The price of HFFS packaging machines will vary from model to model. Usually, HFFS zipper pouch packing machine price is usually customised and quoted according to the specific needs of the customer. If you have a specific requirement or would like pricing information, we recommend that you contact KEFAI's customer service staff directly for a detailed quote and related information.

3. How long does it take to produce the HFFS flat zipper bag packing machine?

The lead time for the production of an HFFS flat zipper bag packing machine takes into account the size of the machine, the level of automation, the volume of orders and other custom requirements. In general, the production of a HFFS flat bag packing machine for zipper bag can take from a few weeks to several months, with KEFAI requiring design confirmation, component procurement, manufacturing and assembly, testing and commissioning. You can ask our team of professionals and we will answer all your questions.


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