The pillow packing machine is a kind of back seal packaging equipment used to package various products into back-sealed bags. It is commonly used for packaging granules, powders and liquid products in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, such as beans, seeds, tea, spices, hardware, etc. You only need to change the hopper for different kinds of materials to pack the corresponding products. That is why the back seal bag packaging machine is widely used.

KEFAI's automated pillow type packing machine is so powerful that you can easily use it to pack various sizes of back seal bags. This back seal bag packing machine can make the rolled film into bags independently and then seal them from the back of the bag. The front side of the back seal bag is flat and smooth, and you can print the product label and brand.

KEFAI Back Seal Granule Packing Machine

Vertical Pillow Packing Machine: KEFAI’s vertical pillow pack packaging machine provides an efficient and reliable pillow packaging solution for a wide range of products. The packaging of back seal bags can effectively ensure the freshness of products, extend the shelf life and enhance the overall appearance of the items. And you can use our back sealed pouch packing machinery easily.

  • Diverse Applications
  • Compact Design
  • Accurate Filling And Sealing
  • User Friendly Controls


1. Filling, measuring, bag making, sealing, cutting, hot pressing, batch number, etc. can be automatically completed in the packaging process, and the photoelectric tracking target positioning does not need to be adjusted.
2. Intelligent control system, Chinese and English LCD display. Simply set the parameters to precisely control system operation.
3. The heat sealer controls the uniform heating of the bag side, and the upper and lower sides can be separately adjusted.
4. the replacement of the tool can achieve a letter shape, pattern shape cut, one-line cut with the cut, the bag is stable and reliable without card pocket, easy to operate, can be equipped with wheeled code printer, for batch number, shelf life, etc.

> What can this machine package?
KEFAI automatic pillow type sachet packing machine can package many granule materials like naphthalane balls, capsule, pills, candy, etc. In addition, we can also provide back sealed packing machine for liquid or powder materials.


ItemKEFAI Automatic Pillow Bag Packing Machine
Production capacity
5-50 bags/min
Film roll diameter
Maximum 300mm
Packing film width
Outer bag size
The longest 200mm widest 150mm product packaging
Air pressure
Machine noise
Less than 80db(A)decibels
Heating power
2.2 Kw
Total weight of the machine
300 KG
Machine format
length 970mm * width 680mm * height 1950mm

Detailed Images

Back Seal Packing Machine detail - Bag Cutting DeviceBack Seal Packing Machine detail - Ribbon Coding PrinterBack Seal Packing Machine detail - volumetic cup measuring
Ribbon Coding Printer
It includes Ribbon Coding Printer print max. 4 lines, each line has 16 hcaracters, if not specified, it print max. 2 lines, each line has 12 characters.
Ribbon Coding Printer
It includes Ribbon Coding Printer print max. 4 lines, each line has 16 hcaracters, if not specified, it print max. 2 lines, each line has 12 characters.
Adjustable volumetic cup measuring system with high weighing precision.
Back Seal Packing Machine detail - Color Touchable ScreenBack Seal Packing Machine detail - Electric PartsBack Seal Packing Machine detail - PLD temperature control
Color Touchable Screen
Setting one time, can be many kinds language, amny function, bright color.
Electric Parts
Famous brand, many fucntion, easy maintenance and good quality.
Independent PLD temperature control, neat back sealing, sharp knife block, make strong packing bag.



Easy integration

    KEFAI's automatic pillow bag packaging machines are extremely compatible and can be integrated with other line equipment or automation systems such as weighers, spiral fillers or liquid fillers, loaders for a complete automated packaging line. In addition, KEFAI's strong back seal pouch packing machines can be equipped with other accessories such as coders, metal detecting equipment, etc. depending on your specific production needs.

    Overall, the easy integration features of back-seal packaging equipment are very important, making it an important factor in line automation and efficient packaging. KEFAI's pillow type pouch package machine can work closely with other equipment and systems to provide companies with highly flexible, customizable and reliable back seal packing solutions.



