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Angled pouch packing machine is a special equipment for making and packing angled bags. Angled pouch packing machines are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, such as salad dressing, ketchup, cheese, soy sauce, non-food detergents, and other viscous liquid sauces. The bag length and tilt angle of the angled bag can be adjusted arbitrarily according to your needs. When multiple specifications are to be packed and the bag width is uncertain, the bag can be configured according to the packing specifications and weight.

KEFAI's angled pouch packaging machine adopts advanced automatic control system, which can precisely control the time, temperature, pressure and other parameters of the packaging process to improve the production efficiency and product quality.  Oblique angle pouch packing machine for a variety of beveled bags can achieve high-speed continuous production, greatly improving packaging efficiency, suitable for large-scale production needs.


The angled bag packaging machine is multi-functional with vacuum packaging function. In addition to making angled bags, the machine can also perform other additional functions such as printing, adding zipper closure, and adding transparent windows. The angled packaging machine is made of high quality stainless steel material, which has stable performance and reliable working effect and can run continuously for a long time. Generally speaking, the angled bag packaging machine can achieve a high packaging speed, approximately tens to hundreds of bags per minute. Of course, it should be noted that the actual packaging speed will vary from case to case. For large, complex products or products that require special handling, the packaging speed may be reduced accordingly.

paste angled pouch application


  1. The horizontal and vertical sealing temperature are controlled independently, the accuracy can reach ±2ºC, and it is suitable for various heat-sealable composites Film, PE film.
  2. The model with cleaning roller realizes non-gasification packaging(VACUUM) to prevent the content from oxidation or corruption and deterioration.Long shelf life.
  3. Bag making, sealing, packaging, and date printing can be completed at one time.
  4. PLC computer control system, touch film screen display, intuitive and simple operation; stable operation,Adjust any parameters without stopping the machine. And is equipped with many advanced functions such as material shortage alarm, making the operation simpler.The maintenance is more convenient. Multiple sets of parameters can be stored, and it is more accurate to change varieties
  5. Servo Driving Pulling Film, with accurate positioning and high packing weight accuracy.
  6. The feed pump is a 304 stainless steel pump, which is sturdy and durable, with high standard pressure, especially suitable for high viscosity Transportation of materials,
  7. The electrical components adopt domestic and international well-known brands, with reliable and stable quality.
  8.  The Rotor pump filling system does not rotate or squeeze the material, does not damage the material structure, and does not create The discoloration of the finished material has no effect on the taste and appearance.
  9. Automatic filling and sealing is completed above 85ºC, avoiding secondary pollution, improving work efficiency and reducing production cost.
  10. The conveying pipeline adopts 304 stainless steel pipe, and the conveying material is smooth and stable. Pipe connection adopts Quick installation of joints, quick and easy disassembly and assembly, which is conducive to cleaning. Specially designed for pipeline characteristics With a cleaning device, it is very convenient to clean the pipeline.


KEFAI Angled Pouch Packing Machine
Filling system
4KW rotor pump
Conveying pipe
diameter 51mm, SUS304 stainless steel
Weighing and conveying system
Packaging form
Back sealing,pillow bag
Package weight
500-5000g Adjust(only change bag former)
bag length
bag width
Date printer
Bag length control
length or color code optical fiber
Power supply
power host 220V 4.0Kw;
filling pump 380v 4.0Kw
Air source
0.6-0.8MPa, 0.6m3/min
Packaging material
NL/PE (thickness 8-12 wire)
Machine weight
Packing speed
10-20 packs (1000g)
Host material
304 stainless steel
Mainframe size

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kefai sauce bagging details

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KEFAI Advantages

KEFAI is a professional angled bag packaging machine factory. And KEFAI has many models and types of angled bag wrapping machine for sale. KEFAI has the experience to provide you with the most suitable solution for angled bag packaging machine. We can customize the angled bag packaging machine in many ways, including bag size, packaging speed, sealing method, auxiliary equipment, etc. Everything is dedicated to give you the best angled pouch packer machine. KEFAI offers you a full range of services to provide you with high quality angled bag packaging solutions.

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Our Customers Feedback

KEFAI provided us with the perfect solution for angled bag packaging. kefai’s professional 0 team was responsive and worked closely with us from design to manufacturing process to ensure the packaging machine for angled pouch met our needs..Mr. Ethan, a customer from Hungary.
We have chosen KEFAI as our supplier of beveled pouch packaging machines, which are top quality, reliable, consistent and accurate. The angled pockets add a unique look to the product and our sauce products look very attractive when packaged.Ms. Emily, a customer from Estonia.
I purchased KEFAI’s customized angled bag packaging machine because we believed in KEFAI’s ability to fulfill our requirements.As expected, the product was packaged very well, each bag was able to maintain the beveled shape and keep the weight consistent without leaking material.Mr. Kelton, a customer from Guatemala.

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FAQs about Angled Bag Packing Machine

1. Can the angled pouch packing machine adjust the angled angle of the bag?

Yes, the beveled bag packaging machine can adjust the bevel angle of the bag according to the customer's needs to adapt to the packaging requirements of different products.

2. Do angled bag packaging machines meet the relevant hygiene and safety standards?

Yes, KEFAI's angled pouch packaging machines comply with hygiene and safety standards for the food and pharmaceutical packaging industry because we use compliant materials and processes to ensure product safety and hygiene.

3. Is the operation of the angled bag packaging machine stable?

KEFAI angled bag packing machine adopts advanced control system and precise mechanical structure, which has good operational stability and reliability and can run continuously for a long time without affecting the packaging quality.

4. Can angled bag packaging machine achieve diversified package design?

Yes, KEFAI's angled bag packing machine has flexible package design features to package diverse bag shapes, printing and decoration, thus bringing great benefits to your product's brand image and market competitiveness.