KEFAI Machine is the professional automatic packaging machines manufacturer with over 30years packaging industry experience.We focus on manufacturing primary packing machines and secondary packing machines in China,such as bag packing machine and bag in box packing machine.However,we has powerful R&D capability and customize flexible packaging solutions for you,according to your package requirements.such as package product,package volume and weight for each bag,package form type etc.

We mainly produce sachet packaging machines, stick packing machine, vertical form fill seal machine(VFFS packaging machine), horizontal form fill seal machine(HFFS packaging machine), pouch packaging machines, flow packing machines, also include automatic bag in bag and bag in box packaging solutions, are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, agricultural chemical and cosmetic industries.It is suitable for solid, liquid, paste, and powder packing are all within the range of the packaging applications of our automatic packaging equipment.
KEFAI Packaging Solutions have been recognized in the world and we have a great staff that allows us to provide you with professional and thoughtful service. Manufacturing together with us, KEFAI is always on the way: Deliver the perfect technology, Promote your successful end results.In addition to ensuring the packaging equipment is of superior quality, both the automatic packing machinery that is speedy, economical, and long-life and the thoughtful service can be offered to you. And we can guarantee you that the price we offer is the most competitive one.

Good service

KEFAI ‘s team is young and energetic and we answer your questions online and our response rate of over 98%.

A wide range of applications

KEFAI ‘s packaging machine is almost used in food packaging, chemical packaging, medicine packaging and daily necessities and so on.

Rich export experience

KEFAI has more than10 year's experience in exporting, and total export percentage is 70 percent which is reliable cooperative partner.

Many cooperative companies

KEFAI has established partnerships with many companies that have allowed us to grow rapidly over the years.

Experience difference of KEFAI

Your production is KEFAI ‘s responsibility

KEFAI ‘s goal is cooperating with you which is to help you solve your packaging problems and improve your operation. KEFAI offers excellent expertise and rich experience in packaging machine design and operation for you. If you ask for advice, KEFAI also give it freely, because KEFAI consider that the more informed you are about your choices, the better equipped you are to make your machinery decisions.

The right choice

KEFAI ‘s machines are create toughly and their performance is very famous in the industry. KEFAI undertake to build the best machine for your operation with great engineering, components and ultimate precision and care in manufacturing. KEFAI ‘s employees work hard who devote in their work and it shows in the products we deliver every day.

Commit what KEFAI can do

KEFAI is here to help you from start to finish with every project, and you’ll have full support from KEFI for the life of your machines. KEFAI ‘s service teams are committed to the success of you and KEFAI ‘s aftermarket support department offers the technology, parts and experience to accurately and efficiently serve your needs.

Your success is KEFAI ‘s greatest achievement

To KEFAI, the most meaningful thing is helping you succeed. KEFAI provide with the excellent expertise and perfect packing machine. we are proud to say that KEFAI ‘s achievement as a company is due to the success of you.

KEFAI ‘s whole growth

KEFAI always adhere to provide the best service to you. KEFAI has 5 certifications to ensure the high performance of KEFAI ‘s products, and the products are intelligent systems which are easy to operate. At the same time, KEFAI has reasonable price and guarantee high quality after- sales service. KEFAI has strong ability to control the delivery date, and can provide special customized needs for you. Meanwhile, KEFAI also customizes LOGO company nameplate for your equipment.

KEFAI ‘ packaging machine offers a lot of great options such as medicine, food, chemical, etc. KEFAI offers the best in class packing machines at the most attractive price for your product packaging. KEFAI also offers advanced technology, excellent technical support and user-friendly handmade. The packaging machines have a wide variety for your choice to meet your unique industrial packaging needs.

First of all, I would like to thank all the staff of KEFAI. The packaging machine I bought works very well, and your service makes me think of you first when I buy the machine again in the future. Thank you again for your efforts.Review from America


Review from Canada: Thank you for your after-sales service. I was surprised when I received the packing machine, because the quality is really good and the engineer installed it for us, our production efficiency should be greatly improved.

Review from Span: I come from a medicine company in Span, and we have purchase the packing machine this time. Thanks KEFAI for customizing the machine to suit our needs. Your after-sales service also makes us feel great.

Review form Russia: We have bought the packaging machine in KEFAI, which is fast and easy to operate, and also applies to our products. I will buy other machines from KEFAI in the near future and at the same time I will introduce KEFAI to my friends.

Questions that may be mentioned

Which machine is used for packing?

Manual and automatic case sealers are used in retail, food, industrial, and medicine packaging. Conveyors are used with many different types of packaging machines. Conveyors transport products from one location to another. There are all manner of conveyors used within the packaging industry.

What is Package equipment?

Package Equipment is the equipment consist of various equipment and parts, plumbing system, instruments, electrical items and other related fittings which are all fabricated and installed at the shop and usually install the skid which are ready for checking and using at the site.

How do packaging machines work?

A food processing packing machine will typically work by filling a specific bandbox with the food product, such as putting the soda into a can. Conveyor type machines will run the product over a conveyor belt where it will eventually end up in the package ready to ship.

How many types of packaging machines are there?

Packaging machines may be of the following general types: labeling machine, blister packs, skin packs, vacuum packaging machines, bottle caps equipment, over-capping and sealing machines.