Bottle filling machine is extensively used in beverage chemical, purified water, medicine, pesticides, cosmetics, health products and other industries of all kinds of easy to flow liquid filling. What’s more, automatic filling machine for bottles is suitable for filling bottles and containers of various sizes and sizes.

KEFAI's bottle filling machine is an automatic filler equipment for various materials which we can give you the splendid solution of bottle filling. KEFAI automatic bottle filling machine is designed to fulfill the needs of customers to fill a large range of products that cover both liquid and powder. Because of the different materials, different types of bottle filling machine should be selected to suit them. KEFAI provide all kinds of bottle filling machines for a specific range of liquids so that there must be a suitable liquid filling machine for you to choose. Therefore, if you don’t know how to choose a proper bottle filler machine, please trust our recommendation.

Multi Head Bottle Filling Machine: The automatic bottling machine can achieve different filling volumes by controlling the filling time. The filling time can be precisely controlled to one hundredth of a second. The filling process is completed under the control of PLC program on the touch screen. With stable and reliable operation, high efficiency and adaptability, the filling volume measurement specifications can be changed within a few minutes. Filling valve adopts imported brand, advanced technology, precision, no drip filling phenomenon.

  • Maximum Discount
  • Fulfillment Of Needs
  • Adjustable Filling Capacity
  • Quality Guarantee
  1. 304 Stainless steel heavy duty stainless steel welded C frame.
  2.  All parts contact with material is SUS316, sanitary, Teflon, Viton and hoses per your requirements.
  3. Real time adjustability.
  4. No bottle no fill, PLC control
  5. Accurate filling volume, within ±1% and a total bottle counter.
  6. Easy to maintain, no special tools are required.
  7. Special seals or hoses by order.
  8. Blocked nozzles for products that tend to string and drip.
  9. Diving nozzles for bottom up filling of foaming products.
  10. Bottle mouth localizer.
  11. The filling head can also be added to suit your special need.
The fully automatic bottle filling and capping machine is liquid filling line which is designed to fill bottles and jars with products of various viscosity, range from water thin liquids to thick creams. Widely used in cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, oil and specialty industries. These inline piston filling machines can be option with different fill heads for meet different production capacity, variable speed drive conveyor, adjustable stainless steel frame, easy to operate PLC control panel.


KEFAI Automatic Bottle Filling Machine
1200 KG
Filling Volume
500 - 5000 ml
Filling Error
≤ 3 %
Suitable Filling Material
bleach, pesticide, sulfuric acid products
Suitable Barrel Width
120-250 mm
Air Consumption
0.6 m³/min
2000*1300*2200 mm
2.2 Kw
Filling Nozzle
12 nozzles
≤ 3500 BPH
Suitable Barrel Length
180-330 mm
Suitable Barrel Height
80-450 mm
Working Pressure
0.6 Mpa - 0.8 Mpa
Detailed Images
Bottle Filling Machine details

Related Machines

Fully Automatic Bottle Filling Machine: Fully automatic bottle filling machine has fast filling speed that can reach 2200 bottles in one hour for 500ml, also, with multi-heads works at the same time, the efficiency of production will greatly improve.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Filling Machine: Semi-Automatic filling machine with single head can fill 20 to 30 bottles per minute. The volume of the semi-auto bottle filler machine is relatively small which can save a lot of space


Liquid Bottle Filling Machine: Liquid bottle filling machinery is applied to fill beer, pure water, wine, carbonate beverages and other liquid into bottle. Also, the cosmetics industry is also dependent on filling machines, such as perfume, essence, shampoo and other products all can be filled with our liquid filler machine.

Powder Bottle Filling Machine: The bottle filling machine for powder are controlled by the PLC and touch screen operation, and the powder filling machines adopt electronic weighing technology, and are controlled by chips that can easily operate. The weight of the filled bottles can be consistent.

Granule Bottle Filling Machine: The automatic granule filling equipment is suitable for rice, pills, ice candy and so on. The single cup or 4 or 6 cups of the granule bottle filling machine can be selected.



Intelligent Work Process

    The automatic bottle filling machines are all equipped with smart systems. The automatic type is the empty bottle transferred from the bottle line. Each empty bottle is accurately sent to the rotary table through the bottle feeding and pulling wheel mechanism, and the empty bottle rotates randomly. At the same time, the empty bottle is lifted through the soft support mechanism, and the bottle mouth will automatically open after contacting the filling valve for filling. After filling, the bottle automatically pulls out into the bottle line. The whole process is intelligent that can save a lot of time and increase the speed.


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KEFAI as an automatic bottle filling machine manufacture that has 15-year history, we have rich experience and outstanding knowledge in designing filling machines. We can support our customers with all their filling equipment needs. Our bottle filling machines are not only suitable for filling bottles with various materials, but also suits all shapes of bottles.

Moreover, KEFAI Machine’s bottle filler machine is equipped with quantitative control system which adopts constant speed, equal division and constant pressure principle that can accurately adjust the quantitative precision. I assure you that the performance of the bottle filling system is excellent in all aspects.

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Our Customers Feedback

'I want to recommend the KEFAI bottle filling machine to all of you. Because their automatic liquid bottle filling machine price is cheap and the quality is excellent."

—— Mr. Black, a customer from Italy.


"Last month I bought a beer bottle filling equipment in kafeimachine, and I received it within 20 days. The delivery speed is very fast. Besides, the operation of the bottle filling machine is very easy for me, they offer me the video to learn how use the machine."

—— Mr. Tomas, a customer from USA.


"Stainless steel material makes their bottle filling machine looks smooth, the appearance is beautiful and even though I have used the bottle filling machine for more than two years, it still like a new one.'

—— Mr. Grace, a customer from the United States.

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FAQs about Bottle Filling Machine

1. Do your bottle filling machines have filters?

Yes, our automatic bottle filling station comes with a filter that will guarantee the quality of your filled products. And you can change the filters on my own.


2.Is the automatic liquid bottle filling machine easy to clean?

Yes, the stainless steel material brings great convenience to cleaning, and the detachable parts eliminate the difficulty of dead ends.


3.Can I customize the bottle filling machine with multi nozzles?

Of course, we provide customized service for you. You can customize the heads with 4 or 8 or 12, etc. And if have other requirements, we will try our best to satisfy you.