kefai ice packing machine

KEFAI ice packing machine is a device that is used to pack different ice products. We can provide you with both fully automatic and semi-automatic ice packing machines.

The characteristics of our ice packing machines are for ice packing. KEFAI ice packaging machines can effectively deal with the packaging of ice and we can assure you that there will be no leakage. Our ice packing machines are all in line with the requirements of European Union safety certification. With our ice packing machine, the speed of your ice packing can be markedly increased.



  • Ice Cube Packing Machine:The packaging speed of KEFAI ice cube packaging machine according to the weight of the ice cube products and the material of the film. There is no need for manual operation when weighing the ice cube products, and the ice cube packaging equipment is able to complete the process automatically. In case of failure, the ice cube packing equipment will alarm in time.
  • Gel Ice Pack Machine:KEFAI gel ice pack machine is frequently used in enterprises. Our gel ice pack equipment is designed with a small size and much space is saved. In addition, the packaging of the gel ice pack equipment is not single-use but reusable. The flexible packaging allows it to fit more tightly to the body parts.
  • Ice Blanket Packing Machine:KEFAI ice blanket packing machine has an adjustable bag length and packaging volume. The ice blanket packaging machine is usually used in food and chemical industry. The intelligent touch screen of our will make the procedures of operation and use simpler.

Suitable for a Variety of Scale Production

  • Fully Sealed: We know that many of you are concerned about the leaking problem of ice products. Our ice packaging machine is able to perfectly solve this problem. The ice packing equipment uses a fairly modern heat sealing method to eliminate the leakage phenomenon.
  • Cost saving: KEFAI gel ice pack machine will be your first choice if you want to save manpower costs and achieve the high efficiency of production. Our automatic ice packaging machines are able to complete the whole production process without the interference of man.
  • Contamination-Free: KEFAI ice packing machines adopt 304 food grade stainless steel to prevent the equipment from rust and corrosion. The ice packaging equipment can make the packaging of ice products so well that the ice can be isolated from the outside world and always remain sterile in the case of no contamination.
  • Durable and Reliable: KEFAI ice packing machine is equipped with the high-level accessories and parts to ensure that the equipment is capable of having a superb performance all the time. In this way, the ice packing machine can also be used for a much long period.

KEFAI Machinery can provide you with a perfect solution of ice material packaging. According to your production needs, we can definitely have you get a suitable machine. Different models of packing machine have different production capacity. Both semi-automatic and fully automatic ice packing machines are able to be supplied. If you are producing on a small scale, we suggest that you choose our semi-automatic ice packing machine. If you are producing on a medium or large scale, we suggest that you choose our fully automatic ice packing machine.

KEFAI packing machines have been sold in large numbers many returned customers prefer our brand and will choose to consume again. KEFAI Machinery is an established machinery manufacturer, which has produced the ice packing machines attractive both in price and quality. Strong after-sales service makes us unique and widely praised. Sufficient supply of goods allows our customers to have no worries. Excellent quality benefits our customers a lot. What are you still hesitating about? Come and buy it now!


What Our Customers Are Saying

★A review from Bulgaria: Ice always has a place in the market so I chose an ice blanket packing machine. The equipment can meet my requirements very well. Your ice blanket packing equipment has great powder and is capable of running continuously for a long period. Such a wonderful product!


★A review from Hungary: KEFAI packing machines are always full of excellent performance. I bought the packaging machines here many times and I purchased an ice cube packaging machine this time. I have worked in food industry for many years and purchased plenty of the related machines. I have to say that KEFAI is an extremely reliable cooperation brand. If you want to buy an ice cube packing machine, KEFAI is absolutely the place to be.


★A review from Kazakhstan: In my opinion, nothing can compare with KEFAI ice packing machine. I really love the design of low noise because the loud sound is a little annoying. Furthermore, the price of the ice packaging equipment is quite affordable and reasonable for me. It didn't take me too long to take back my cost. Thank you so much!


Is there any leakage in the ice packing machine?

No. With our ice packaging machine, the possibility of ice pack leakage is almost zero. KEFAI ice packaging machine uses a method of heat sealing, which can well prevent the ice from leaking. If you are still concerned about this, we can provide you with a packing bag of the best quality.


Is the automatic ice packing system a single-machine version?

Actually, it is related to your production needs. We have many versions of the ice packaging system. As long as you tell me what characteristic you want, we can offer you a packing solution that suits you best.


Are the parts of the ice packing machine movable?

Yes. Our ice packaging machine is designed with a small structure, which makes it easier to disassemble and repair.