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China Round Corner Stick Packing Machine Manufacturer

Round corner stick packing machine has a wide range of applications and can be used to pack various granular and powdered items, such as sugar, salt, spices, coffee, instant beverages, desiccants, washing powder, etc. Round corner stick pack packaging machines are a good helper for the food and daily chemical industry. The round corn stick sachet packaging machine is suitable for packaging various sticks or long strips of products, providing a convenient and efficient packaging solution.

KEFAI's round corner stick pack packaging machine is a double-headed single-drawer measuring cup under the material, positioning more accurately, compared with ordinary turntable machine is not easy to spill material, more stable precision, faster. It is easier to change the measuring cup, only one cup needs to be removed, no need to remove more than one cup, and different weights can be achieved by adjusting the measuring cup scale, which can be operated from within the touch screen or adjusted manually. Compared with the combination weighing, this automatic round corner stick packing machine packaging machine is more cost-effective and better maintained.

  • Stable Operation
  • Fast Packaging Speed
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Bag Type Optional


Powder round corner bag packaging machine is able to pack powder materials in the form of round corner bags. By adopting the packaging design of rounded corner bag, the packaging machine can make the powder materials fully filled into the bag and keep the integrity and beauty of the bag shape. The packaging machine adopts advanced technology and equipment, featuring high efficiency, high speed and continuous packaging.

Round Corner Stick bag


  1. Touch screen display in Chinese and English, intuitive and simple to operate.
  2.  PLC computer control system, more stable operation, can adjust any parameters without stopping.
  3. Ten sets of parameters can be stored, and the replacement of varieties is more accurate.
  4. Servo motor is used to pull and touch, and the positioning is more accurate.
  5. Independent temperature control system, with an accuracy of ±1℃.
  6. The horizontal and vertical sealing temperature is independently controlled, which can be well applied to various packaging materials such as composite films and PE films.
  7. The packaging styles are diversified, including back sealing, corner insertion, bagging, punching, etc.
  8. The production of bag making, sealing, packaging, and printing dates are completed at once.
  9. The working environment is clean and the noise is low.


Product Name
 KEFAI Round Corner Stick Packing Machine
Filling method
Screw filling
Bag shape
Customized package
Bag size
L40-160mm W20-110mm
0-50 ml/bag
30-60 bags/min
Control style
PLC control+ English screen
stainless steel
2 KW
300 KG
780*750*1800 mm

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Paste Round Corner Stick Packing Machine: KEFAI supports customers to send us samples of your roll films and product materials. We will show you the finished product after wrapping with our round corner stick bag packer machine. We guarantee the excellent quality of the machine and give our customers the best experience.

KEFAI Paste Round Corner Stick Packing Machine

KEFAI Advantages

KEFAI's round corner stick bag packaging machine is your premier choice for strip packaging. KEFAI's round corner stick pack packaging machine is your number one choice for strip packaging.KEFAI focuses on improving the productivity and energy efficiency of their round corner bag packaging machinery. We are committed to developing and adopting energy-saving technologies to reduce energy consumption and operating costs while increasing productivity and creating greater value for you. Although KEFAI offers high quality round corner stick packing machines, we also focus on affordability. By optimizing our production process and purchasing costs, we minimize the price of our round corner bag packaging machines, and we offer you the most cost effective round corner stick bag packaging machines.

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Our Customers Feedback

I purchased KEFAI’s round corner strip bag packaging machine to pack our powdered punch products and I think their packaging machine is excellent. Not only can it be used for a long time, but also the operation is simple and easy to understand. Even we are beginners can quickly get started with the guidance of KEFAI’s professional team.Mr. King, a customer from Haiti.
The stability and reliability of KEFAI’s round corner stick packing system gives me peace of mind. With KEFAI’s packaging machine, I was able to perform mass production efficiently. Overall, it is a trustworthy packaging machine that I highly recommend to other companies.Ms. Aiden, a customer from St. Kitts and Nevi.
Our honey products are well packaged and sealed in the round corner packaging machine, keeping the freshness and quality of the products. KEFAI’s automated packing machine for round corner stick bags is easy to operate and easy to maintain, which saves our time and labor cost. At the same time, it has a very high capacity and is suitable for mass production.Mr. Matthew, a customer from St. Lucia.

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FAQs about Round Corrner Stick Packing Machine

1. Can the round corner stick bag packing machine be adapted to different types of packaging materials?

Yes, rounded stick bag packaging machines can usually be adapted to a variety of different packaging materials, such as plastic film, aluminum foil and composite materials.You can choose the appropriate materials according to your product and packaging requirements.

2. Does the round corner stick bag packaging machine support automatic counting and sorting functions?

Yes, the round corner stick packaging machine can choose to be equipped with an automatic counting and sorting system. This packing machine for stick bag can automatically distribute the products into each bag according to a predetermined quantity which improves packaging efficiency and accuracy.

3. How often does the maintenance of the round corner stick packing machine take place?

The frequency of maintenance depends on the usage and running time of the machine. We recommend that you follow the maintenance guidelines in the manual for regular daily cleaning, lubrication and inspection of the machine.

4. Does theround corner stick packing machine have automation function?

Yes, the KEFAI round corner stick packaging machine is fully automatic, which can realize automatic feeding and automatic discharge. These functions can improve packaging efficiency and reduce manual operation.


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