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Best Juice Pouch Packing Machine Factory

Juice pouch packing machine can be used to specialize in filling and sealing fruit juices or other liquid beverages and are extremely intelligent packaging machines. Juice pouch packaging machines are typically used in the food and beverage industry and will package individually wrapped juices, fruit drinks, energy drinks and other liquid products.

KEFAI automated juice pouch packing machine is designed to provide efficient and hygienic packaging solutions for liquid beverages. They offer the advantages of extended shelf life, consumer convenience, and maintaining product quality and freshness. KEFAI has a wide range of juice pouch packaging machines, with different models offering different capacities, speeds and features to meet specific production requirements and to accommodate your different sizes and types of pouches.

  • High Quality
  • Rugged Body
  • Premium Performance
  • High Popularity


China juice pouch packing machine is to pack the preformed pouches by pneumatic automatic filling and sealing. The juice pouch packing machine is suitable for 50ml bottle shape pouch, 100ml bottle shaped pouch with four or eight workstations. This juice pouch filling sealing machine is widely used with all kinds of Japanese tofu and other dairy products, beverages, sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar, edible oil, jelly. KEFAI offers a complete line of products which includes automatic premade pouch packing machine and juice pouch filling machine.

Suitable Price and Increased Output
Juice pouch packing machine price is cheap, and choosing to use this automatic juice pouch packing machine can give you more help compared to manual juice pouch packing machine. For example, automatic liquid pouch packing machine can save labor costs by reducing manual operations and labor requirements. Compared to manually operated or semi-automatic machines, automatic liquid pouch packing machines have precise metering and control systems that ensure an accurate and consistent amount of liquid product in pack pouches, which helps ensure product quality and consistency. The sachet pouch packing machine can dramatically increase productivity and throughput.


Main features

  1. 8 nozzles, high speed max 3000 bags/hour. (Different speed for different size bags.
  2. This machine is suitable for filling and packaging of liquid such as juice, water, rock candy, jelly, yogurt, soy milk, cooking oil, Japanese tofu, red wine, ketchup, detergent and so on. Packing bags include: fruit shape bag, bottle shape bag, spray bag, straw bag.
  3. Touch screen PLC computer control system, very easy to operate.
  4. The whole machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, food grade stainless steel tube.



Shaped Pouch Liquid Filling machine
Stainless steel
50-500ml/bag(can be special customized)
Power supply
220V 50Hz
0.3-0.5m³/min 0.8mpa
packing type
plastic pouch with spout but not have cap
plywood case or wooden carton

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KEFAI Advantages

KEFAI as a manufacturer and supplier of juice pouch filling and sealing machine, we have extensive technical expertise and experience. Our team consists of several skilled engineers and technicians with in-depth knowledge of mechanical design and manufacturing. We are constantly engaged in research and development and innovation in order to provide you with advanced and efficient fruit juice pouch packing machine. We are able to provide customized juice pouch packing solutions based on the specific needs of our customers. By understanding the specific requirements of our customers, KEFAI will design a pouch juice packing machine that best suits your product and production process. In addition tojuice pouch filling and sealing machines, we also provide other related equipment and solutions, such as front-end juice processing machinery and tail-end balers. We are able to provide customers with comprehensive one-stop packaging solutions to meet your different production needs.

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Our Customers Feedback

This is a bottle shape juice pouch packing machine that suitable my job. KEFAI as a pouch packing machine manufacturer gives me a wonderful packing solution for liquid. They suggest me to use their bottle pouch packing machine in our business. And the automatic pouch packing machine price is acceptable to me. After that I checked other notes and I purchased the liquid pouch packing machine from KEFAI. I was very satisfied with the manufacturing, commissioning, and testing of the juice pouch packing machine.  And the shipping time was fast. We are now using this best pouch packing machine in our production program and I am very thankful to KEFAI for their special help throughout the whole process.Mr. Don, a customer from United States.
KEFAI as an automatic pouch packing machine manufacturer, they are very well served. I’ve been using KEFAI’s plastic pouch packing machine to pack juice for a while now. The stability of their auto pouch packing machine is impressive and it is capable of continuous operation without frequent stops or adjustments. This is critical to our productivity, and KEFAI’s automatic pouch packing machine for juice fills and seals quickly and accurately, ensuring that each juice expansion pouch is tightly sealed with no leaks.Mr. Fitch, a customer from Malta.
Our company specializes in the production of fresh fruit juices, so we need efficient and reliable packaging solutions to ensure that our products remain fresh and of high quality. Then we approached KEFAI seeking many types of pouch packing machine. Overall, KEFAI’s juice pouch packaging machine is an excellent piece of equipment. Not only is their automatic liquid pouch packing machine inexpensive, but the appearance and sales of our products in the market have been enhanced as a result. We highly recommend KEFAI’s juice pouch packaging machine and thank them for providing us with such a high quality product and service.Mr. Reg, a customer from San Marino.

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FAQs about juice pouch packing machine

1. Can the juice pouch packing machine handle different sizes and capacities of juice pouches?

Yes, juice pouch packing machines are not affected by any size of pouch. They usually come with adjustable filling systems and juice packer pouch holders to accommodate different sizes of juice pouches.

2. Can juice premade pouch packing machine be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes, juice pouch packaging machines can be integrated with production lines. Juice pouch packaging machines can be connected to front and back-end equipment such as juice processing equipment, conveyor systems, labelers and case packers to form a complete packaging line.

3. How to ensure the reliability and durability of Juice Sachet Packaging Machine?

To ensure the reliability and durability of a juice pouch packaging machine, besides choosing a good liquid pouch packing machine supplier, regular maintenance and cleaning of the juice pouch packaging machine as well as following the manufacturer's guidelines for operation and maintenance will help to prolong the life of the pouch packing machine and ensure consistent performance.


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