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Popular Dumpling Packing Machine

The dumpling packing machines can package many frozen foods such as dumplings, gyoza, chicken, shumai, steamed buns, etc. These multi functional packaging machines are commonly used in the food, agricultural, and industrial supply industries, capable of packaging a variety of such as nuts, chips, candy, pastries and snacks, seeds, grains and rice, screws and nuts, and a variety of electronic components are applicable.

KEFAI's dumpling packing system consists of a Z-type elevator, multi-head scale, and a VFFS filling and sealing machine, which can automatically weigh, fill, and pack solid, granular products such as spherical, block, and flake products accurately. This series of automated packing ensures the accuracy of the packing and solves the problem that manual packaging will cause differences in the size and appearance of the packaged dumplings, thereby affecting the overall appearance and quality.

  • Clean and Hygienic Environment
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • High Efficiency and Productivity
  • Reduced Labor Costs


The dumpling pillow packing machine can put the dumplings in a tray for packaging and sealing. The wonderful packing machine for dumplings can package frozen food very well. You only need to click on the touch screen to set up the specified parameters, and the machine will automatically pull the film after starting, bag forming, filling products, sealing, and finally bag cutting. This vffs wrapping machine can not only wrap dumplings but also other frozen foods or other snack products.

Improve Appearance
Dumplings are properly packed by the packaging machine, which not only gives them a beautiful appearance but also improves their shelf attractiveness. Such beautifully packaged dumpling packing bags make it easier to attract customers, which is of great help in increasing the sales of dumpling products.


Main features

  1. This machine can automatically complete the tasks of material lifting - multi-head weighing - coding - bag making - filling - air filling/exhausting (optional) - sealing - counting - conveying finished products - sorting finished products.
  2. Adopts an imported PLC servo-pneumatic control system and touch screen to form the driving control center, and is equipped with safety protection device to ensure safety and reliability.
  3. It can store different kinds of product packing process parameters and can be clicked on the touch screen at any time to use without reset when replacing the products.
  4. If any fault occurs, the fault display system can clearly show the specific error, so as to eliminate in time.
  5. The punching device can be made according to the customer's requirements.
  6. All contact material parts are stainless steel 304 or 316.

Bag shape selection:

  1. Pillow bag
  2. Gusset bag
  3. Flat bottom bag
  4. Quad seal stand-up bag
  5. Bag with hanging hole
  6. Bag with easy tear



KF02-G V420
KF02-G V520
KF02-G V620
KF02-G V720
KF02-G V820
Bag length
Bag width
Max width of roll film
Packing speed
1-10 bag/min
Measuring range
100-2000 ml
100-3000 ml
100-4000 ml
1000-5000 ml
1000-6000 ml
Air consumption
Gas consumption
Power voltage
220V/50HZ(can be customized 110V)
3 phase 4 wire 3.5KW

Deatils images

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Related Machines

Flowpack Packing Machine for Dumplings: This flow pack wrapping machine for gyoza is convenient for products packed with trays or by quantity. It is suitable for back seal packaging of materials up to 20 pounds. In addition, the flow wrapping machine can be vacuumed for quantitative weighing.

KEFAI Automatic pillow bag packing machine dumpling

Premade Pouch Packing Machine for Dumplings: This kind of gyoza packaging machine adopts the workflow of clamping the prefabricated bag and then filling the dumpling into the bag and sealing it. The machine adopts a rotary packaging method, and the body is made of stainless steel 304, which ensures the quality of the packing equipment.

Dumpling Making Machine: The dumpling making machine can automatically make gyozas. It can produce about 10,000 to 17,000 dumplings per hour. It is possible to make different shapes by changing the mold, gyoza, lace gyoza, fried gyoza, spring rolls, samosas, wontons, four-wind gyoza, and other shapes.

KEFAI Advantages

As a domestic advanced dumpling packaging machine manufacturer, KEFAI has been working hard to provide the most complete dumpling packaging machine solutions for various fields. We have a variety of models of pillow packing machines that can meet your various packaging needs in all directions. Since the establishment of KEFAI Company, the continuous upgrading of the technology industry and the intelligent construction of machine automation have made us quickly become a leader in the packaging industry. KEFAI's dumpling packaging system can give you the greatest help.

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Our Customers Feedback

You can fully trust KEFAI because their packer machine is so powerful that can provide us with the best assistance. When we used KEFAI’s dumplings packing machine, we found that it was very easy to operate, even if I didn’t have much experience in wrapping machine operations. Mr. Gunnar, a customer from Ukraine.
I purchased KEFAI’s gyoza wrapping machine and I am very satisfied with its performance and quality. The quality of the packaging is okay and the package seal is very tight. All in all, I highly recommend KEFAI’s gyoza wrapping equipment. Mr. Elvin, a customer from Switzerland.
KEFAI’s gyoza packaging system is able to run our dumpling business smoothly. From the front-end dumpling making machine to the tail-end dumpling strapping machine, KEFAI has designed a reasonable dumpling packing production line for me. Mr. Oengus, a customer from USA.

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FAQs about dumpling packer

1. Can a dumpling wrapping machine pack at the speed required for rapid packaging?

Our gyoza wrapping machines come in a variety of models to meet different packaging needs. We can provide you with recommendations for our high-speed packaging machines. In addition, our technical team can customize it to suit your business.

2. Is the packaging quality of the dumplings packing machine stable?

Our wrapping machine for dumplings has a high precision adjustment function to adjust the packaging quality to your needs. The packaging is tight and the gyoza can be well protected during transportation or storage. We recommend proper commissioning and maintenance to ensure the stability of the machine. In addition, our technical support team can provide remote or on-site support to resolve packaging quality issues.

3. How should I handle the maintenance and troubleshooting of my dumpling packing machine?

We provide detailed dumpling packing machine maintenance manuals and repair guides to help you with basic maintenance tasks. If there is any problem with the packaging machine, you can find us for consultation and we will reply promptly to help you solve the problem, we are also able to contact you by phone or video if necessary.

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