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The powder filler is a crucial part in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries to measure and fill all kinds of powder, such as milk powder, flour, coffee powder, protein powder, seasoning powder, chemical powder, cosmetic powder, medicine powder, coffee powder, soy flour, etc.

KEFAI’s powder filling machine adopts spiral feeding mechanism and digital control system technology to overcome high precision quantitative measurement problems of various powder materials, which has the characteristics of non-stick materials, large packaging amount and high precision that are suitable for quantitative filling of powder and powdered materials with poor fluidity. The difficulty of powder filling lies in the high precision quantitative measurement of filling and non-stick materials in the filling process, so you should choose a suitable powder filler to ensure the stability of the filling process.


KEFAI Powder Filler

Automatic Powder Filling Machine:

  • Economical Price Range
  • High Accuracy
  • Wide Application
  • Increase Productivity
1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and all machine structures are designed according to the food and drughygiene standards;
2. The whole line equipment is designed according to the GMP standard, and fully meets the national food and drug health requirements. Realize the full automatic movement of the assembly line, ensure that the personnel will not touch the product during the whole production process, and the production process is completely transparent and more reliable.
3. The inner wall of the container contacting with the material is polished, and the structure of the regular disassembly adopts the easy to dismantle parts to connect, ensure the handover or change the product to handle the health convenience;
4. The automatic powder filling machine can visit the factory and design the best production plan in the field; Provide other technical support for the production line free of charge.
This powder filling machine is suitable for all kinds of powder, powder mixture automatic filling such as milk powder, protein powder, chicken powder, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, medicine, food additive, etc. The container is automatically located, filling material and automatic transmission. It is widely used in all kinds of bottles, cans, jars filling automatically.
Technical Prameter
KEFAI Automatic Powder Filling Machine
Filling speed
10-15pcs/min(based on material)
Suitable bottle diameter
Less than 100mm
Applicable bottle height
Package size
About 135*90*226cm
Net weight /Gross weight
About 229kg/304kg
Filling heads
Filling material
Powder produce like flour
Food,chemical,catering,daily chemical,tobacco and alcohol,medicine
Detailed Images
 Powder Filler detail 1Powder Filler detail 2

And We also have many types of automatic powder filling machine line.


Related Machines:

  • Fully Automatic Powder Filler: Fully Automatic powder filler is equipped with multi-heads that can fill the powder at the same time. Moreover, these inline piston powder fillers can be option with different fill heads for meet different production capacity with variable speed drive conveyor, adjustable stainless steel frame, easy to operate PLC control panel.
  • Semi-Automatic Powder Filler: Semi-automatic powder filler is usually equipped with one head, which can be used to fill powder into both cans, jars, bottles, and bags. And the volume of semi-auto powder filling machine is relatively small, so that it brings great convenience to transport.

  • Pharmaceutical Capsule Powder Filler: The pharmaceutical powder filler adopts PLC control touch screen operation, servo motor drive screw feeding. With automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic counting, material cleaning and other functions.



Meet Safety Requirements

    Due to the wide filling range of the power filling machine, not only to meet the machine operation safety requirements, but also to meet the requirements of food and drug quality safety certification. KEFAI has always attached great importance to this aspect. The large amount of dust in the production environment is not conducive to the health of the staff, and also not conducive to the preservation of powder materials. The powder filling machine can solve such problems, especially suitable for the filling of powder materials. Also, we try our best to choose the best quality brand for the materials of the powder filler. And the place in contact with the material is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure that the material is pollution-free in the process of work, and the machine is clean and convenient to meet the requirements of quality safety certification.



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What Are Our Customers Saying

“I bought 3 automatic powder filling machines from KEFAI machine 2 years ago. Though two years passed, the automatic powder fillers still work efficiently and fluently. The quality is completely beyond expectation.”

—— Mrs. Simeon, a customer from Switzerland.

“I received the powder filler 5 days ago, all details are consistent with the product description, the powder filler is made stainless steel materials which makes the appearance more attractive.”

—— Mr. Smith, a customer from England.

“Thanks for the careful service. the after-service of KEFAI is very good, and they give me the patient explanations about the installation of the powder fillers.”

—— Mr. Lawal, a customer from Russia.


FAQs about Automatic Powder Filler Machine

1. What the filling capacity of the powder filler machine?

The powder filler has wide filling range, the same quantitative filling machine within 5g to 5000g through the electronic scale keyboard adjustment and replacement of different specifications of the blanking screw continuous adjustable.

2. What is the work principle of powder filling machine?

During the initial process of the powder filling machine, the machine operates on a positive displacement principle, allowing the screw to operate under the permanent head. The machine's auger conveys the product, which passes through a funnel in the bag/container of the powder filling machine.

3. Is the powder filling machine easy to clean?

Yes, the stainless-steel material brings great convenience to cleaning, and the detachable parts eliminate the difficulty of dead ends.


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