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China Doypack Packaging Machine

The doypack pouch packing machine is a specialised packaging machine for forming, filling and sealing doypack bags. Horizontal form fill and seal machine is widely used in food and beverage, cosmetics, medicine, daily necessities and other industries, and is used to package various granular, powder, liquid and solid products, such as coffee, tea, dried fruits, condiments, shampoo, shower gel, etc. The ability of this sachets doypack to stand up on their own makes them ideal for packaging a wide range of products. This hffs packaging machine automates the packaging process and ensures an efficient and consistent sachet filling and sealing process.

KEFAI's doypack filling and sealing machine is a hffs machine for doypacks, which can realize a variety of functions, such as automatic feeding, material stretching, sealing and cutting, in order to achieve a fully automated packaging process. Horizontal sachet packing machine can handle a variety of pouch sizes, types and materials, including composite films, plastic films and aluminum foil. This automatic horizontal packaging machine can make doypack pouch with spout and doypack with zipper. The horizontal pouch packing machine can also be equipped with additional functions, such as easy-to-tear mouths or inflatable devices. The ffs machine working principle integrates the forming, filling and sealing process of stand up pouches. Their mode of operation is to shape continuous rolls or flakes of packaging materials into a specific shape, fill the required products, and then seal them to form a complete package. As one of the horizontal form fill and seal machine manufacturers, KEFAI can give you the best horizontal form fill seal machine for packaging doypack.

  • Integrated Control System
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Precise Filling Mechanism
  • Advanced Sealing Technology


HFFS Stand Up Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine is a horizontal form fill machine which usually uses the forming-filling-sealing (FFS) process, which forms sachets, fills the product, and then seals it. The stand up pouch machines are widely used. Doypack pouches also named stand-up bags, which are flexible packaging solutions with a bottom sandwich that enables them to stand upright. The stand up pouch packing machine is commonly used in packaging coffee beans, tea, nuts, candy, puffed food, dried fruits, potato chips, biscuits, condiments, washing powder, milk powder and other products.

Packing Materials:

doypack pouch packaging machine application

Doypack Bags Sample:

doypack pouch packing machine application

Stable Packaging Quality:
KEFAI's fully automatic HFFS stand up pouch packaging machine uses high-quality materials and a precise control system to ensure that the sealing quality and appearance of each stand-up bag are consistent, and the weight of each bag of product is accurate, which ensures the freshness and safety of the product and meets the production needs of the factory.



  1. The forming parts can be customized with different shapes and sizes of stand-up bags according to product requirements.High-precision molding, quick change of shape, easy adjustment, etc.
  2. The filling site is used to inject powder, granules, liquid or solid products into the stand-up bag.Accurate measurement and control during filling, high-speed filling, no leakage, etc.
  3. The sealing part is used to seal the packaging bag to ensure the sealing and freshness of the product.Reliable sealing performance, a variety of sealing methods (such as heat sealing, cold sealing, ultrasonic sealing, etc.), adjustable sealing pressure, etc.
  4. Intuitive interface, easy-to-operate control panel, fault diagnosis function, etc.
  5. The transmission parts use well-known brand motors, transmission devices, sensors, etc.Efficient power transmission, precise motion control, stable performance, etc.


Bag Size90*110mm(Min)
180*260mm (Max)
240*350mm (Max)
140*260mm (Max)
180*260mm (Max)
Packing Range1200ml2000ml800ml1200ml
Packing Speed40-60ppm30-60ppm80-120ppm80-120ppm
Air consumption200NL/min300NL/min800NL/min500NL/min
Bag TypeStand-up bag, special-shaped bag, hanging hole bag, zipper bagdoypack pouch, special-shaped bag, hanging hole bagStand up pouch, irregular special pouch, hanging hole bag, Straight spout pouch

doypack bag, irregular shaped bag, hanging hole bag, zipper bag

Deatils images

hffs pack process drawing

1. film releasing mechanism 2. film forming 3. film guiding 4. color code detection 5. bottom sealing mechanism 6. vertical sealing mechanism 7. easy-tear device

