Powder sachet packing machine is a great equipment specially designed to automatically pack powder products such as flour, milk powder, powdered sugar, coffee powder, condiments, etc. into bags. It is widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries.
KEFAI's fully automatic powder sachet packing machine is usually equipped with an automatic vacuum loader, vacuum cleaner, conveyor and other components. Our sachet powder packing machine has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision and low failure rate. Using it can not only improve the productivity of the factory, but also maintain the quality and hygiene of the products.

Powder Sachet Packing Machine: This is a wonderful sachet packaging machine for powder materials. Powder sachet packing machine has great flexibility, which means it can adapt to different sizes and shapes of bags, and can produce a wide range of sachet sizes. This includes three side seal, four side seal and back seal bags.

  • Will not clamp the material when sealing
  • Protect the environment
  • Good sealing
  • Save materials


1) Imported PLC control system and color touching screen enable easy and efficient operation.
2) Noiseless stepping motor to improve steady working condition and decrease vibrator and noise.
3) Fully food level stainless steel 304 material, ensure packing products keep clean and machine long life-span.
4) Imported color mark sensor, accurate cutting positioning, excellent machine performance and beautiful packaging.
5) A variety of automatic alarm protection functions are used to minimize losses.


KEFAI's sachet powder packing machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, pesticide and special industries and other products, such as seasoning powder, coffee powder, milk powder and various powder packaging.

Powder Application

Sachet Sample:

Sachet Application

Technical Prameter:

Product Name
KEFAI Powder Sachet Packing Machine
KF02-PD 240/300/350/480
Packing speed
Max 70bags / min
Bag length
Bag width
Metering mode
Argue screw-powder
Packaging Capacity
Air pressure
Power consumption
1.5kw/220V.50Hz,1P(can customize 380V, 50Hz, 3P)
back sealing, three side sealing, four side sealing
Total Weight
250 KG
Packaging size

Detailed Images:

Powder Sachet Packing Machine detail

Powder Sachet Packing Machine details



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KEFAI as your best powder sachet packing machine factory, we can bring you a suitable powder sachet packing solution. This small sachets powder packing machine has passed a number of certifications, including CE and ISO. Our powder packaging equipment uses high-quality parts and advanced technical support to achieve long-term stable operation. A highly automated powder sachet packaging machine can bring you an excellent experience.

KEFAI focuses on providing customers with reliable automatic sachet powder packaging machinery and the most satisfactory service. We develop the powder sachet packaging solution that best meets expectations according to the unique needs of our customers.

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FAQs about powder sachet packing machine

1. What is the productivity of the packaging machine?
The productivity of the Powder sachet packing machine depends on various factors such as the size of the bag, the type of powder and the way the bag is sealed. In general, it can produce anywhere from 30 to 80 bags per minute.


2. How do you ensure accurate dosing of powders during filling?
Powder sachet packing machine uses an advanced dosing system to accurately measure the required amount of powder. In addition, it also supports the adjustment of the metering system to accommodate different types and densities of powders.


3. How often does the cleaning of the sachet powder packing machine need to be done?
We recommend a daily cleaning to ensure hygiene and safety in the production process. Cleaning includes dusting, cleaning the conveyor belt, cleaning the external surfaces of the machine, etc. In addition, components such as the conveyor belt, sealer and cutter need to be checked regularly during the use of the packaging machine to ensure they are in good condition.

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