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China HFFS Flat Side Seal Bag Packing Machine Manufacturer

HFFS side seal flat pack bags packing machine is a multifunctional packaging machinery. The horizontal form fill seal packing machine is specially designed for high-speed packaging of flat sachets to meet the needs of high-speed packaging of sachets. The standard flat bag packing machine series is suitable for three-side sealing or four-side sealing flat bag packaging to achieve flexible and economical packaging solutions. This fully automatic packaging machine is widely used in the packaging of products in the food, spice, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemical or agrochemicals markets such as granules and powders.

KEFAI's high-speed horizontal sachet packaging machine can accommodate a wide range of heat-sealed multi-layer laminated films. It can automatically complete the sachet forming, bag making, loading and unloading and filling packaging process. HFFS equipment is the total packaging solution for fast pouch packaging. KEFAI hffs machinery can realize fully automatic packaging of standard 3 side seal or 4 side seal flat pouches, flat pouches with zipper, flat pouches with spout nozzles.

  • Independent Bag Making System
  • Double-station Cutting
  • Light Machinery
  • High-quality Packaging


Side Seal Flat Bag Packing Machine is a popular hffs equipment during our customers. The picture above shows our HFFS side seal flat bag packaging machine specifically for granular products. If you need to pack other powder or paste type material products, you just need to change the hopper for the corresponding product type. KEFAI can provide you with all of these.

Flat side seal pouch mateial

Flat sachet sample:

Flat side seal pouches application


  1. Control System: PLC programmable computer controller , touch screen, photocell sensor, encoder and inverter with high integration guarantee reliable operation.
  2. Advanced photoelectric sensor tracking system and servo motor puller for precise bag width and position of film.
  3. Independent digital temperature controller for vertical and horizontal sealing, intuitive and accurate.
  4. Easy and fast adjustment of change over, smooth performance and low noise, perfect package appearance, Sensible safety device and no pollution during production


ModelKF-S 110KF-S 130KF-S 180KF-S 240
Bag size range50*50mm(Min)
Packaging capacity range60ml260ml400ml1000ml
Packing speed40-80ppm40-80ppm40-80ppm30-70ppm
Air consumption0NL/min100NL/min200NL/min300NL/min
Equipment size2060mm(L)
FunctionThree side seal,
Four side seal
Three side seal,
Four side seal
Three side seal,
Four side seal
Three side seal,
Four side seal

Deatils images

hffs pack process drawing

1. film releasing mechanism 2. film forming 3. film guiding 4. color code detection 5. bottom sealing mechanism 6. vertical sealing mechanism 7. easy-tear device

8. shearing mechanism 9. bag pulling mechanism 10. bag opening mechanism 11. filling 12. top sealing 13. finished product 14. finished product output

HFFS Flat Bag Packing Machine details
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KEFAI Advantages

KEFAI has a number of core patented technologies. Our HFFS flat bag packaging machine has won the ISO quality management system certification. We have become a leading domestic manufacturer of horizontal forming filling sealing machines. We have had good cooperation with customers all over the world, and all customers who have purchased HFFS packaging machine products that have used KEFAI have given praise. Thank you for choosing KEFAI's intelligent and efficient packaging machine for flat pack bags. We will work harder to continuously create updated HFFS flat pack bag packaging solutions. I believe that our fully automatic Hffs side sealing bag packing machine will bring you the best packaging effect for your products.

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Our Customers Feedback

I purchased KEFAI’s HFFS 4-sided sealing wrapper for our business and the results have been excellent. This automatic HFFS machine uses advanced technology, which is easy to operate and can accommodate different sizes and shapes of products to be packaged. Our productivity has been significantly improved. Thank you very much KEFAI for your help!Mr. Boris, a customer from Sweden.
KEFAI’s hffs packaging machine for packing side seal flat bags has high-speed packaging capabilities and accurate sealing quality, which can complete packaging tasks quickly and accurately, and our product production output has been greatly increased. KEFAI also provided professional after-sales service to solve some of our problems and needs when we were new to using the machine. We strongly recommend this machine from KEFAI!Ms. Gerwin, a customer from Portugal.
KEFAI’s HFFS 4 side sealing packing machine is a very reliable machine that we have purchased. The sealing quality of the hffs machine is very good, ensuring that the products are sealed and kept fresh. Our operating costs have also been reduced because this machine has low energy consumption and is easy to maintain. We are very satisfied with this purchase and recommend it to other companies looking for a high quality packaging machine.Mr. Napoleon, a customer from Hungary.

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FAQs about HFFS Side Seal Bag Packing Machine

1. How does the HFFS side seal bag packing machine cut and seal?

Cutting and sealing is a key step in the packaging process in HFFS packaging machines. It is used to cut the continuous packaging material into individual bags and seal them at the same time. Once the bag is filled to meet the requirements, the cut and sealer creates a slit in the top of the bag and seals it at the same time. The cut and sealer is usually a heat sealer or cutter that can be heated or other cutting mechanism to achieve the cut and seal.

2. What is the workflow of HFFS side seal pouch packaging system?

HFFS packing machine for flat bags is in a continuous process to complete the functions of forming, filling and sealing of packaging materials. First the packer supplies a continuous supply of packaging material, usually composite plastic film, from a reel. These materials undergo a series of pulls to form a continuous bag. The product is then precisely placed into the bag by means of different filling devices corresponding to the different products. After filling, a sealing device seals the bag by heat and pressure at the top of the bag to form a sealed package. After sealing, a cutting device cuts the continuous bag into individual pouches. Now the product is successfully packaged.

3. This HFFS side seal pouch packing machine supports after-sales service?

KEFAI as a HFFS packaging machine supplier provides comprehensive after-sales service, including machine installation and commissioning, operation training, technical support and spare parts supply. Please rest assured that we are committed to providing timely and professional support to our customers to ensure the proper operation of the machine.


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