KEFAI flour packing machine is specially designed for powdery products like flour. More than that, flour packaging machines can also be applied in the packaging of sand-like products. It is a vffs packing machine that can smartly package powder materials.

For vulnerable parts, our wheat flour automatic packing machines use high-strength materials to make them more durable in use. It is extremely likely for you to spend less on repairs and get more in your pocket. The packaging of our automatic packing machine for flour has good sealing properties to prevent powder spillage.

  • Vertical Flour Packing Machine: KEFAI vertical flour packing machine adopts high-quality components to decrease some unnecessary abrasion. The service life of the packing machine for wheat flour will be extended, too. In addition, if there is an offset when installing the roll film, it can also be automatically corrected.
  • 50g 100g Flour Packing Machine: KEFAI 50g 100g flour packing machine applies to other powdered products like tea powder, milk powder, protein powder, coffee powder, spice powder, and so on.
  • 200g Flour Packing Machine: KEFAI 200g flour packing machine is able to be applied in many bag types such as stand-up pouches, back seal bags, gusset bags, three side seal bags, four side seal bags,
  • 500g Flour Packing Machine: KEFAI 500g flour packing machine is such a flexible device that it is able to be compatible with different sizes of packaging bags.
  • 1kg 5kg Flour Packing Machine: KEFAI 1kg 5kg flour packing machine contains a variety of automatic alarm functions in order to ensure operational safety. In addition, the waste of packing materials can be effectively lessened.
  • Automatic Form Fill Seal Flour Packing Machine: KEFAIautomatic form fill seal flour packing machine is full of high-degree automation. In other words, the automatic form fill seal flour packing machine can finish a series of steps such as filling, sealing, date printing, exhausting, etc. The changing of bag length is also allowed.

kefai powder packing machine

  • Intelligent Operation: One of the most evident differences between manual flour packing machine and automatic flour packing machine is the level of automation. KEFAI flour packaging machine is an advanced device equipped with a high-precision digital sensor, making achieving accuracy as easy as pie. For the weighing of flour products, the flour packaging machines can also control the weight very well. If there is an error in the flour packing machine, it can be automatically corrected.
  • Durability: The wheat flour packing machine has developed an anti-dust function so as to give you a better sense of using it. Besides, the flour packaging equipment will become much easier to clean and wash due to the design of stainless steel. And the flour packing equipment will not corrode or rust at all.
  • TranquilWorking Environment: Imagine a factory with many machines working, it will be bound to be noisy, which is not conducive to the development of normal work. Our flour packaging machine can overcome this point well, and give you a quiet and comfortable working environment so that you will no longer be troubled by this.
  • Simple and Convenient: The flour packaging machine has a special compact structure and small footprint, which is quite suitable for limited space spots. The flour packing equipment is easy to use with simple operation procedures. Not only that, the energy consumption of the flour packing machine can also be controlled to a low value.


The Best Performance that You Will Show A Deep Affection to.

KEFAI Machinery has never stopped moving forward and exploring for decades. We have been improving our production and R&D technology to give customers the smoothest operation. The dust removal system can be configured to separate the powder and dust to purify the air and thus better protect our environment. Since the powder product is very light, the flour packaging machine is also quite efficient in packaging and a lot of labor costs are reduced. In this way, it is extremely beneficial to improve your economic efficiency.

KEFAI packaging machines always adhere to winning the trust of customers with quality. We can assure you that our flour packing machine has been tested many times. Only the qualified flour packaging machines can be shipped out of the factory. If you want a simple, convenient, and high-precision flour packaging machine, KEFAI Machinery is definitely the most cost-effective choice for you, and will not let you be fooled. We will send you the most favorable flour packing machine price. It means that you will obtain the most reasonable price from us.


The Feedback from Clients

★A comment from Finland: We ordered an automatic flour packing machine in KEFAI. However, we do not know how to carefully maintain the machine. After consulting the service staff, he sent us detailed instructions on caring for this equipment. That is so nice of you! Thank you so much!

★A comment from Brazil: I’m here to express my gratitude to KEFAI Machinery. The flour packing machine you offered to me is so great. Both the operation and performance are better than I expected. Love your product.

★A comment from Peru: It is my pleasure to meet you excellent packaging machine manufacturer. For after-sales service, I was very satisfied. On-site service is not very common and I really appreciate it.


Bottom FAQ

  • How do I know how many bags the flour packing machine has packed?

As a matter of fact, the number of packages will be automatically displayed on the touch screen, which is convenient for the operator to quickly count the workload of the automatic flour packing machine.

  • Which is better, the semi-automatic flour packing machine or the fully automatic one?

There is no exact answer because it depends on your needs. If you want to save costs, you can choose a semi-automatic flour packing machine. But if you don't care about cost and are more concerned with performance and efficiency, a fully automatic flour packing machine is undoubtedly your best option.

  • What feeding method does the fully automatic flour packaging machine use?

The feeding method of the automatic flour packaging machine is screw feeding, which is determined by the nature of the packaging materials. Therefore, the characteristics of materials easy to stick are also able to be avoided effectively.