The spice packing machine is used to pack various kinds of spices products. As for powder packing machines, an auger is a necessary item in the production process. The auger can make the spices powder finer so as to accelerate the filling speed.

KEFAI Machinery is able to provide you with a complete production line of the small spice packing machines. A system of equipment is more convenient to install and use. The speed, type, length and width of packaging are up to your own choice. The spice powder packing machine consists of manual spice packing machine and automatic spices packing machine.

  • Pepper Packing Machine: The pepper packing machine is usually used to pack black pepper. The machine is able to automatically accomplish metering, filling, sealing, date printing, and so on. The pepper packing is equipped with the constant temperature heating system to ensure temperature stability.
  • Chilli Powder Packing Machine: The chillipowder packing machine is often applied to package red chilli, especially in India. In order to avoid the entry of dust, the chilli powder packing equipment has a anti-dust device which is able to effectively prevent the dust.
  • CurryPowder Packing Machine: The curry powder packing machine usually adopts the packaging of vertical form and horizontal form. The curry powder machine has automatic correction function and it can correct the errors in material ratio.
  • Masalapowder packing machine: The masala powder packing machine has two categories: semi-automatic masala powder packing machine and fully automatic masala powder packing machine. The semi-automatic masala powder packing machine is more economical, while the fully automatic masala powder packing machine is more efficient.
  • Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine for Spices Powder Packing: The VFFS spice powder packing machine is a cost-effective solution for big bags.
  • Automatic Spices Multi-head Weigher Packing Machine: The spices multi-head weigher packing machinecan be packaged in gusset bags, punching bags, connecting bags and so on.
  • Automatic Spices Machine Pillow BagPacking Machine: The spices machine pillow bag packing machine is of high measuring accuracy and high efficiency.
  • Automatic Doypack Spices Powder Auger Rotary Packing Machine: The doypack spices powder auger rotary packing machine is suitable for spices products of good fluidity and poor fluidity.
  • Automatic Auger Filler for Spice Powder Weighing And Filling Packing Machine: The auger filler for spice powder weighing and filling packing machinecan do dosing and filling for various spice powder.

A Wonderful Design, and a Thoughtful Service

  • Easy to Use: The spice pouch packing machine iscontrolled by a touch screen. You can click the appropriate button to get the information you want. If there appears some abnormal phenomenon, it will also show on the touch screen so that you can deal with it in time.
  • Solid Material: The spice powder packing machines are made of stainless steel, which owns a stable structure. And the stainless steel material can make the equipment have a longer service life. In addition, it is easier and more convenient for you to clean.
  • Safe Device: The automatic spice pouch packing equipment is equipped with a safety protection program. If the spice packing machine has any breakdown, the machine will immediately cease to function. Besides, a protection coveris set around the sealing and cutting device to avoid unnecessary injury.

There are still many clients requiring customization service to conduct their work. Therefore, KEFAI Machinery is able to make you enjoy the special service. In general, we provide customers with our standard machines of packaging spices products to help them. However, in this case, we can customize the small packing machine for spices based on your practical needs. All you have to do is to send us your requirements and we will confirm the feasibility with our professional engineers. Then, you will receive a detailed scheme about the pouch packing machine for spices .

KEFAI spices packing equipment can give you the best choice of spices packaging solutions. Our spices packaging machines are of strong suitability. From small scale production to mass production, we have the right products for you to choose from. There are three kinds of bag packaging forms. Three-side sealing, and four-side sealing and back sealing are covered. We can provide 24-hour online service for you to reply all of your problems as much as possible. Our spice packing machine price is also quite reasonable and affordable.


Comments Taken From Our Sincere Clients.

So awesome an experience! The spice packing machine helped me have a huge production capacity. I need to customize my spice packing equipment because my production requirements are different from the standard machines’ specifications. In the whole process, the response is quick and the service is very considerate.A review from Brunei
It is so nice of you to prepare a transportation plan for me. I really appreciate that your work is arranged so carefully and earnestly. More importantly, the spice packing machine I bought was also more excellent than I expected. Thank you for your carefulness.A review from Belgium
KEFAI has really done a great job. Your spice packaging equipment is exactly what I want. You answered my questions efficiently and gave me many useful suggestions, which helped me to make a better choice. You are a good team. Thanks for all of your efforts. I recommend that anyone who has a need can choose one. You will not regret it. I will come again if I need.A review from Sweden

What are the features of the spice packaging machine?

The spice packaging machine is very intelligent, the bag will stop automatically when it is stuck, so as to avoid scattering materials due to the failure of the bag. The machine adopts heat sealing method. The temperature controlling is extremely accurate, which can ensure the sealing quality. It is suitable for a variety of packaging materials.

What can the spice packaging machine pack?

The spice packing machine can pack a lot of spices products, such as pepper, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, saffron, cardamom.

Is it convenient to use the spice packing machine?

Yes. The spice packaging equipment has a screen in which every operation process can be shown. In addition, it is equipped with four wheels so that it is relatively easy to ship and move.