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Best Continuous Bag Packing Machine for Sale

Continuous bag packing machine is an automated packaging equipment.  This intelligent packing machine is mainly suitable for products that require high-speed continuous packaging, such as food, medicines, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc. Continuous bag packaging will be required at sales points such as shopping malls, small shops and wholesale departments.

KEFAI's continuous bag packing machine has unique functions. Continuous bag packing machinery adds a continuous bag device on the basis of a standard vertical packaging machine. The products packaged with continuous bag packaging equipment are not cut off, they are continuously linked together, and there is a bit of serrated between the bag and the bag, which is convenient for customers to tear apart and choose the required quantity of products when purchasing. KEFAI's continuous bag packaging equipment has adjustable packaging speed and bag size adaptability to meet the packaging requirements of different products.


Continuous bag packaging machines can automatically complete the operations of bag making, bag opening, filling, sealing and cutting, in order to achieve an efficient continuous packaging process. The continuous bag packaging solution provides an effective sealing mechanism with novel bag shapes and is a valuable asset to the packaging industry. Continuous bagging machines can effectively utilize packaging materials, reduce waste and improve packaging efficiency.

  • Efficient packaging speed
  • Accurate metering and counting functions
  • Stable sealing and cutting quality
  • Adjustable packaging parameters
  • Easy to operate and maintain


  1. PLC control, Touch screen interface, step motor driven.
  2.  Photoelectric tracking system for precise bag length and position of film.
  3. Filling volume and bag length is easy to adjust on the interface without changing mold.
  4. Digital temperature controller for vertical and horizontal sealing, intuitive and accurate.
  5. Special copper sealing mold, suitable for water soluble film.
  6. Easy operation, smooth performance, low noise, compact construction, convenient for maintenance, take up small floor space in high packaging speed and efficiency.
  7. The packaging machine is all made of stainless steel SUS304.

    Stylish Packaging Shape and Strong Sealing
The continuous bag packaging machine provides good sealing performance and the integrity and freshness of the packaged product. Optional nitrogen filling device is also available to ensure product quality, extend shelf life and protect the contents from external factors such as moisture and contaminants in the air. Continuous bag is not only easy to attract customers' attention, but also convenient for customers to purchase. Customers can tear off as much product as they need, which is especially liked by convenience store customers.


Product NameKEFAI Continuous Packing Machine
Packing speedMax 70 bags/min
Bag length30-150 mm
Bag width10-110 mm
Metering modeMeasure cup-granule
Packaging Capacity1-50/50-100 ml
Air pressure0.6-0.7MP
Power consumption1.5kw/220V.50Hz,1P (cancustomize380V,50Hz,3P)
PackingBacking sealing bag, Three side sealing, Four side sealing
Total Weight250 kg
Packaging size1850*800*1200mm

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continous bag packing machine detailscontinous bag packing machine working procedure

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Continuous Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) Machine: This kind of vertical packaging machine continuously packs products in a vertical form. The vffs machine uses a roll of packaging film to form a bag, fills the product into it, and then seals it vertically. KEFAI's automatic packing machine for continuous bags is usually used to pack a large number of granular or powdered products, such as snacks, candy, coffee and condiments.

Continuous Flow Wrapper: This kind of packing machine uses continuous film rolls to continuously package products in a horizontal motion. The continuous flowpack packing machine is suitable for packaging products of various shapes and sizes, such as baked goods, chocolate bars, lollipops and other individually packaged solid products.

KEFAI Advantages

KEFAI can customize the best automatic packing system with connecting bag device for your production line. KEFAI is a great helper who can professionally recommend the most suitable continous packing machine for you. KEFAI has many years of experience in the production of continuous pouch packaging machines. For more than 15 years, KEFAI has sold our continuous pouch packaging machines to national cities across the country.All customers who have purchased and used our continuous sachet packaging machine have given well-received feedback. In addition, we are still continuing to specialize in better and higher-quality continuous sachet packaging machinery. KEFAI will do its best to provide customers with an upgraded version of the continuous packaging machine>

You can search KEFAIMACHINERY to find our automatic packaging machine with continuous bag device.

Our Customers Feedback

I purchased KEFAI’s continuous sachet packaging machine for our food industry. It is able to continuously pack sachets efficiently, saving our production time and keeping the packaging neat and consistent. Also, KEFAI’s after-sales service is excellent and we highly recommend KEFAI’s continuous sachet packaging machine.Mr. Carver, a customer from America.
As a manufacturing plant in the hardware industry, we needed a reliable continuous sachet packaging machine to package our products. We chose KEFAI and their continuous sachet packaging machine worked well in our hardware parts production line. It can efficiently and continuously pack sachets of different sizes and shapes, maintaining product tightness and hygiene standards.Mr. Abiel, a customer from Russia.
This intelligent continuous bag packaging machine from KEFAI has brought us great convenience. Continuous bag packer is able to continuously pack multiple sizes and shapes of pouches in a stable manner, and it is also very easy to adjust and switch the packing size, which is a great help to improve our production efficiency. Thank you KEFAI for providing us with a reliable continuous packaging solution.Mr. Eillot, a customer from Austrialia.

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FAQs about Continuous Bag Packaging Machine

1. What is the price of the vertical packing machine with continuous bag?

Continuous bag packing machine price depends on various factors, including machine model, specification, function and so on. You can tell us your specific needs and we will quote according to your needs.


2. The packaging capacity range of the continuous packet packaging machine?

The packaging capacity range of the continuous pouch packaging system can be flexibly adjusted according to the specific model and adjustment parameters. The packaging capacity of sachets is generally in the weight range of a few grams to a few hundred grams.


3. Can your vertical continuous bag packing machine be integrated with other equipment?

Yes, our vertical packaging machines for continuous bags can usually be integrated with other equipment to achieve automated production line operations. Such as feeders, weighing machines, conveyors, etc.