KEFAI coffee powder packing machine is specially designed for all kinds of coffee powder products. Our automatic coffee powder packing machine is your ideal choice of coffee powder. Also, 1kg coffee powder packing machine is one of the most common models in the factories.

KEFAI coffee powder packing devices provide one-year warranty and two-year  replacement of important parts. So there is no need for you to worry about the after-sales service. We can provide you with our advanced equipment to maximize your products’ value. KEFAI coffee powder packing machine will not make noise to disturb you, which means that it will run quietly. And don’t worry about the expense, you will get an affordable price from us.

  • Premade Pouch Coffee PowderPackaging Machine: KEFAI premade pouch coffee powder packaging machine is multifunctional and can offer you multi choices of the equipment models, whose purpose is to suit the needs of different coffee powder manufacturers.
  • Vertical Form Filling and Sealing Coffee Powder Machine: The vertical form bagging is a great choice for the packaging of coffee powder since it has a relatively big capacity. If you need to package coffee powder, KEFAI vertical form filling and sealing coffee powder machine can decrease your cost and enhance the efficiency of the equipment.
  • Sachet Ground Coffee Packaging Machine: KEFAI sachet ground coffee packaging machine is a small bagging for coffee powder. The sachet packaging can make your products more delicate and exquisite. Thus, it is also conducive to increasing the sales volume of your products.
  • Vacuum Coffee Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI vacuum coffee powder packing machineis equipment for weighing and packing. Besides, the machine is extremely suitable for enterprises which attach great importance to high efficiency.
  • Nitrogen Filling Coffee Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI nitrogen filling coffee powder packing machineis a vertical and 3-side sealing machine and is capable of accomplishing the production automatically.
  • Automatic Stick Coffee Powder Packing and Counting Machine: The automatic stick coffee powder packing and counting machineuses the method of heat sealing to form a delicate packaging.
  • Multi-laneCoffee Powder Packing Machine: As the name implies, KEFAI multi-lane coffee powder packing machine can produce multi lanes pouches at a time, which can improve the operation efficiency to a large extent.
  • Auger Lifter Coffee Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI auger lifter coffee powder packing machine is able to make coffee powder be a finer texture so as to be more saleable in the market.
  • HorizontalCoffee Powder Centrifugal Sifter: The horizontal coffee powder centrifugal sifter adopts a compact structure so it is very useful for you to save space.
  • Doypack Coffee Bean Packing Machine: KEFAI doypack coffee powder packing machine can complete automatically feeding, weighing, filling, sealing and so on.
  • Horizontal Double Ribbon BlendingMachine for Coffee Powder: The horizontal double ribbon blending machine for coffee powder has no dead angel when blending.
  • Vacuum Brick Bag Coffee Powder Packaging Machine: KEFAIvacuum brick bag coffee packaging machine is commonly used for ground coffee and can handle coffee powder at a rapid speed.
  • Coffee Capsule Coffee Powder Packaging Machine: KEFAI coffee capsule packaging machine is used to store measured small portions of ground coffee.

Attractive in Price, Superior in Quality

  • Great Flexibility: KEFAI coffee powder packingequipment is a flexible solution of ground coffee packaging. In terms of the suitability and capacity, our coffee powder packing equipment is capable of adjusting properly if you think they don’t fit you.
  • Variety: KEFAI coffee packing machines can offer you a great deal of choices of products packaged. Whether it is coffee bean or ground coffee, we can pack it for you.
  • Customization Service: It is natural for you to find the coffee powder packaging machines of normal specifications don’t fit you very well. Don’t worry, KEFAI Machinery can figure it for you. KEFAI coffee powder packaging equipment can customize the machines you expect to realize your requirements.
  • High Precision: KEFAI coffee powder packing machine can not only ensure the delicacy of coffee powder, but also fulfill extremely accurate packaging of coffee powder to make it in a better condition.

KEFAI Machinery aims to solve all of your potential problems just for seeing your happy face. It is our greatest honor to provide customers with meticulous service. We assure you that the quality of our coffee powder packaging machine is definitely up to the national standards. All the coffee powder packaging machines must undergo rigorous testing within 72 hours before shipment to ensure that they will work properly after you receive them. Furthermore, the quotations we give you are all the lowest factory prices. Our coffee powder packing machine price is reasonable and affordable. As for the details, we will arrange a special person to explain for you.

KEFAI packaging machine has been in business for more than ten years successfully. KEFAI packing machine is a professional manufacturer and we can show you around our factory if you like. In addition, we have always been adhering to the idea that the high standard for products is responsible for our customers. Our coffee powder packaging devices must pass strict checks from production to sale. If the coffee powder packing equipment is not up to standard, we will never sell it. KEFAI coffee powder packaging machine is fairly suitable for free-flowing products, especially the ground coffee. Our coffee powder packaging machine has gained in popularity for many years. We have been receptive to all of your proper requirements. No matter the packaging or transportation of the coffee powder packing equipment, we can meet your needs. We are pleased to be a good helper in the challenges your business faces in production process.

About the Clients Opinions You Must Know.

I love the coffee powder packaging machine so much. It is so intelligent that I can set any parameter I need. More importantly, it is not noisy at all and will not bother others. So awesome! You are a wonderful coffee powder packaging machine supplier.A comment from Italy

I am very grateful that you provide such a great service. I still had many questions after purchasing the coffee powder packing equipment. And your service team is always listening to me and explaining to me how to solve it. You are very professional and patient. In addition, the service is for free and I don’t need to pay it.A comment from Vietnam

As a small coffee powder manufacturer, it is very necessary for me to have the coffee powder packaging equipment. I used to use a manual coffee machine and it ran at a low efficiency. However, the coffee powder packaging equipment helped me improve the production capacity a lot. Thank you very much!A comment from the United States

How to customize the coffee powder packaging machine?

KEFAI Machinery has an engineering team of abundant experience and they can help you customize your coffee powder packaging machine. If you want to customize, you need to tell me your specific requirements like what coffee powder products you want to package, the packaging volume , packaging speed, packaging accuracy, size of the products and other information. Then we will discuss with the engineers to help you design.

How to transport coffeepowder machines?

Generally speaking, there are two ways of shipping coffee powder machines: sea transportation and air transportation. These two approaches both have their advantages. As for coffee manufacturers like you, sea transportation is the cheaper and the most common choice.

How to extend the shelf life of coffee powderby coffee powder packing machines?

Here are the tips of extending the of coffee powder. KEFAI coffee powder packing machines can seal the coffee powder tightly. KEFAI coffee powder packaging machine utilizes the high-level parts and the quality of the equipment can be guaranteed. On one hand, the packaging of coffee powder is in sound condition and there exists no leakage phenomenon. On the other hand, the great packaging way can make coffee powder have a much longer shelf life.