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Soy sauce packaging machine is a wonderful equipment which can beautifully package soy sauce products. If you are looking for an efficient soy sauce packaging solution, you may want to consider using a suitable soy sauce packing machine. This intelligent condiment packaging machine can help you quickly package various condiments, such as soy sauce, honey, salad, mustard, ketchup, and other paste materials. And this machinery for packing soy sauce is also widely used in the food and beverage industry for the packaging of soy sauce in various forms, including sachets, pouches, and bottles.

KEFAI’s automatic soy sauce packaging machine ensures high-speed and efficient packaging of soy sauce products. At KEFAI, we have developed many soy sauce packaging machines, which are suitable for packaging soy sauce in different packaging forms. Our smart soy sauce packing system is equipped with advanced features such as automatic filling, precise measurement, and automatic sealing to ensure minimal material waste and maximum accuracy in packaging.

KEFAI high speed automatic paste roller packing machine soy sauce

High Speed Soy Sauce Packaging Machine is a kind of roller-type high-speed packaging machine, which is an advanced automated packaging equipment. It realizes the production, filling, sealing and cutting of bags through the rotation of rollers. The advantages of this kind of packaging machine are fast speed, high efficiency and good reliability, which can greatly improve production efficiency and thus reduce labor costs. In addition, the roller high-speed soy sauce packaging machine also has an intelligent control system, which can be adjusted according to the needs of different products to ensure the quality and accuracy of packaging. Its packaging effect is better and more sealed than ordinary splint vertical packaging, which ensures the quality of soy sauce products.

  • Minimal Material Waste
  • Customizable Filling Capacity
  • Safety Features
  • Technical Support


  1. The machine is equipped with one set of vertical sealing roller, one set of horizontal sealing roller and one set of sealing roller to strengthen. The vertical sealing roller is completed, continuous grain vein with leak-resistant line. The horizontal sealing roller is grain vein with leak-resistant line or plain sealing with leak-resistant line. The whole set of machine combines forming–vertical sealing--filling –horizontal sealing –horizontal strengthen sealing--notching–cutting together.
  2. The feeding device depends the physical state of packing product, which includes Magnetic pump device M for liquid feeling; Hibar-style pump device H and Rotary pump device R for homogeneous viscosity; Piston pump device P for viscosity with granule. There are line cutter, zigzag cutter and perferative cutter to be chosen.
  3. With intelligent photo-eye control system, the first pouch can be located automatically, and the interruption information of the abnormal eyemark paint or incorrect design can be excluded and working stably.


The sachet liquids and pastes sealed on three sides and four sides of this packaging machine can not only pack soy sauce, but also vinegar, face cream, shampoo, liquid foundation, and various uniform sauces.

kefai liquid sachet pack

Technical Prameter

Product NameSoy Sauce Packing Machine
ModelKF02-PC 200H
Width30-95mm (3-side seal) 35-100mm (4-side seal)
Filling Capacity0.5-60mlml(g)
Packing Speed100-200pcs per min
Power3kw/ AC380V
WeightPET/AL/PE, PET/PE, OPP/CPP etc. composite film
Parameters of Film RollOuter Diameter≤400; Inner Diameter φ75
Standard Filling deviceMagnetic Pump/ Peristaltic Pumps /Piston Pump/Rotary Pump
Standard Cutting methodPlain Cutting, Sawtooth Cutting, Perforation cutting
Optional deviceThermal printer, Printer, Level Sensor, Double layer Hopper, Agitator, Outlet Conveyor

Detailed Images

High Speed Roller Packing Machine details

Related Machines

  • Side-sealed Sachet Soy Sauce Packaging Machine: This type of machine can package soy sauce in side seal bags. Usually, side sealing sachet of soy sauce products are easy to use alone. The working principle of operation of this economic 3 or 4 side seal packing machine is to fill the bag with soy sauce and then seal the edges of the bag to create a secure, airtight seal.

KEFAI Liquid Paste Packing Machine

  • High Speed Soy Sauce Packaging Machine: Our high-speed soy sauce packaging machine is a kind of equipment specially used for high-speed automatic packaging of soy sauce and other liquid materials. This fully automatic high speed packing machine can pack 200 sachets of soy sauce per minute. And the products it packs have good sealing and will not leak the soy sauce materials.

  • Premade Bag Soy Sauce Packaging Machine: The pre-made pouch soy sauce packaging machine is an efficient, fully automatic packaging machine. The function is to package soy sauce or other liquid condiments in pre-made bags. Using premade bag soy sauce packing machine can effectively prevent the oxidation and spoilage of soy sauce than other packaging methods, thus ensuring the freshness and quality of soy sauce. As well as it can save labor cost and packaging cost and improve production efficiency.

KEFAI Horizontal Premade pouch packing machine

  • Bottled Soy Sauce Packaging Machine: The bottled soy sauce packaging machine is a kind of fully automatic packaging equipment. It can fill soy sauce into bottles and then perform capping operations through conveyor belts. In addition, labeling, packing and other steps can be carried out to become a bottled soy sauce production line.

KEFAI Liquid Bottle Filling Capping Machine


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KEFAI high speed automatic paste roller packing machine soy sauce



1.Can the soy sauce packing machine be customized so that it can meet our requirements?
Our soy sauce packaging machine is highly customizable.This includes the filling capacity of the machine, the size of the container, etc. can be adjusted.Please tell our team about your specific machine needs at the beginning to ensure that subsequent customized services are carried out in a more orderly manner.

2.What factors affect the price of your automatic soy sauce packaging machine?
The price of our sauce packaging machine will vary according to a number of factors, including different models, the level of customization required, the size and type of container being used, and the optional functions.If you want to know the specific price of the packaging machine, please contact us.

3.In addition to soy sauce, can your sauce packaging machine be used to pack other types of sauces?
Yes, our sauce packaging machine can be used to pack a variety of liquid products, including sauces of different viscosities.It has a wide range of applications and can bring maximum convenience to customers.

4.Do you also provide sauce pouch packing machines?
Yes, we can also provide sauce bag packaging machine solutions, which are specially used to pack sauces into pouches.This kind of machine is used to package sauce products in a convenient and easy-to-use form.


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At KEFAI, we offer the most advanced top-of-the-line technology for our soy sauce packaging systems to meet business needs. With its simple integration capabilities, companies can enjoy a seamless production process that minimizes downtime. Our machines are designed with advanced features to ensure high speed and accurate packaging of your soy sauce products.

KEFAI as a strong company, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and support. In short, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient soy sauce packaging machine our machines are designed with advanced features that ensure high speed and accurate packaging of your soy sauce products. In short, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient soy sauce packaging machine. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our soy sauce packaging machines. Our team of experts is here to help you choose the best soy sauce packaging machine for your needs.

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