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High speed sachet packing machine is designed for the automatic packing of liquid, viscous sauce, and paste material, it seals adopt three or four side seal packaging forms. According to different materials, the packing materials adopt different metering devices to inject into bags. The high speed packing machine is also named the roller packing machine.

KEFAI's hish speed packaging machines are very popular automatic packing equipment. The high-speed pouch packaging machine has efficient packaging speed and production capacity, can handle your various pouch packaging needs, and improves production efficiency and the accuracy of the weight of the packaged product. With its high-speed, accurate, flexible, and automated characteristics, the high speed pouch packaging machine provides a reliable solution for the efficient packaging of pouch products. As long as the roller packaging system is equipped with a few more pumps, the double package and triple package can be realized.

KEFAI High speed sauce sachet packing machine

High Speed Paste Sachet Packing Machine: KEFAI automated sachet packing machine has fast speed so that it can pack 30 bags to 100 sachets of products per minute. What’s more, it can pack sauces in the range of 1 gram to 100 grams. This high-speed packaging machine will have different packaging speeds according to different materials, but it can pack 120 packs per minute at the fastest.

  • Stable and Durable
  • Automated Control
  • Precise Measurement
  • One Machine for Multiple Uses



KEFAI's high speed packing machine has one set of vertical hot roller sealing devices, one set of horizontal hot roller sealing device,s and one set of horizontal cold roller sealing device. Rolling sealing is adopted: Vertical sealing is a chessboard pattern with leak proof, while horizontal sealing is a chessboard pattern(or plain seal) with leak proof.

You can choose a magnetic pump for free-flow liquid, Hibar pump for even viscous products, Piston pump for uneven viscous liquid, and a Rotary pump® for even viscous product continuous feeding to work on high speed sachet packaging machine.
There are three types of cutting functions: plain cutting, sawtooth cutting, and perforation cutting. This machine is also equipped with a tear notch for convenient bag opening.
KEFAI High-speed sachet packing machine uses PLC control, touch screen displays running status. Vertical sealing unit driven by variable-frequency motor, realize step-less adjustment of packaging speed within the rated range.
Horizontal sealing unit driven by servo motor, realize step-less adjustment of bag length within the rated range. The bag length can be set on a Touch screen, and length adjustment is easy and convenient.
Intelligent photocell positioning control system with the function of automatic positioning of the first bag. Eliminate the influence of signal disturbing caused by abnormal eye-mark pattern and bad print of film, to ensure stable operation.
Automatic adjustment function for noneffctive cutting, solve the problem of multiple machine-stopping adjustments and waste of film, improving working efficiency and ensuring the good appearance of bags.
Cut-off methods can use a flat knife, serrated knife, and point marking knife as a requirement. And equipped with easy open bag cutting device.
> What can this high-speed machine package?
This type of high-speed packaging machine is very practical and can pack small bags of liquids and some paste materials. Such as pesticides, mustard, soy sauce, vinegar, alcohol, oil, etc.
In addition, it can pack 3 or 4 side-sealed bags. Please note that the width of the three-sided sealed bag must be less than 95mm, the width of the four-sided sealed bag must be less than 100mm, and the bag length range is between 75mm and 125mm.

kefai sauce sachet pack


KEFAI Automatic High Speed Roller Packing Machine
45-180 mm
30-95mm(3-side seal); 35-100mm(4-side seal)
Filling Capacity
0.5-60 ml(g)
Packing Speed
100-200pcs per min
3kw/ AC380V
450 kg
PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, OPP/CPP, etc. composite film
Parameters of Film Roll
Outer Diameter≤400; Inner Diameter φ75
Standard Filling device
Magnetic Pump/ Hibar Pump/ Piston Pump/ Rotary Pump
Standard Cutting method
Plain Cutting, Sawtooth Cutting, Perforation cutting
Optional device
Thermal printer, Priniter, Level Sensor, Double layer Hopper, Agitator, Outlet Conveyor
Detailed Images
kefai high speed sachet packaging machine

Related Machines

High Speed Paste Sachet Packing Machine: KEFAI automatic high-speed paste sachet packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of homogeneous, non-homogeneous, sticky and non-sticky materials. The three-stage roller design enables fast automatic packaging of three-side seals and four-side-seal sachets.

high speed automatic paste roller packing machine soy sauce

High Speed Powder Sachet Packing Machine: KEFAI automatic high-speed packing machine for powder materials can package small particles and powder products. The single-roller design can pack all these materials into finished products with three side-sealed pouches.


Versatile Packaging Method

    The high speed machine adopts 2 sets of vertical and horizontal sealing hot roller devices and 1 set of horizontal sealing cold roller devices to ensure sealing. There are three cutting methods: flat knife, serrated, and dotted line, and it can be connected to a bag. KEFAI high speed machines can also be equipped with an easy-to-tear incision device to make it more convenient to open the bag.


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As a good manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and cost-effective high-speed sachet packaging machines, KEFAI has accumulated the trust and reputation of many customers. The error of our high-speed sachet packaging machine is small, and the error range is about 2%. Through close cooperation with customers, we continue to improve and optimize our products to meet customer needs and have established a good cooperative relationship. KEFAI provides customers with high-quality high-speed pouch packaging machine solutions. We are committed to becoming a trusted partner for our customers to develop and succeed together.

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We need a high speed food packing machine, and we found KEFAI’s fully automatic sauce packing machine with high speed. We are so interested in their high-speed and high-quality packing machine. I think this is a wise decision to choose to buy KEFAI’s high-speed sachet packaging machine. KEFAI’s team provided professional technical support and gave us a suitable high-speed packaging machine solution. Our food products can be effectively packaged. Mr. Mark, a customer from Finland.
We purchased KEFAI’s high-speed pouch packaging machine, which performs well in the packaging process of our cosmetic products. This machine is simple to operate, the packaging speed is indeed fast, and it can maintain the integrity and appearance of the packaging bag. Our products have a great advantage in the market, and this is due to the high-quality packaging machines provided by KEFAI. Mr. Eddy, a customer from Venezuela.
KEFAI’s automatic high speed packing machines are needed for speed high roller pack. KEFAI’s high-speed bag packaging machine can not only package our products at high speed but also with high accuracy. Its metering and sealing functions are excellent, which can ensure that ours is not contaminated or damaged during the packaging process. Mr. Henry, a customer from Mexico.

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FAQs about High-Speed Packing Machine

1. What is the use of the high-speed packaging equipment with two pumps?

The high-speed sauce packaging machine is equipped with two pumps, a magnetic pump and a mechanical piston pump. The magnetic pump above can only be used for liquids, and the mechanical piston pump below can only be used for viscous liquids.


2. Which devices can be equipped with high-speed packing machinery?

The high-speed packaging machine can be equipped with a coding machine, an automatic feeding machine, a counting function, a sorting machine, a conveyor belt, an exhaust device, a material level detection, and a mixing device.


3. Which packaging materials can the high speed packing system be applied to?

The high speed packer machine can only be applied to composite film packaging materials, such as nylon film and PET film. The difference in materials only depends on the temperature of the heat seal.