KEFAI protein powder packing machine is applied to package protein powder products. There are mainly two kinds of protein powder products: plant protein powder and animal protein powder. The latter is more easily absorbed by our bodies between the two. Our protein powder packaging machine has appealed to many foreign people to purchase it due to the superior technology and quality of it. We can provide you with both the semi-automatic and the fully automatic protein powder packaging equipment based on your production requirements. The package style of the protein powder packaging machine is able to be determined by you. And the whey protein machines are offered to you, too.
  • Sachet Protein PowderPackaging Machine: KEFAI sachet protein powder packaging machine is capable of completing the weighing, filling, sealing and other work in order. In other words, the sachet protein powder packaging machine can finish all the work in the whole production line.
  • Automatic Cans Protein Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI automatic cans protein powder packing machineis equipped with a panel, which make it more simple to regulate and maintain the device. The automatic cans protein powder packing machine can reach a high-level intelligence. Besides, the cans are quite easy replace.
  • Bottle Protein Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI bottle protein powder packing machine is ideal for the products of fluidity like protein powder. It can be operated at a high speed and used together with a protein powder making machine. For protein powder suppliers, the production process is simplified a lot.
  • Multitrack Protein PowderPacking Machine: KEFAI multitrack protein powder packing machine is used to package protein powder products in small packaging such as sachet.
  • Rotary Protein PowderPacking Machine: KEFAI rotary protein powder packing machines have a lot of packaging styles, such as spout bags, zipper bag, compound bag, etc.
  • Vertical Form Filling andSealing Protein Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI vertical form filling and sealing protein powder packing machine is equipped with a simple structure but an advanced design.
  • Automatic Protein Powder CappingMachine: KEFAI automatic protein powder capping machine has a wide packing range, which is also adjustable.
  • Automatic Protein Powder Labeling Machine: KEFAIautomatic protein powder labeling machine is able to label different kinds of containers quickly.
  • Semi-Automatic Protein Powder Screw Quantitative Packaging Machine: KEFAIsemi-automatic protein powder screw quantitative packaging machine is especially suitable for the products requiring the extremely accurate metering.
  • Automatic Stand Up PouchProtein Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI automatic stand up pouch protein powder packing machine has a dust control system and can remove dust in the workshop easily.

Proper Qualifications, and Abundant Experience

  • Clean Packaging: KEFAI Machinery is aware that food safety has always been a major concern for people's health. Therefore, the protein powderpacking equipment adopts the food grade stainless steel structure, which can ensure that the protein powder is packed in a tidy condition.
  • Accurate Measurement: As far as many powdered products’concerned, the packaging accuracy is quite vital. If the protein powder products are non-free flowing, the packaging speed of them will be decreased a lot. KEFAI protein powder packing devices will never have a problem like this, because we can guarantee that our protein powder packing devices can weigh and meter in high precision.
  • High Production Capacity: If you have a protein powder manufacturing machine, KEFAI protein powderpacking equipment is the best choice for you. Our protein powder packing equipment can realize much production capacity to help you in your production process.
  • Wide Suitability: KEFAI protein powderpackaging machine is able to be applied to many products. In addition to powdery materials, the machine can also be used to package some small granular materials.

KEFAI protein powder packaging machines can give you a perfect packing solution for protein powder materials. KEFAI Machinery is capable of providing a series of qualification certificates for you or you can have a check on our official website. Of course, there will be no shortage of patent certificates. KEFAI Machinery is a professional manufacturer of protein powder packaging machines and has a research and development team of rich industry experience. Our engineers are fairly familiar with this industry and the problems you emcounter thanks to over 30 years of experience. Our products will be strictly tested from the moment they are developed until they are sold.

KEFAI packaging machines have obtained a great reputation in the market. Thus, a great deal of our prodcts have been sold. We are so acquainted with the rules of survival and competition in this market due to years of experience. You can trust us, and we will return you with our sincere and considerate service. We assure you that all of our protein powder packaging machines have a superior quality and can last for a long period. This is because our equipment uses the advanced electrical parts which can prolong the service life of it to the largest extent.

Listening to the Opinions of Our Customers

We bought whey protein manufacturing equipment a few weeks ago. So we also chose a whey protein powder packaging machine to have a better production. To our surprise, the protein powder packaging equipment is not only simple to operate but also extremely efficient.A review from Nigeria
The reason why I chose KEFAI Machinery is its excellent service, especially after-sales service. I was also worried that I would have problems installing the protein powder packing machine. Fortunately, KEFAI Machinery can send a professional to install the machine for me at my designated place, which is very convenient and considerate.A review from England
KEFAI protein powder packing machines provided an excellent solution for me. It is so nice of you to reply me in time. The protein powder packing equipment is very flexible and the product parameters are also adjustable. I really love it. Thank you so much!A review from Sri Lanka

How many packaging types are there for protein whey powder?

There are lots of packing categories such as bottles, cans, jars, sachets, stand up pouches, zipper bags, flat bottom bags, horizontal form bags, vertical form bags, spout bags, three-side sealing, four-side sealing, block bottom bag, gusseted bags, etc.

What kind of person is protein powder packaging machine suitable for?

Our protein powder packaging machine has a wide application and is especially suitable for protein powder manufacturers of both large scale and small scale production.

Is there a leak about the packaging of the protein whey powder?

Our whey&protein powder packaging machine adopts the method of hot sealing and follows the procedure exactly. So, there is almost no leakage phenomenon in the packaging process.