KEFAI vertical doypack machines are leading in the solutions of doypack filling and packing.

  • One-Stop Service
  • Simple Screen Operation
  • Multi-Functional
  • Optimum Material

KEFAI doypack machine can be divided into doypack filling machine and doypack packing machine. The doypack packing machine can be used to pack a wide variety of stand up pouches. Our doypack packaging machines will be applied in food, medicine, hardware, electronics, fertilizers, agricultural products and so on.

KEFAI doypack packaging machine has a wide range of packaging styles, which can be made according to your requirements. We can ensure that you can gain a satisfactory solution and the doypack packing solution is definitely the one suits you best. We will strictly comply with your request combine with your production situation for analysis.


  1. Heat sealable premade flat pouch dosing and sealing.
  2. PLC & HMI Control , Easy for parameter setting and troubleshooting.
  3. Different pouch size adaption, simple adjustment without tools.
  4. Intelligent temperature controlling configuration,ensure the artistic and neat sealing.
  5. Pouch saving design, no completely opened pouch, no filling and sealing.
  6. Compatible Programs of powder, granule or liquid dosing, plug and play, easy for different products switching.
  7. Machine stopping interlock with door opening.

Technical parameters:

Model No.KF02-G DB
Bag Width85-300mm
Bag Length130-500mm
Bag TypeStand-up bag, pillow bag
Power Supply220V, 50HZ
Air Consumption7.0 CFM@80 PSI
Pneumatic PartsPIAB Vacuum Generator, Pneumatics component Airtac from Taiwan
  • Granule Doypack Packing Machine: KEFAI granule doypack packing machineis able to be applied to package various types of pellet products like granular drug, capsule, walnuts, cashew, chestnuts, pistachios, beans, popcorn, sugar and so on. The automatic doypack packaging machine for granular products are widely used in food industry, chemical industry and other industries. Our granule doypack machines can be adapted to different sized bags.

  • Powder Doypack Packing Machine: KEFAI powder doypack packing machineis suitable for packaging powder like milk powder, protein powder, pepper, curry powder, chestnut powder, flour, coffee powder, detergent powder, cocoa powder, vitamin powder, cosmetic powder, and so on. The doypack packaging machine for powdery products has no pollution in the production process and will not do harm to the environment.

  • Liquid Doypack Packing Machine: KEFAI liquid doypack packing machineis widely applied in the packaging of liquid products such as juice, beverage, tomato sauce, face cream, honey, liquid detergent, mustard, garlic sauce, hummus, etc. The speed of our doypack bag packaging machine for liquid products is able to be adjusted within the range.

More Machines to Explore

  • Suction Nozzle Doypack Packing Machine: KEFAI spout pouch doypack packing machine is used most in everyday-use items. For instance, our spouted pouch doypack packaging machine is used to pack body wash, shampoo, jelly, cooking oil, etc.
  • Zipper Doypack Packing Machine: KEFAI zipper doypack packing machine is not suitable for packing liquid products, but for packing solids like crackers and rice.
  • Imitation Mouth Doypack Packing Machine: KEFAI imitation mouth doypack packing machine is friendly for the single-use products like beverage and jelly.
  • Special-Shaped Doypack Packing Machine: The packaging of the special-shaped doypack packing machine is an new type of doypack, which applies to different shapes of doypacks.
  • Vacuum Doypack Packing Machine: KEFAI vacuum doypack packing machine has a function of good tightness, which means that food or other products can all be preserved in a good condition.
  • Rotary Doypack Packing Machine: KEFAI rotary doypack packing machine is an automatic packing machine equipped with a multi-head weigher, which can maximize the metering precision.

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  • No Damaged Packaging: One of the advantages of the bag packaged by the doypack packaging machine is that it can stand on its own without opening the package. To do this, the integrity of the package must be ensured, otherwise the packaged materials will be spilled, which will affect your brand reputation. KEFAI doypack packing machine shows a good nature on this aspect to accomplish a packaging of no leakage.
  • No Impact on Quality: The packaging materials adopted by the doypack packaging machine are all superb and thick and there is absolutely no problem in maintaining product quality. This kind of packaging materials are firm and resistant to high temperature. Besides, the heat-sealing process is also conducive to having a great conservation of all kinds of products.
  • Convenient to Take: The packaging of doypack can stand up directly on the ground and can be taken and left anywhere. In addition, our doypack packaging equipment not only has a good-looking appearance, but also is good for display on the shelf.
  • Zero Bacteria: The doypack packagingis resistant to chemical erosion and is able to isolate oxygen and moisture. Therefore, there is almost no possibility to let harmful substance like bacteria and other microorganisms get into the packaging. In addition, KEFAI doypack packaging machines are made of food grade stainless steel, which makes it even more difficult for bacteria to be found.


Maximize Performance and Maximize Your Benefits.

KEFAI Machinery has always regarded quality as the key to winning in the fierce market competition. "There is no best product, only better products" is our service tenet since our establishment. Proficient research and development technology allows us to continuously improve the performance of our doypack machine. Our doypack machine is equipped with a vacuum pump. When the pump air pressure is insufficient, the doypack pouch machine will automatically alarm to remind the operator. The operation of the doypack machines without noise throughout the whole process are available.

KEFAI packing machines will be delivered to you as quickly as possible. The large stock gives us plenty of time to prepare for transportation. Furthermore, our experienced engineers will offer the best design solution to you if you have the need to customize the doypack packaging machine. Our doypack packing equipment will never lose its efficiency during its lifespan. KEFAI doypack packing machines are compatible with a wide range of doypacks. We assure you that our doypack packing machines are the most favorable because we believe that the reasonable price can realize better appeal.


Collections of Our Customers' Comments:

A review from the Netherlands: A mini doypack packaging machine fits me very well. Thanks for the recommendation and suggestions you offered. I merely have a small factory so I don’t have to purchase a doypack machine of high power or high efficiency. The production capacity of this equipment is enough for me.


A review from the Czech Republic: I appreciate that you sent me many photos about the doypack machine I ordered before delivery. That is so sweet of you! The doypack packing machine is used to package medical products. It works so efficient and does not need many people to operate.


A review from Russia: The doypack packing machine has a strong safety device. The response of the equipment is very quick especially when encountering some abnormal situation. And your service personnel can always explain to me what I don’t understand. Thank you!


FAQs about Doypack Machines

  • What is the bag packaging of the doypackpacking machine?

The packaging of doypack is a kind of flexible packaging which contains a horizontal support structure at the bottom and can stand up on its own. This packaging bag is a novel packaging form and belongs to premade pouch. The doypack can be made with suction nozzles or zippers.


  • Is the doypack packing machine only be used to pack lightweight products?

Of course not. The normal doypack machines with zipper are generally used to package some light products like jelly, but the four-side sealing doypack packing machine can also package some heavy products like rice.


  • Is the products packed by the doypack packing machine sanitary?

Yes. The surface of the doypack packing machine is stainless steel, and the parts that will touch the materials are in line with the national production requirements. It is completely harmless to the products.