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Cement Packing Machine for Sale

Cement bag packing machine is mainly used to fill and pack cement into bags or other containers for distribution and sale. Apart from cement, this industrial packing machine can also be used for packaging other construction materials such as gravel, sand etc. as well as some fertiliser products. This filling and sealing machine can pack a variety of powder and fine granular products.

KEFAI's cement bagging machine is quality qualified and KEFAI can provide you with a complete cement packing plant process. Efficient and accurate packing of cement is a key step in the production process of the pack of cement. KEFAI's machine for cement packing enables the packaging process of cement bag filling and sealing to be realized in an excellent way, ensuring that the final packaged cement product meets the quality standards.

  • Adaptable to Various Cement Dry Pack
  • Reduced Packaging Losses
  • Easy Operation
  • Energy-saving and Environment-friendly


KEFAI's cement equipment is brand new, not used cement equipment, which is personally manufactured by KEFAI's skilled engineers. The automatic cement packing machine is an industrial packing machine that can typically pack products in the range of 1 to 25 kg. Packing of cement bags is easy, its flexibility makes it suitable for different sizes and types of production, both for small batches and large-scale cement packing plant industrial production.

Cement Bag Application

Improve Product Quality:

Automating the packaging process ensures overall consistency in the production process and improves the quality of production. This feature is of great importance in the field of cement bagging. The cement packaging machine is equipped with a highly accurate dosing system that can accurately control the weight of cement filled into each bag. Compared with manual operation, the automatic dosing system can precisely adjust the filling volume within milliseconds, eliminating the possibility of human error, ensuring that the amount of bag of cement remains consistent, and moreover, ensuring that different batches of cement products meet the specified requirements.



  1. The multi-stage feeding and feeding mechanism is adopted, and the weighing range is wide, which can ensure the speed and accuracy of the maximum and minimum weighing;
  2. The weighing control system is designed according to the requirements of IP54 (dustproof and waterproof);
  3. The machine can be combined with an automatic feeding machine, conveyor, sewing machine and automatic control box to form a packaging unit;
  4. Double buckets are used for weighing and measuring in turn, which is fast.


  1. PLC control, easy to operate.
  2. High-precision electronic scale weighing, high precision.
  3. All stainless steel structure, easy to clean and corrosion resistant.
  4. Electronic screen or Chinese LCD touch screen for users to choose.
  5. Each scale is a two-stage feeding method, with high speed and high precision.


KEFAI Cement Bagging Machine
Packing Weight:
Packing Speed:
3-6 bags/min
Packing Accuracy:
Filling Method:
Metering Method:
LCD Touch Screen
Control System:
Air Pressure:
Air Consumption:
1 m3/h
Weighing Mode:
AC Three-Phase 380V 50Hz/60Hz

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KEFAI Cement Packing Machine Detail

Cement Packing Machine Details

Cement Packing Machine Detail
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Realated Cement Machines

1 Ton Cement Bags Packing Machine: This machine for packing cement can pack cement a weight bag of cement of up to 1 ton. The ton bag packing machine has a wide weighing range to ensure the speed and accuracy of the maximum and minimum weighing, and can quantitatively distribute crystals, particles, and loose materials with good fluidity at high speed.

KEFAI Ton Bag Packing Machine

Rotary Cement Packing Machine: The rotary cement packer has eight-station and it can package the weight of a big bag of cement between 25kg to 50kg. The cement packing process of the cement bag filling machine is a rotary packing method. The cement system has a fast packing speed for the 50 kg cement bag and a long life. In addition, the cement rotary packer machine is made of stainless steel for stability.

8 spouts rotary cement packing machine

Valve Bag Cement Packing Machine: This semi-automatic filling machine is suitable for valve bag packing, it can pack of cement one to two bags of cement powder per minute with an error margin of no more than 20g. The filling speed of this equipment can be adjusted at any time to improve work efficiency.

cement valve bag packing machine

KEFAI's Advantages

KEFAI has many cement equipment for sale, you will always be able to find the best cement production equipment for you. In addition to the cement packing machine, we can also provide you with other related equipment, such as a cement bag lifting machine, cement bag making machine, etc. KEFAI continuously absorbs and introduces excellent technology, develops many varieties of high-tech cement industry machinery, and can provide customers with a complete set of advanced automated production lines. You can propose your production capacity, equipment type, specifications, and other information to KEFAI. The cement solution is diverse and KEFAI has the strength to customize them for you. KEFAI's sales engineers will provide you with satisfactory cement solutions.

You can click here KEFAIMACHINERY to find our packing machine for dry pack cement.

Our Customers Feedback

KEFAI can customize the cement packaging machine according to our specific requirements, including size, packaging speed, dosing method, etc. Thanks to KEFAI’s cement solution, it has been a great help to us. Mr. Gabriel, a customer from Russia.
After comparing many cement equipment manufacturers, we believed in the quality of KEFAI’s cement bag machine and placed an order for several units of cement product machinery. This bagging machine is stable and able to fulfill our production needs. Not only that, KEFAI’s personnel have a good service attitude and I would love to continue to work with KEFAI in the future. Mr. Jesse, a customer from Moldova.
KEFAI provides us with the best cement packing machine price. What’s more, our cement equipment operator can also easily learn how to use the machines and how to operate them. KEFAI as one of the cement machinery manufacturers is competitive and powerful. I will continue to choose KEFAI’s machines in the future. Mr. Mason, a customer from Estonia.

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FAQs about Cement Bagging Equipment

1. How does the Cement Packing Machine work?

The working principle of the Cement Packing Machine consists of automatic dosing, filling, sealing, and palletizing steps. Using KEFAI's Cement Powder Packing Machine ensures that the amount of cement in each bag is accurate and well-packaged.


2. Is it possible to customize a cement packaging machine per different sizes and requirements?

Yes, KEFAI being one of the cement machinery suppliers, offer customization options for cement packaging machines of different sizes, packing speeds, and features as per customers' requirements.


3. What factors affect the performance of Cement Packing Machines?

The performance of a Cement Packing Machine is affected by factors such as product characteristics, packaging specifications, operating speed, and level of maintenance. In other words, if you need to pack more product weight, the efficiency of the machine will definitely be slower. If you don't maintain the machine often, then the performance of the machine will definitely deteriorate.


4. What equipment is included in the whole set of Cement Production Machines?

Complete cement plant equipment typically includes feeding systems, weighing and filling systems, conveying systems, bag sealing systems, plus optional palletizing systems and coding machines.


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