KEFAI detergent powder packing machine is specially designed for the packaging of washing powder products. And the washing powder packing machine usually has a dustproof function , which means that it can easily remove the dust.

KEFAI detergent powder packaging machine is able to offer you a simpler and faster packaging solution. If your requirements are different from our standard detergent packaging machines, we can customize the special detergent packaging machine for you. You can choose the size, specification, parameter and so on which fit you best from our given range.

  • Sachet Detergent Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI sachet detergent powder packing machine is frequently applied to pack small amounts of detergent powder. This small size packageof washing powder products is quite portable, and especially suitable for the customers who need to travel far.
  • VerticalDetergent Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI vertical detergent powder packing machine can seal washing powder in forms of three sides and middle. Our vertical detergent powder packaging machine adopts shock absorption structure, so it will make much lower noise in operation.
  • Premade Pouch Detergent Powder Packing Machine: The packaging of premade pouch is able to make detergent powderhave a better look and sealing. The production of the washing powder packaging equipment totally conforms to the national safety standards and the equipment can operate in a stable condition.
  • Automatic 30g 100g 200gWashing Powder Packaging Machine: KEFAI automatic30g 100g 200g sachet washing powder packaging machine is ideal for packaging small bags like sachets.
  • Automatic200g 500g Detergent Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI automatic 200g 500g detergent powder packing machine is in high productivity and the bag making machine can be replaced based on your needs.
  • Automatic 100g 350g 500g Detergent PowderPacking Machine: KEFAI automatic 100g 350g 500g detergent powder packing machine can set the length of the packaging bags and the speed of packaging.
  • Automatic500g 1kg Detergent Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI automatic 500g 1kg detergent powder packing machine has some packaging types of bags such as back sealing bag, edge folding bag, hook bag, punching hole bag, etc.
  • Automatic2kg-5kg Detergent Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI automatic 2kg-5kg detergent powder packing machine can be packed in three-side sealing, four-side sealing, back sealing pillow bag and stick sachet.
  • Automatic5kg-10kg Detergent Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI automatic 5kg-10kg detergent powder packing machine adopts a simple structure and is easy to clean.
  • Automatic10kg 25kg Detergent Powder Packing Machine: KEFAI automatic 10kg 25kg detergent powder packing machine is an extremely big bagging and can meet the requirements of the mass production.

Find A Right Detergent Washing Powder Packing Machine With Smooth Filling

  • Stable Performance: KEFAI washing powder packaging machines use the high-level international accessories, which can ensure that the detergent powder pouch machine is in normal operation. In addition, the service life of the detergent pouch packing machine will be greatly extended.
  • Diversity: KEFAIautomatic detergent powder packing machines have two kinds of packaging ways: bag packaging and bottle packaging. You are able to select one you need. Even though the detergent powder packaging machine is suitable for detergent powder, other powder products of good fineness can also be accepted by the device.
  • Precise: KEFAI washing powder pouch packing machines can package detergent powder in the precise weight and position. The detergent powder packing machine is equipped with an automatic correction system. If the equipment has an error of packaging weight, it will remember the error to make it convenient to revise next time.
  • Reasonable Design: KEFAI fully automatic detergent powder packing machine is capable of being used with other auxiliary devices like check weigher, sealing machine, date printing machine and so on. In this way, the usage of the operators will be smoother.

The Special Offer Worth Your Like

KEFAI Machinery is a professional washing powder packing machine manufacture and can offer all kinds of washing powder packaging machines to you. In addition, different types of machines have different prices due to the cost, size, function, power, performance, etc. However, the quotation we offer to you is the lowest price. As a matter of fact, we have removed much expense for you to lighten your load. Therefore, our detergent powder packing machine prices are factory prices, which are fairly reasonable. Choosing us is an investment for your better and more beneficial future.

KEFAI packaging machines can provide you with various specifications of our equipment. Furthermore, we have an one-year guarantee on all of our detergent powder packaging machines. Within one year, we can repair the washing powder packing machine free of charge if there is any problem with the machine you buy. In the second year, we can help you change the important parts of the machine. After two years, you can obtain our online technical service in your lifetime. In other words, we will try to solve all the problems you have as much as possible. In addition to the after-sales service, you can own a design scheme and shipping plan of the washing powder packing machine before it is sent to you. If you have any doubt, you can ask us at any time. It's our honor to know what you need and share your worries.

Listen to the Voice of Our Customers

After receiving the detergent powder pouch packing machine, I began to install the equipment by myself but later I found it too difficult for me. So I sent the information to KEFAI after-sales service center and they provided me with a video of installation instruction. Yet, I couldn’t still learn to install the equipment. The service personnel immediately call the engineer to my house after I told him the address of my home. It was a quick and convenient service.A cooment from Peru
Here I’d like to say something about the fully automatic washing powder packaging machine. The washing powder packing machine is really of great performance. The equipment neither makes noise nor harms people if done correctly. Such an outstanding quality.A comment from Norway
KEFAI Machinery is a wonderful detergent packaging machine supplier. I had never thought that I would choose a superb product like this. The washing powder packing machine can suit different packing volumes and it is very convenient for us to control through the touch screen.A comment from Israel

How to package washing powder by washing powder packing machine?

The detergent powder is packed in the method of volumetric dosing, which is a fairly accurate way. The next step is to remove the dust in the equipment. Then the last step is to seal the container.

How many years does the detergent powder pouch machine last?  

KEFAI washing powder packing equipment always has a much long service life and the equipment will not break down easily. The parts of the washing powder packaging equipment is capable of adding another seven years to the original life of the machine.

What is the structure of thedetergent powder packaging machine?

KEFAI detergent powder packaging machine is made of stainless steel structure, which is solid and durable. And it will also make the detergent packing machine easy to clean.