The three-side seal packaging machine and four side sealing packing machine are used to make three-side-seal bags or four-side-seal bags and seal the three or four edges of the bag by sealing to form a tight package. The side seal packaging machine is suitable for packaging of various solid, powder, liquid, or granular products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc.

KEFAI's automated 3 side seal packing machines are all powerful. In fact, this machine can also be made into a four side seal bag type. According to the size, shape and packaging requirements of different products, the triple side seal packaging machine can be customized to meet the needs of different customers. The side seal packaging machine can accommodate bags of different sizes and shapes, and accessories such as punching devices and zipper closures can be added as needed to increase the functionality and attractiveness of the package.

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Side Seal Packing Machine: KEFAI’s 3 side seal bag packing machine and 4 side sealing packing machine are both efficient, flexible, and multi-functional packaging machines. The side seal packaging solution is usually operated automatically, which can realize the functions of bag forming, metering, sealing, cutting and palletizing to improve production efficiency.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Robust and Durable Construction
  • Customizable Packaging Options
  • High-Speed Operation


The side seal packing machine is equipped with a set of vertical sealing rollers, a set of horizontal sealing rollers and a set of sealing rollers to strengthen. The vertical sealing rollers are completed with continuous grain veins with leak-proof line. The said horizontal sealing rollers are the ripple with leak-proof lining or flat seal with leak-proof line. The whole machine is integrated with type-vertical sealing-filling-horizontal sealing-horizontal strengthening sealing-notching-cutting in one.


> What can this machine package?
KEFAI automatic side seal sachet packing machine can package many paste materials. If you want to package other materials like granules and powder, you just need to change the hopper which is very easy.



Three Side Seal Bag Packing Machine
30-95mm (3-side seal); 35-100mm (4-side seal)
Filling Capacity
Packing Speed
100-200pcs per min
3kw/ AC380V
1400*1000*1850mm (L*W*H)
450 kg
PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, OPP/CPP, etc, composite film
Parameters of Film Roll
Outer Diameter≤400; Inner Diameter φ75
Standard Filling device
Magnetic Pump/Hibar Pump/Piston Pump/Rotary Pump
Standard Cutting method
Plain Cutting, Sawtooth Cutting, Perforation cutting
Optional device
Thermal printer, Priniter, Level Sensor, Double layer Hopper, Agitator, Outlet Conveyor

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Tightly Sealed

    The side seal packaging machine isolates the internal product from the external environment during the packaging process, which can effectively prevent the entry of external substances or the leakage of internal substances. Tightly sealed packaging machines ensure that the open part of the bag is completely closed without any holes or openings, preventing the penetration or leakage of gases, liquids, pastes, powder or solids. Tightly sealed packaging not only has a neat and beautiful appearance but also can enhance the product's image and market competitiveness. It can effectively protect internal products from the influence of the external environment, such as air, moisture, dust, bacteria, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life and quality of the product.



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As a powerful side-sealed packaging machine factory, KEFAI has an efficient production capacity and logistics management system. Some machines are still in stock, which can quickly deliver customer orders. KEFAI provides comprehensive technical support and training services to ensure customers can properly operate and maintain their three-side-seal packaging machines. Our professional technical team will provide detailed training to teach operation skills, troubleshooting, and routine maintenance to help customers improve their productivity. What's more, we will arrange the installation and commissioning of the side seal packing machine, and provide the necessary technical guidance to ensure that the machine can operate normally in your factory.

You can also search our intelligent side seal packaging machines at Alibaba and Made-in-China.


Our Customers Feedback

I purchased a 3-side-seal packaging machine and the seal quality of the product is very good, which can ensure the freshness and sealing of the product. The packaging speed is also fast and can meet our production needs. The quality of this machine is reliable, stable operation, reduces breakdowns and downtime in production, and brings efficiency and quality to our packaging process. Mr. Frankie, a customer from Sweden.
This four side sealing packing machine can easily accommodate different sizes of packaging, both small and large bags, in a stable manner. After our products are packed by this machine, the appearance is neat and the seal is firm, which fully meets our requirements. We are very grateful for the high efficiency and stability brought by KEFAI’s 4 side sealing packing machine, which has brought great convenience and improvement to our production process. Mr. Avery, a customer from Norway.
We have a wide variety of products and different sizes, but KEFAI’s three-sided seal packaging system is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of packaging needs. Its operator interface is simple and intuitive, and our employees quickly learned the operating techniques. This stick pack machine for 4 side seal pouches is also very stable, with almost no breakdowns or downtime. We are very grateful to KEFAI for giving us a very good side seal packaging machine solution. Mr. Atwood, a customer from Russia.

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FAQs about 3 Side Sealing Packing Machine

1. What is the maximum packaging size of the side seal packaging machine?
The maximum packaging size of the side-seal packaging machine varies depending on the model and configuration, and can generally accommodate larger packaging sizes, such as up to 125 mm on the long side.


2. How to adjust the side seal packaging machine to accommodate different package sizes?
The side-sealed packaging machine usually has adjustable packaging size parameters, so the operator can adjust the width, length and height of the machine to accommodate different packaging sizes as needed.


3. What maintenance and repair work is required for the side seal packing machines?
The side seal packaging machine requires regular cleaning, lubrication and inspection of key components to ensure proper operation and extended service life. It is also important to regularly calibrate and maintain the electronic control system.


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