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Related Machine

Horizontal Pillow Packing Machine: The horizontal pillow packaging machine can pack back-sealed bags. The packing pillow machine can automatically feeds the product by conveying the product horizontally to the machine, the product is filled into the back-sealed bag and the mouth of the bag is sealed to complete the packaging process.

Pillow Stick Pack Packaging Machines:The stick shaped pillow packaging can preserve and pack some foods and powders well. The design with easy-to-tear mouth is convenient for users to use. For example, some chocolate bars, some granules, powders, and pharmaceutical powders can be packaged using a stick pillow packaging machine.

KEFAI powder stick packing machine

Powder Pillow Pack Packaging Machine: This is a pillow bag packing machine that can pack powder materials like spices, flours, condiment, coffee powder, chili powder, peper, and so on. Pillow packaging can preserve the freshness of the powder product well.

KEFAI Powder Pillow Pack Packaging Machine

Liquid Pillow Pack Packaging Machine: Pillow bag pack machine for liquid products can effectively store liquid pastes such as water, laundry detergent, etc. This strong packaging machine for liquid and paste can handle a wide range of bag sizes and can adjust the filling volume according to the specific requirements of the product.

Granule Pillow Pack Packaging Machine: Pellet pillow packing machine is a kind of packing equipment specially designed for packing granular products. It is commonly used for packaging sugar, coffee beans, snacks, spices, detergent granules and other similar products.

KEFAI Granule Pillow Pack Packaging Machine


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KEFAI as one of the pillow packing machine manufacturers has the world's leading technology. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a technical team, KEFAI is committed to providing innovative, reliable and efficient back-seal bag packaging solutions to our customers. Our experienced factory technicians are capable of crafting each and every back seal bag packing solution. They have the professional knowledge and skills to ensure the high quality and consistency of our products. We strictly follow the quality management system, from raw material procurement to machine manufacturing, every step of the process is rigorously inspected and tested to ensure that the back seal bag packaging machine meets international standards and your requirements. We are looking forward to cooperating with you for a bright future.

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Our Customers Feedback

KEFAI fully understands our needs and provides us with a set of customized pillow pack packaging solutions. Facts have proved that KEFAI’s machine performance is extremely excellent, and we are willing to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with KEFAI to ensure our success in this highly competitive market.Mr. Julian, a customer from Spain.
The design and manufacturing quality of KEFAI’s fully automatic pillow bag packaging machine are very good, the operation is stable and reliable, and the current use is smooth and no faults have been found. The packaging effect is also very good, I want to buy a few more KEFAI vacuum pillow packing machines.Mr. Jayden, a customer from Lithuania.
We purchased KEFAI’s pillow bag packing machine and used it in our candy production line. The candy pillow packing machine price is cheap. It has brought great convenience to our production, and our production efficiency has increased significantly. All this is thanks to KEFAI’s intelligent automatic back-sealing bag packaging machine.Mr. Nolan, a customer from Panama.

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FAQs about Back Seal Packing Machine

1. Does the back seal bag packaging machine support different size bags?
Yes, this automatic pillow bag packaging machine has flexible bag adaptability. Our automated packing machine can adjust the size and form of the bag to meet different sizes of packaging requirements according to the size and shape of the product. For example, this back-sealed packer can pack bags with a width of 12mm to 320mm.


2. Does this back-sealed bag packing machine support automatic operation?
Yes, this back-seal bag packaging machine is equipped with automatic operation function. It adopts advanced control system and sensors, which can automatically complete the process of bag feeding, product dosing, sealing and cutting. The entire packaging process reduces manual intervention, thus increasing productivity.


3.What is the packing speed of this pillow bag packaging machine?
This pillow pack pouch machine has high efficient packaging speed. This pillow bag packing system from KEFAI has a packing speed of roughly 5 bags to 50 bags per minute.


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