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Gusset pouch packing machine that is suitable for packing particles, small pieces of material and other food and non-food is widely used in many industries such as food, hardware, agricultural products, daily chemicals, medicine, etc. You can use this automatic gusset pouch packing machine to pack many materials in block bottom bag or gusset bag.

KEFAI automated gusset pouch packing machine adopts intelligent industrial-grade touch screen, the operation software structure is simple, the controls are modular and highly integrated, the software operation is stable and reliable, and the user can easily understand and operate. Besides, the gusset pouch packing machine automatically completes the process of material feeding, weighing and measuring, bag making and filling, date printing, product sealing and cutting, and output. KEFAI can give you the best gusset pouch packing machine solution for your gusset packaging.

KEFAI Gusset Bag Packing Machine

VFFS Gusset Pouch Packing Machine: The fully automatic gusset bag packaging machine offers an efficient and reliable solution for packing products efficiently in corner spreader bags. This gusset pouch vertical forming-filling-sealing machine offers versatility, precision and automation, allowing for increased productivity and improved packaging quality. Not only can it be packed in gusset bags, but it can also be packed in back-sealed bags without the use of thrust angle device.

  • Good Security
  • Wide Packing Range
  • Good Sealing Function
  • High Popularity


Gusset pouch packer is designed to form corner spreader bags from flat roll stock or pre-made bags. It has the mechanism to fold and seal the side corner gusset plates, creating a three-dimensional bag with the ability to expand.
The gusset pouch packing machinery is designed with user-friendly controls and interfaces, making it easy to set up, operate and adjust for different packaging needs. It provides intuitive controls, precise adjustments and clear feedback to promote efficient and error-free packaging operations.
The gusset bag packaging machine is manufactured using high quality materials and components.

> What can this machine package?
This packing machine applies to snack foods, puffed food, roasted nuts, whole grains, pharmaceutical, pesticide, fertilizer, chemicals, metal and other industries granule packing, packaging speed, high yield, is the device of choice for mass production, such as sugar, coffee, candy, small, biscuits, beans, peanuts, sesame seeds, potato chips, potato chips, monosodium salt, rice, capsules, tablets, desiccant, pesticide granules, chemicals granules, other materials very suitable for granule packing machine for fast packaging, etc.

gusset pouch packet application


KEFAI Automatic Gusset Pouch Packing Machine
Measuring Range
Film width
420-620 mm
Bag lenth
100-400 mm
Bag width(front width)
70-180 mm
Bag width(side width)
40-100 mm
Stainless steel 304/316
Bag type
Block bottom bag/Gusset Bag
3 phrase 4 wire 3.5KW, 50Hz
Air consumotion
0.8Mpa 0.3 m³/min
About 1200 KG
Packing Speed
10-50 bags/min
L1700*W1200*2150 mm
Detailed Images
gusset pouch packing machine detail - PLC control electric boxGusset Bag Packing Machine detail - thrust angle devicegusset pouch packing machine detail - Synchronized bag pulling wheel
PLC control electric boxThrust angle deviceSynchronized bag pulling wheel


Easy to Maintain

    As we all know, good maintenance and protection of the gusset pouch packing machine can extend the service life and maintain the production. But some packing machine is difficult for people to clean and maintain because of the material. Our gusset pouch packing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which made the gusset pouch packaging machine both anti-rust and wear-resistant. At the same time, due to the stainless steel material, you can save a lot of energy and time to clean it.


Related Machine

Granule Gusset Pouch Packing Machine: The granule gusset pouch packaging machine is mainly composed of electronic combination weighing, working platform and multihead weigher. It is suitable for granular materials such as coffee beans and other beans.

Powder Gusset Pouch Packing Machine: This kind of packing machine is composed of three major components: screw material elevator, screw metering machine, and packaging machine mainframe. The bag maker of this packaging machine is square, so as to achieve a quad seal bag, in addition to the seal at the left and right sides of each additional corner insert device. The cooperation of these two devices to achieve both quad seal bag and can achieve the corner insert type.


Zipper Gusset Pouch Packing Machine: This type of gusset pouch packaging machine adopts servo control to achieve high precision positioning and accurate size. And zipper gusset pouch bags can stand on the shelf to improve the appearance.

Premade Gusset Pouch Packing Machine: This kind type of gusset bag packaging machine adopt horizontal and vertical seal crimping device and four-sided corner crimping device to produce new and perfect quad seal bag crimped corner packaging bags.

Powder HFFS Machine



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As a gusset pouch packing machine factory, KEFAI has a professional team in designing gusset pouch packing machines. The different appearance and styles of gusset pouch packing machine must satisfy your needs. If there are no one can meets your needs, we also provide customized service of the gusset pouch packing machine. The design style of the packaging machine can be determined by you. You can gain a suitable packing plan and design plan about the guess pouch packing machines from us.

What is more, KEFAI focus on how smoothly the machine runs, all our components are from famous brand in domestic and abroad, whose performance are absolutely good. So, when it comes to the specifications and benefits of gusset pouch packaging machinery, you can trust our advice and the expertise we offer.

You can also search other packaging machines from KEFAI at Alibaba and Made-in-China.


Our Customers Feedback

KEFAI gusset bag packing machine is easy for me to operate, the adjustment of bag deviation is simply done on the touch screen. They also send me the operation manual and video in case of the incorrect manipulation.Mr. Bob, a customer from the United States.
What surprised me a lot is that the quality and the price of the gusset pouch packing machine. I bought it last year, although after 1 year’s work, it still like a new machine. The design and the function are absolutely fantastic.Mr. Leo, a customer from Australia.
I customized a gusset pouch packing machine from KEFAI two month ago, they satisfied all my requirements about the gusset pouch packing machine. When I received the gusset packing machine, I found the material is good and the appearance is attractive.Mr. Evans, a customer from Canada.

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FAQs about Gusset Pouch Packing Machine

1.Will there be gas leakage phenomenon of the gusset pouch packaging machines?

Of course not. Our gusset pouch packing machines will be tested and inspected before delivery so that the quality is guaranteed, if this problem occurs after receiving the product, we will offer you the solution in time.


2. Can you offer some videos or pictures of the gusset bag packing equipment?

Yes, of course. We can also help you to have your products packaging if you are available to send us some of your product and then record a video for you reference.


3. How to choose the right gusset pouch packing machinery?

We will recommend the most suitable gusset pouch packaging machine and solutions for you based on the product pictures, dimensions and other specifications you provided. We also will use similar product to shoot test videos for your confirmation.


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