PVC blister packing machine is a kind of machinery which is widely used in b packing solid products. Rotary blister packing machine for pvc can package many products like toothbrush, toys, stationery, etc., which is mainly for the household goods industry.

KEFAI PVC blister packing machine has the features of high automation, high production efficiency and beautiful packaging effect. We can adjust the parameters and customize and improve the unique blister machine according to your different packaging needs. So trust KEFAI to bring you the best blister packaging solutions.


KEFAI automatic blister packaging machine

PVC Blister Packing Machine: Automatic PVC blister packing machine adopts flexible PVC material, under the effect of heating and vacuum adsorption, the PVC film is formed into a transparent blister, in which the product is wrapped to play a protective and beautifying role.

  • Customized Service
  • Low Production Cost
  • Economize On Manpower
  • Exquisite Appearance


1. Using vacuum tubes, the output power is stable and reliable.
2. Sensitive spark over-current protection circuit, which can effectively cut off due to damage to host large current output, suppresses sparks.
3. Has a frequency stabilizer and high-frequency shielding devices, the high-frequency interference to a minimum.
4. Infinitely adjustable head trip, special mechanical pedal mechanism maximum pressure up to 400kgs.
5. According to processing needs, choose a pneumatic pressure way to reduce the intensity of work and enhance the quality of voltage products.
6. Stepless temperature heating system, make work more efficient.
7. The four type horizontal adjustment, easy adjustable die to save time.
8. Automatic over-current protection system, increase the service life of vacuum tubes, and protect the mold.


pvc blister packing application


KEFAI Automatic PVC Blister Packing Machine
Output Power(KW)
Input Power(KVA)
Oscillation Tube
Sealing Force(T)
Stroke Adjustment(mm)
The size of upper electrode(mm)
The size of lower electrode(mm)
Silicon Diode
Gap of electrodes(mm)
50/60HZ AC380V 3phases
PLC Control, auto turntable, robot hand can be choosed.

Detailed Images:

pvc blister packing machine details

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Capsule Blister Packing Machine: The working principle of the pill blister packaging machine is to place the tablet in the blister, and then by inhaling and heating, the blister tightly fits the surface of the tablet to achieve the effect of sealed packaging. The pharmaceutical tablet blister packaging machine can adapt to different specifications of tablet packaging, and different sizes of blisters can be produced only by changing the mold. The packaging effect of the capsule blister packing machine is good, the efficiency is high, the packaging cost is low, and there is no risk of secondary pollution.

KEFAI Tablet Blister Packing Machine

Liquid Blister Packing Machine: KEFAI can provide you a blister packaging machines specifically for the packaging of liquid products. Unlike PVC blister packers, liquid blister packers work by putting the product into a cup and then covering the mouth of the cup with a layer of plastic film to form a sealed package. And the packaging speed of liquid blister packaging solution is faster than the packaging speed of PVC blister packing machine.

kefai liquid blister packing machine

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KEFAI has build a good reputation for innovation and development of specialized, high quality equipment. As a China blister packing machine manufacture, KEFAI always devote to providing the best blister packing solutions for you. Customers choose us not only for the considerate service we offer, but also for the perfect solution. Every customer can gain a suitable plan and design about blister packing machine from KEFAI.

Besides, KEFAI focus on how smoothly the machine runs, all our components are from famous brand in domestic and abroad, whose performance are absolutely good. So, when it comes to the specifications and benefits of blister packaging machinery, you can trust our advice and the expertise we offer.

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“Last month I bought a PVC blister packing equipment in Kefai, and I received it within 20 days. The delivery speed is very fast. Besides, the operation of the blister packing machine is very easy for me, they offer me the video to learn how use the machine.”

—— Mr. Black, a customer from Switzerland.

“I think KEFAI’s PVC blister packing equipment is the best machine that I bought. I bought three blister packing machines two years ago from KEFAI, what surprised me is that it still runs smoothly, and didn’t occur any fault in the past 2 years.”

—— Mr. Chris, a customer from Italy.

“I want to recommend you to buy kefai’s blister packing machine, because it is really cost-effective, and I want to express my sincere thanks to the sellers who satisfy my special needs.”

—— Mr. Jonathan, a customer from Poland.


FAQ about PVC blister packing machine

1. Can liquid products be packaged by PVC blister machine?
Generally speaking, we do not recommend using PVC blister machines for packaging liquid products. This is because PVC blisters are usually made by heating and molding on plastic film, and this heating and molding method cannot be applied to liquid products. Liquid products require the use of other types of packaging machines, and we also offer liquid blister packing machine that specialize in packaging liquids.


2. What is the production speed of PVC blister packing machine?
The production speed of PVC blister machine depends on parameters such as the size and shape of the products to be packaged, and can generally reach hundreds to thousands of products per minute.


3. Is PVC blister packaging machine suitable for food packaging?
Yes, pvc blister machine can be used for food packaging, but only if PVC materials conforming to food safety standards are used and corresponding sanitary measures are taken to ensure the safety of food.


4. How does the PVC blister packing machine perform quality control of product packaging?
PVC blister packing machine is equipped with photoelectric sensors, counters and other such quality control equipment can monitor the size, quantity and other key parameters in the packaging process to ensure that the quality of the product packaging meets the requirements.


5. What maintenance measures are required for PVC blister machine?
In order for the PVC blister machine to operate normally it needs to be cleaned and lubricated regularly. In addition, you need to focus on replacing damaged molds and heating elements and other components.

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