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Oil Packing Machine is a special type of packaging machinery used to pack edible oils, castor oils, and other similar liquid oils into small bags or sachets. Or an entire filling line for oils, which includes oil filling machines and capping machines, and labeling machines. The oil pouch packing machine is widely used in packaging lines for food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, daily necessities, industry, and agriculture.

KEFAI's automatic oil packing machine provides more accurate and precise packaging than a manual oil packing machine. The technical performance of this packaging machine has reached the international advanced level, which is an emerging form of packaging to replace traditional packaging. Our oil packing machines are designed to meet the different needs of the oil industry and are capable of filling and packaging oils of various viscosities. For example, high-viscosity castor oil packs can also be easily realized by using our oil packing solution. We invite you to buy KEFAI's oil packing machine.

  • Meeting Market Demand
  • Ensure Oil Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Less Faulty


High speed packing machine for oil is the best equipment for realizing fully automatic packaging of liquid products in large-capacity bags. This packaging machine is ideal for packaging products that are fluid or semi-fluid fats and oils at high temperatures. The launch of this series of packing machines for liquid, semi-fluid, and paste product manufacturers provides a new packaging development direction.

This automatic packaging machine can not only pack large bags of oil products but also all kinds of sauces, such as egg wash, salad dressing, ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar, dairy products, cream, lubricants, adhesives, detergents, pesticides, and other liquids.

No Pollution
The packaging film of this packaging machine is sterilized by an explosion-proof high-mercury quartz lamp group, and the sterilization efficiency can reach the standard of LOG3. The packaging film processed by the system, under the protection of 100 clean positive pressure air to complete the packaging process, can fully ensure that the product will not be subjected to secondary contamination in the packaging process, which greatly extends the shelf life of the packaged goods.


  1. The machine adopts a servo motor to pull the die, the pulling length control is very accurate, and the pulling length can be adjusted randomly; the machine adopts the sealing and cutting method of constant temperature hot closing and cutting knife cold cutting, the cutting edge is very flat without burr.
  2. It can fully automatically complete the whole process of packaging film sterilization, bag making, filling, measuring, sealing, cutting, date printing, and so on.
  3. Adopt pneumatic drive, PLC control, and modular design, the whole machine components are made of stainless steel, reliable work, easy to operate, easy to use and maintain.
  4. It adopts an advanced flowmeter measuring method, with high measuring accuracy, and the packing capacity can be adjusted in the range of 3~10 liters or 5~15 liters at will. The machine adopts a photoelectric calibration device, which can ensure the pattern is complete and beautiful. The packaging material is sterilized by ultraviolet light irradiation, such as the optional clean air purification device can realize the whole process of packaging in high clean condition, which can extend the shelf life of the products.
    All in all, this machine is the ideal equipment to realize the automatic packaging of large-capacity bagged products.


KEFAI High-Speed Automatic Oil Pouch Packing Machine
6~15 bags/min
Filling range
inlet flow rate
5000kg/ h
Air Pressure
0.65 Mpa
Air consumption
0.45 m³/min(0.8MPa)
Bag length
bag width
inlet pressure
material temperature
voltage supply
Power supply
AC220±10% V 50Hz
460 kg

Other Oil Packing Machines

Oil Packing Machine: The machine can be used to fill and pack bags of milk, various oils, beverages, or other liquids. And we can customize an appointed lubricant oil packing machine according to our customer requirements.

KEFAI oil packing machine

Oil Sachet Packing Machine: This small oil pouch packing machine with high speed can package many paste and liquid materials fast. This roller sachet packaging machine not only has good performance but also has strong packaging sealing and good effects. If you need to pack sachets of oil products, this small oil packing machine is your best choice.

Big Bag Packing Machine for Oil: This is the best 1 litre edible oil pouch packing machine. China 1 litre edible oil pouch packing machine can package oil products very well. It is so wonderful that many customers like it and purchase it at once.

KEFAI big bag oil packing machine

Oil Premade Pouch Packing Machine: Oil premade bag packaging machine efficiently fills and seals pre-made sachets of various oils. Cooking oil packing machine is suitable for packaging different liquid oils such as edible oils, cooking oils, vegetable oils, and other similar products. Its automation and precision make it a powerful aid in various industries.

KEFAI premade pouch oil packing machine

Oil Bag-in-Box Packing Machine: Fully automatic bag-in-box is more than capable of speeding up the whole process of filling and packaging oil. In addition to fully automatic bagging machines, we also offer semi-automatic bag in box machines.

KEFAI bag in box oil packing machine

Oil Bottle Packing Machine: Oil tin packing machine can also use this filling and capping machine. Besides, we have recently developed a new and upgraded edible oil tin packing machine. Compared with other filling machines, this tracking filling machine can accurately detect bottles during the filling process, which reduces errors and improves filling accuracy.

KEFAI's Advantages

This is a China oil packing machine. You can see our company, KEFAI Machine as a leading global manufacturer and supplier of oil packing machines in China. Through years of accumulated experience in the packaging industry, KEFAI has become a supplier of reliable and high-quality packing machinery. If you have questions about our products, you can watch our oil packing machine video, which helps to help you understand better. Customer satisfaction is our mission. We build long-term relationships with our customers, and our professional customer service staff will provide assistance and technical support with the fastest response time. By the way, KEFAI actively explores the international market, the products have been exported to Europe, America, Africa and other places in various cities, well received by customers.

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Our Customers Feedback

I am more than willing to give KEFAI a favorable review. I have searched many oil pouch packing machine manufacturers and KEFAI has the best service. I ask KEFAI to give me a customizable coconut oil packing machine. Then they gave me a complete oil packaging solution that I was very pleased with. I love this coconut oil pouch packing machine very much! Mr. Kenneth, a customer from Cuba.
I recently purchased the China mustard oil packing machine. I found KEFAI has a mustard oil pouch packing machine and a mustard oil bottle packing machine, and the mustard oil packing machine price is cheap. The oil packing machine cost effectively and are value for money, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient mustard oil packing machine, KEFAI is an excellent choice. Mr. Jerry, a customer from Dominica.
We all need an edible oil bottle packing machine and an edible oil pouch packing machine, and KEFAI can provide me with all of them. It is the best 1 litre edible oil pouch packing machine that can package oil perfectly. We have to praise the quality of KEFAI packaging machines for oil. It is easy to use, makes few mistakes, and guarantees the quality of our products. We hope KEFAI is getting better and better. Mr. Kyle, a customer from Brazil.

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FAQs about oil seal packing machine

1. Is the oil packing machine suitable for liquid products other than oil?

Although oil packing machines are designed specifically for oil products, liquids such as sauces, syrups or liquid detergents that have similar properties to oil can also be packaged in oil packaging machines.

2. What is the production capacity of the oil packaging system?

The production capacity of oil packaging machines varies. It has to do with the model and specifications of the different oil packaging machines. Some machines for packing oil can reach a capacity of hundreds to thousands of bottles or pouches per hour.

3. What packaging materials can the oil packing machine handle?

The oil packing equipment is adaptable to handle a variety of plastic roll film packaging materials, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), composite film; and a variety of plastic bottles, tin cans and other containers.

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