8. shearing mechanism 9. bag pulling mechanism 10. bag opening mechanism 11. filling 12. top sealing 13. finished product 14. finished product output

HFFS Flat Bag Packing Machine details
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Realated Doypack Machine

Mini Doypack Packaging Machine: It is a horizontal ffs machine (horizontal form fill seal machine) which is suitable for packing mini doypack. One of the key advantages of a mini doypack packaging machine is its compact size, the mini doypack machine covers a small areaand does not take up space, which is more suitable for the production of small businesses.

KEFAI Mini doypack packaging machine

KEFAI Advantages

KEFAI is a manufacturer of doypack stand up pouch packaging machines. You may find many horizontal form fill seal machine manufacturers , but choose KEFAI company is the greatest choice. This is because KEFAI's hffs packaging machine uses advanced technology and are designed to automate the production and encapsulation of standard stand up pouches to meet a variety of specific packaging needs in different industries. On the one hand, KEFAI pursues the values of truthfulness, innovation and win-win cooperation. We give the highest level of enthusiasm to each and every customer who comes to us with an enquiry. KEFAI as one of the stand up pouch machine manufacturers can help you a lot. Choose KEFAI's automatic horizontal packaging machines to guarantee you the best doypack stand up pouch packaging experience. On the other hand, there are many horizontal form fill seal machines here, but we can suggest a horizontal form fill and seal packaging machine which is the most suitable for you. In fact, the ffs machine price is not too expensive.

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Our Customers Feedback

Some time ago we were looking for a horizontal sealing machine. I think KEFAI’s stand up pouch packaging machine is worth buying. KEFAI is a great China stand up pouch packing machine supplier, they give us a lot of help. They  teaches us which type of the ffs packing machine is suitable for us and how to use this ffs bagging machine for doypacks. Mr. Horace, a customer from Denmark.
The automatic stand up pouch filling and packing machine is useful. And the stand up pouch making machine price is cheap. This ffs packaging machine increases our output and speeds up our productivity. KEFAI has many hffs machines, and it must be the excellent horizontal packing machine in china. If you are searching for a horizontal ffs machine, I recomment KEFAI factory.Mr. Joe, a customer from Canada.
If you ask me how the KEFAI ffs pouch machine is, then I would say their hffs pouching machine is well worth the money! KEFAI’s automatic doypack filling machine is wonderful. KEFAI’s automatic stand up pouch packing machine is capable of packaging all kinds of stand up pouches, including spout pouches, doypack zipper bags, flat bottom bags, kraft doypack, etc. The packaging with the doypack sealing machine is particularly effective.Mr. Samue, a customer from Guatemala.

KEFAI Worldwide

FAQs about horizontal form fill seal packaging machine for doypack bag

1. How much do ffs pouch packing machine price?

As a professional ffs packing machine manufacturer, we can tell you responsibly that ffs packing machine price is normal and reasonable. However, the exact price of the ffs pouch packing machine may vary depending on various factors, such as whether additional features and other customisation options are added to the horizontal packaging machine. So please ask us to check the stand up pouch making machine price.

2. Which is better for hffs stand up bag packaging machine and rotary premade stand up bag packaging machine?

The HFFS packing machine for doypack and the premade doypack pouch packaging machine are both common packaging equipment. All in all, the choice of stand up pouch packaging machine depends on the specific packaging needs and production requirements. If high throughput and high speed continuous packaging is required, the HFFS machine may be more suitable. The prefabricated stand-up bag packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of permade doypack bags, which can quickly change bags and adjust the size. Therefore, it is most important to choose according to the actual situation and specific needs.

3.What type of voltage do I need to power the horizontal bagging machine?

Horizontal pouch machine usually requires a power supply to drive the machine's electric components and control system. This needs to choose the appropriate voltage and frequency depending on the power standards in your area.


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