kefai grains packing machine

KEFAI grains packing machine is an ideal choice for packaging grain granule products such as wheat, beans, millet, corn, rice and other grains. The grain packaging machine is usually equipped with a weighing box and unloading box to make it more convenient.

KEFAI automatic grain packing machines can provide you with a packing solution suitable for your production requirements if you need one. Our grain packaging machines are full of stable performance and simple structure. Our grain packing machine price is a fair price in line with market demand.

  • Beans Packaging Machine: There are many beans packaging machinesuppliers in the market due to the huge demand. KEFAI beans packaging machine is equipped with an automatic detection system, which is able to detect any running condition in the packaging process.
  • Millet Packing Machine: KEFAI millet packing machinecan guarantee the quality of millet and prevent its loss of nutrition to a great degree. The millet packing machine can be packaged in three-side sealing bags, four-side sealing bags, handbag, zipper bag, etc.
  • Rice Packing Machine: KEFAI rice packingmachine has three levels speed for you to control. The rice packing equipment can be divided into 1kg rice packing machine and 5 kg rice packing machine. The packaging volume is able to be selected by you.


  • Sachet Grain Packing Machine: KEFAI sachet grain packing machine can pack grain materials into small bags. And the bags usually have a delicate look to attract customers.
  • Side Sealing Grain Packing Machine: KEFAI side sealing grain packing machine adopt a method of side sealing and there are three-side sealing and four-side sealing available for you to select.
  • Stand Up Pouch Grain Packing Machine: KEFAIstand up pouch grain packing machine has a reliable and effective system which can ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
  • Horizontal Grain Packing Machine: KEFAI horizontal grain packing machine is equipped with an sensitive system, and the equipment can react quickly when abnormal situation appears.
  • Gusset Bag Grain Packing Machine: KEFAI gusset bag grain packing machine is widely used in food industry and the gusset bag can hold some necessary objects.
  • Zipper Bag Grain Packing Machine: KEFAI zipper bag grain packing machinehas a special design of zipper bag and it is fairly popular in the market.



  • Quality Control: The quality of the products is always the most significant thing in KEFAI Machinery. We believe that the quality is the kingly way. Therefore, we will check the grain packaging machines layer upon layer to ensure the quality and commitment to our clients.
  • Short Packing Time: KEFAI grain packing equipment adopts the high-end system and technology so the equipment becomes more efficient and is able to run in high speed. Consequently, the packaging time of the grains products also becomes shorter.
  • Applicable: As an experienced and thoughtful manufacturer, KEFAI Machinery will worry about the customer's concerns and solve the customer's concerns at the same time. Therefore, according to different needs of customers, we will provide different kinds of products for them. For instance, grains packaging equipment contains low, medium and high capacity machines available to the corresponding customers.
  • Convenience: KEFAI grain packaging equipment uses the simple structure and is made of food grade stainless steel. So it is quite easy to clean and convenient to disassemble when needed. Besides, the automatic grains packing machine doesn’t need an operator because it is a fully automatic process.


Short Investment Return Period

As a grain packaging machine supplier, KEFAI Machinery is able to get you revenue in the shortest possible time. KEFAI Machinery has been dedicated to helping you solve your problems and troubles over these years. We realize that you are sure to want to recoup the costs you put in as soon as possible. Through surveys and return visits with our previous customers, we found that most of them are able to make a profit less than three months. That is to say, you can gain your investment back within three months.


KEFAI packing machines can be applied to package almost all types of materials.  KEFAI Machinery is a sophisticated producer and a provider of the best packaging solutions. We own all the relevant qualification certificates and patent certificates, which can be seen on our official website. Our grain packaging device is one example of wide application in practice. Wheat, barley, wheat, oatmeal, corn, sorghum, millet and so on can be used in this equipment. To meet your needs is the pursuit of our life.



I finally got the special automatic grain packing machine and I used it to package many grain materials. Because I opened a grain processing factory and the grain packaging equipment is very necessary for me. The equipment is awesome and I benefited a lot from it. If anyone wants to purchase it, you can be relieved to select.A review from the UK

Here I want to thank you for the efforts of all your team members. You have been trying to give me the best service and I really appreciate it.

At first, I didn’t know what kind of machines I should choose. After learning my requirements, your service man introduced many products including the hot sale products to me. And I selected one which has multiple functions at last.

A review from Zimbabwe
So lucky to get the wheat packing machine! Wheat products have been always hot, and extending their shelf life is also important. Thus, a wheat packaging machine is just a great option. As far as I can see, the wheat packaging equipment is in good running condition and its capacity is relatively high at present.A review from Denmark


What can your grain packaging machine do?

KEFAI Machinery is a professional grain packing machine manufacturer and our grain packaging machine can keep the food in a fresh and good condition. Because our grain packaging equipment have a wonderful packaging form to pack the grain products.

How about the packaging speed of this small grain packing machine?

Our small grain packaging speed is generally fast and can meet your production needs. However, the packing speed may be linked to the packing weight. It means that the grain packaging equipment might increase or decrease the speed accordingly based on the packaging weight of the products.

Are your solution of grain packaging equipment is one-stop?

Yes. We are capable of providing packaging solutions under a coordinated process. You can accomplish the whole process to form a complete production line. We will help you make the correctest option and we can offer you the aided machines to improve the production capacity.