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China VFFS Packaging Machine For Back Sealed Bag

The Vffs (Vertical Form Fill Seal) large bag back seal packaging machine is a packaging machine specifically designed to form, fill and seal medium to large sacks. The vffs machine is commonly used in industries that require mass production back seal bag packaging such as the food, chemical, agricultural and construction industries.

KEFAI's pillow bag packing machine is fully automatic. Unlike the small bag pillow packaging machine, this back seal packaging machine is suitable for packing large bags from 1kg to 10kg. KEFAI back sealed bag packaging machine uses advanced automation technology and control systems to enable a highly automated packaging process. It can automatically perform operations such as the formation of various sized back-seal bags, filling of the product and sealing of the bag opening, which greatly reduces the need for manual operations and increases productivity. Overall, the VFFS back seal bag packer provides an efficient and reliable solution for packing large quantities of products into large, safe and convenient bags, meeting the needs of industries requiring bulk packaging solutions.

  • Efficient Packaging
  • Wide Range of Packable Materials
  • Customizable
  • Safety Protection Products


Vertical form fill and seal machine is suitable for a wide range of industries and for packaging many products. The machine can handle a wide range of products, including dry solids, granules, powders and other bulk materials. The automatic packing machine for big bags is commonly used for packaging materials such as popcorns, flour, spices, sugar, grains, rice, washing powder, fertilizers, sand, cement, etc. However, this is our granule packaging machine which is powerful with advanced components for long-lasting operation.

Back Seal Bag Granule Powder Application

Save Time And Effort:
Compared to traditional manual or semi-automatic packaging methods, KEFAI back-seal bag packaging machines are able to perform more packaging tasks in less time, effectively saving human resources and time costs. So it is a good way to choose KEFAI's vffs packing machine to package your products.



Main features

  1. This machine can automatically complete the following work: material lifting - multi head weighter measuring - coding - bag making - filling - nitrogen filling/exhausting (optional) - sealing - counting - conveying finished products - sorting finished products.
  2. Imported PLC servo-pneumatic control system and super touch screen form the drive control centre, which is highly reliable, intelligent and equipped with safety protection devices.
  3. The touch screen can store a variety of different product packaging process parameters, which can be used at any time when changing products without having to reset.
  4. Equipped with a fault display system, when a fault occurs, it is clear at a glance so that it can be removed in time.
  5. The punching device can be made according to customer requirements.
  6. All material contact parts are stainless steel 304.

Machine workflow:
This VFFS packing machine is easy to operate. Simply set the parameters on the screen and start the machine. The product is placed in the hopper and the machine automatically pulls the film, forms the bag, seals it and finally cuts the bag. And what is very convenient is that, depending on the type of product, it is only necessary to change the hopper for the corresponding type of material to be packed.


KF02-G V420
KF02-G V520
KF02-G V620
KF02-G V720
KF02-G V820
Bag length
Bag width
Max width of roll film
Packing speed
1-10 bag/min
Measuring range
100-2000 ml
100-3000 ml
100-4000 ml
1000-5000 ml
1000-6000 ml
Air consumption
Gas consumption
Power voltage
220V/50HZ(can be customized 110V)
3 phase 4 wire 3.5KW

Deatils images

Back Seal Bag Packing Machine details Back Seal Bag Packing Machine display

Optional device

VFFS packing machine can include various special features such as gas flushing for modified atmosphere packaging, and inkjet printers for date and lot coding. These features can add value to the packaged product and meet market requirements.
Back Seal Bag Packing Machine optional device
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Realated VFFS Machines

VFFS Liquid Packaging Machine: This liquid packaging machine has a hopper suitable for liquid materials, and can pack almost all liquid and paste material products. This machine is suitable for the automatic packaging of liquid, semi-liquid and viscous liquid materials such as water, honey, cream, shampoo, balm, paste, souse, oil, soya sauce, chocolate sauce, ketchup, perfume, etc with back seal pouch.

Liquid Back Seal Bag Packing Machine

VFFS Powder Packing Machine: This fully automatic packaging machine is specially packed with powder products in back-sealed bags. It has a hopper which specially suitable for powders and can pack fine powders such as spice powder, milk powder, flour, chili powder, coffee powder, etc.

Powder Back Seal Bag Packing Machine

KEFAI Advantages

As a back-sealing bag packaging machine factory, KEFAI enjoys a good reputation and strength in the industry. KEFAI has an experienced R&D team, focusing on the innovation and improvement of back-sealing bag packing machine technology. We keep up with the development trend of the industry and actively introduce advanced technologies and solutions to achieve the purpose of continuously improving product performance and function. As a professional manufacturer in the field of back-sealing bag packaging machines, KEFAI provides customized solutions for various industries according to their practical applications. Whether it is food and beverage, cosmetics, medicine and other industries, KEFAI can provide reliable and efficient back-sealed bag packing solutions.

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Our Customers Feedback

We are a potato chip production company and recently purchased KEFAI’s back-sealing bag packaging machine. The high-speed packaging capacity of this machine has greatly improved the efficiency of our production line. In addition, the operation of this vffs machine is simple, and our staff quickly got started. Thanks KEFAI for providing such an excellent back-sealing bag packaging machine!Mr. Julian, a customer from Honduras.
We are a snack manufacturer. And we are impressed by the flexibility of KEFAI’s vffs machine. We can easily adjust the size and shape of the packaging bag to suit different snack products. In addition, the stability of the machine and the precise filling function ensure that our product packaging is always consistent. We are all very satisfied with this cooperation with KEFAI.Mr. Connor, a customer from Belize.
We are a supplier of agricultural products and we compared a number of factories that manufacture back-seal bag packing machinery and came to the conclusion that the KEFAI pillow bag packaging machine was superior. We are very grateful to KEFAI for customising a suitable vffs packaging machine for us, it has made our product packaging more efficient and professional!Mr. Viagra, a customer from Bahamas.

KEFAI Worldwide

FAQs about vffs pillow bag packing machine

1. Can VFFS back-seal bag packers be supplied with additional printing or labelling capabilities?

Yes, our vffs back seal bag packaging machines can be equipped with a printing or labelling system. This allows product information, batch codes, production dates, barcodes to be printed on the packaging.

2. How do I choose the right vffs back seal bag packaging machine for my product?

When choosing a VFFS back-seal bag wrapping machine, consider your product type, required production capacity, bag size and style, packaging material compatibility and other factors. You can contact our professional customer service staff, please tell us your production requirements and other relevant information, and we will give you the right vffs packaging machine according to your requirements.

3. How do you ensure that the bag being sealed is completely sealed?

The vffs pillow bag packing system uses high temperatures and pressure to seal the bag, designed to provide a reliable and consistent seal. In addition, sensors and control systems in the system monitor the sealing process, facilitating the detection of any problems and ensuring seal integrity.


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