kefai vffs powder packing machine

KEFAI Automatic vertical powder packing machines focuses on the 100grams to 5kg powder bag forming filling sealing automatically. It is usually applied to milk powder, pepper, cosmetic powder, protein powder, baby powder and so on. KEFAI can package powdery objects in back sealing,pillow bag,gussted bag packaging forms. In other words, powder products with good fluidity or poor fluidity can both be accepted. In addition, the packaging way of the auger filler’s product is not limited, which is at your choice.

Having been in the industry of the automatic powder filling and sealing machine for more than a decade, we are well versed in the whole process. KEFAI powder auger filling packing machines can help you solve any problem about the powder packaging machines. We can offer you a great deal of machines for powered products such as automatic spices packing machine, coffee powder packing machine, fully automatic detergent powder packing machine, automatic chilli powder packing machine, automatic milk powder packing machine, automatic weighing and packing filling particles & powder machine and so on. You can absolutely get one device that suits for you.

  • Coffee Sachet Powder Packing Machinery:The automatic coffee sachet powder packing machines are equipped with a photoelectric tracking system, which can accurately control the length and position of bags. Besides, the automatic coffee sachet powder filling and sealing machine can make your package of coffee products better and more valuable so as to gain good sales.
  • Automatic Milk Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI filler automatic milk powder packing machines adopt electronic weighing technology, and are controlled by chips. This automatic milk powder packing machine can automatically measure, feed, fill, seal, print date and so on.
  • Automatic Detergent Powder Packing Machine: The detergent powder packaging machine can be applied to pack different kinds of capacities of detergent powder. Furthermore, the semi automatic detergent powder packing machine is adjustable in speed, size, and has ultra-high accuracy and low noise. The inside of the machine is enclosed to prevent the entry of dust.

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  • Vertical Form Filling and Sealing Pouch Powder Machine:The vertical packaging can make bags stand up well so that the product can also be easily placed. The vertical powder filling machine uses only one piece of packaging sheet, which has the advantages of simple structure, low packaging cost, wide applicability and so on. The vertical powder packaging can be more consistent with sustainable development.
  • Pillow Bag Powder Packing Machine: The automatic pillow bag powder packing machinecan be divided into the horizontal pillow packing machine and the vertical pillow packing machine. The main difference between the two pillow packing machines lies in the scope of their application. The automatic pillow bag powder packing machine has lots of benefits such as fast temperature rising, good stability, energy saving and high efficiency.


KEFAI powder packaging machine can give you the best solution of powder packing

  • High Popularity: KEFAI powder filling and sealing machines have been widely praised for more than ten years. Many customers are very fond of the automatic powder packing devices. Thus, the number of customers choosing for purchase the equipment again is also large. So you can be relieved to buy the powder packaging machine from KEFAI, the professional powder packing machine supplier.
  • Most Favorable Price: Don't worry about the price. All our prices are factory prices, which are absolutely reasonable. Please be assured that we will always put your interests in the first place at all times. The automatic powder packing machine price we have offered is the lowest.
  • High Product Standards: KEFAI can provide you with a series of certificates to prove our qualification, so that you can have peace of mind about our powder packaging machines. The production of the powder filling machine has gone through many layers of examination and approval, so it is extremely qualified. We can also provide complete patent certificates for you to check.
  • High Production Efficiency: Generally speaking, KEFAI can finish 30 customized machines, 200 standard machines and 3 production and processing machine tools every month. There are many standard automatic powder packing machines in stock, so they can be sent to you much more quickly than other machines.


Best Product Material

KEFAI, the powder packing machine supplier, can make you completely enjoy the purchase. In order to let you have a good operating experience, we try our best to choose the best quality brand for the materials of the powder filling machine. For example, the electrical components are selected from a well-known brand of high quality and durability. Therefore, the components can extend a long service life of more than seven years. The powder packaging machines are all equipped with smart systems, which means that you can use the auger filler just through man-machine interaction. The operation of the small powder packing machine is fairly simple as long as you read the instruction manuals.


Need help packaging your own products?

As a powder packing machine manufacturer, KEFAI is always committed to providing perfect packing solutions for you. KEFAI powder packing machine has a wide range of applications, which can meet all of your packaging needs of various sizes, capacities. You can gain a suitable packing plan and design plan about the automatic powder packing machines from us. Besides, the design style of the powder packaging machine can also be determined by you. KEFAI mainly open in the European and the United States at present. In the future, we will also try to expand our market in foreign countries. We believe the development of automatic powder packing machines will be better and better.


 I bought a semi automatic powder packing machine for spices from KEFAI and I found it was so wonderful. It was so easy to operate that I could learn the usage of the powder packing machine very quickly. What’s more, the automatic spices packing machine price is very reasonable.A review from Switzerland
 I want you to know that I am very satisfied with the capabilities of the coffee powder packing machine. It runs very smoothly. KEFAI will be the first producer when I need to buy a machine similar to this one.A review from Russia
Thanks for all the support provided to pack my own products. We are very pleased to receive the powder filling and sealing machine and grateful for your help in the installation and after-sales service.A review from Poland


What is the powder packer used for?

The automatic powder filling and sealing machines focuses on many kinds of powered commodities, among which food commodities in powder form are the most common ones. It usually contains Corn flour, baking soda powder, fruit and vegetable powder, chestnut powder, etc.

What is the working principlesof powder packing machine?

The feeding method of the automatic powder packing machine adopts the combination of coarse feeding and fine feeding, which can effectively guarantee the speed and accuracy.

What are the characteristics of powder packaging machine?

①The powder packaging equipment is convenient to operate, so the wearing parts are less and the service life is longer.

②The equipment has dust collection setting, which can reduce the dust in the working environment and make it more hygienic.


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