KEFAI milk powder packing machine can be used to package various kinds of milk powder products such as cow milk powder, sheep milk powder, camel milk powder, horse milk powder, donkey milk powder, soy milk powder and so on.

KEFAI milk powder packaging machines use high-level parts and our products are sold to Germany, France, the United states, Australia, etc. KEFAI milk powder packaging machine is equipped with the touch screen for you to set the parameters you need. It is very user-friendly and easy to learn. Besides, it doesn’t take much time to learn the operation.

  • Vertical Form Filling and Sealing Milk PowderPacking Machine: KEFAI vertical form filling and sealing milk powder packing machine is fairly suitable for materials of good fluidity like milk power. The vertical form filling and sealing milk powder packing machine has a display screen in both Chinese and English and is easy to operate. The machine can store up to 10 sets of parameters, which you can modify at any time.
  • Automatic Round Corner Bag Milk Powder Packaging Machine: KEFAI automatic round corner bag milk powder packaging machinecan finish measurement, filling, sealing, cutting and so on in an automatic way. In addition, date printing machine can also be added based on your needs.
  • Premade Pouch Milk Powder Machine: KEFAI premade pouch milk powder machine is capable of automatically monitoring the pouch can not open or the pouch can not be opened incompletely. Besides, the size of the pouches can be adjusted according to your requirements.
  • Multi-Lane Stick Milk Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI multi-lane stick milk powder packing machinecan display the production and adjust the packing parameters on the display screen.
  • Auger Filler Milk Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI auger filler milk powder packing machine can accomplish the high precision by using the method of volumetric dosing.
  • HorizontalMilk Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI horizontal milk powder packing machine is able to run in high effectiveness to a large extent.
  • Stand Up Pouch Milk Powder Packaging Machine:The surface of stand up pouch milk powder packaging machine can be washed directly and it is quite convenient.
  • Flat Bottomed Pouch Milk Powder Packaging Machine: KEFAI flat bottomed pouch milk powder packaging machine is able to be sealed on three sides or four sides.

Quick Response, and Superb Service

  • Strict Hygiene Standards:Milk powder is a powdery material and its hygiene requirements are particularly high. In order to meet the production packaging standards, our milk powder packing machines will adopt 304 stainless steel structure to eliminate the sanitary problems caused by the contact between the product with the machine.
  • Absolute Accuracy: Due to the characteristics of powder materials, the packaging of milk powder must achieve a high accuracy before it can be well packaged. KEFAI milk powder packaging equipment is equipped with the auger, which can be fairly conducive to enhancing the accuracy of the metering of milk powder products.
  • Good Tightness: As for milk powder materials, it is of great necessity to make the materials sealed tightly. In this way,
  • Stable Performance: The automatic milk powder pouch packing machines are controlled by single chip microcomputer, which is able to automatically quantify, fill, seal and so on. The advanced electrical parts make the automatic milk powder pouch packing machines gain a high power and stable operation.

KEFAI Machinery always treats every customer with first-class service attitude and service quality. We will do everything we could to provide service for you. We will reply to you as soon as we receive your information. As for customers who need on-site service, we are bound to arrive at the destination within the appointed time. For your valuable comments and suggestions, we will carefully listen to and actively adopt. You are welcome to point out the problems we need to improve.

KEFAI packing machines is an expert in milk powder packing. KEFAI milk powder packing machine is a perfect alternative for the quantitative packaging of powdery material, especially milk powder products. We are always available to answer your various needs and questions. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, we will appoint experienced engineers to provide you with systematic training services. Our milk powder packaging devices can automatically adjust the measurement errors. It also has a function of memory to make sure the weight measured is always the target value.

Take a Look At What Our Customers Are Talking About

KEFAI has a wonderful service team. You are always providing online technical service for me. It is my first time to purchase a milk powder packing machine so I am not familiar with it. When I received the milk powder machine, the packaging of it is very intact. Thanks for your answering in time and all of the help you offered.A response from Turkey
We are a milk manufacturer, the milk powder pouch packing machine truly helped us a lot. By means of it, our production speed has been accelerated and production capacity has been increased. The production efficiency at present is many times as high as before. It is a big surprise for us.A response from Afghanistan
I have cooperated with KEFAI for several years to purchase the automatic milk powder pouch packing machines. I know that you have a great number of machines in stock so you can always provide the machine I need for me. And the machines don’t need to clean frequently.A response from Serbia

What should I do if have trouble when using the milk powder packaging machine?

We will give you the contact information of our after-sales service personnel. If you have any problem, you can contact the service personnel. We are always 24 hours online for you. All you need to do is to tell us the situation of your equipment.

Is it hygienic to pack milk powder with this machine?

Yes. The milk powder packaging machine is made of advanced 304 stainless steel, which can effectively avoid the health problems caused by the contact of milk powder and the machine body.

How many types of packaging does milk powder contain?

There are mainly three packaging types: bag packaging, bottle packaging, can packaging. The packaging types of the milk powder are determined by you.