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KEFAI focuses on the design and manufacturing innovation and technically progressive criterion and custom packing equipment to meet the requirement of moving more faster and running more smarter. KEFAI can provide a complete horizontal filling/sealing machine for premade pouch and vertical forming/filling/sealing bagging machines for fluid capable of being pumped and semi-fluid commodities and some dry commodities.


Top ten packaging equipment manufacturers

KEFAI Packing machines are always evolving and transforming to meet the requirements of different industry applications and sustainability, including food and beverage, medicine, extractive industry and cars. The top ten packaging equipment manufacturers are listed in KEFAI according to their novelty, technology and assembly line.

Multifunctional packaging applications

KEFAI is a professional automatic vertical forming filling sealing machines(vffs machine) manufacturer for most pouch packaging application. Hot filling, cold, thick, and good liquidty are filled by KEFAI pouch machines.

KEFAI Automatic Sachet Packaging Machine is suitable for packaging liquid,sauce,butter,juice,water,cream,shampoo,lotion,cosmetic,snack,nuts,food, peanuts, popcorn, oatmeal, melon seeds, jelly, sugar, salt, washing powder,milk powder,coffee etc,many liquid, powder, granule, solid and other products.

Powder Packaging Machines 

A vertical filler is needed if you are packing delicate powders. The powder filling equipment is used for packing commodities which are hard to transport and regulate with a carrier. You can see semi-automatic auger filler equipment, auger powder elevators and pouch VFFS for powders. This specially designed powder filling device is manufactured by KEFAI, which is leading in material handling. No matter you designed new manufacturing devices which will be dealing with unwieldy powder or you are changing older inefficient devices, your entire operation will be simplified and improved by the powder products of the filling equipment.

Semi-automatic auger filling devices assure extremely precise padding of goods such dry milk, sugar, seasoner, ground coffee, scouring agent, and flour. The devices are  characterized by their huge hopper capacities, rustless iron or PTFE stucture and simple operation and washing. Automatic Vertical Forming, Filling and Sealing machine (VFFS system) is completely automatic from the roll forming pouches to the sealing of the pouches through dispensers. They are of great dependability and crops, powdery material, sweets, and other goods can be applied together. Futhermore, Volume distributor, auger fillers and weighing machines can be applied, too. There are patterns designed for dry powders of low liquidty. Besides, the devices involve the recognition of hot stamping encoders.

Automatic and High-Speed,  Any Uncertainty Can Be Solved

KEFAI has provided solutions which are attractive in price and quality for most assembly line packing applications for many years. We offer a vast range of packing devices, coding and printing commodities , material handling machines and supplies, consumables, industrial safety equipment and spare parts for machines that we sell. We also offer our customers exceptional service and support before, during and after the sale. Our clients can be provided with fabulous service before, during and after sale.

Your Preferred Alternative Packaging Solutions

KEFAI can provide the first-class packaging machines which almost cover the entire scale of the industry. They contain some features such as quick parts replacement, simple operation, high efficiency, which are very suitable for you.

Whatever packaging material you use to package any product, we are always capable of offering the devices most suitable for your company. The whore assembly line can even be customized for you based on your packing requirements.

KEFAI is also skilled in the design of automatic packing systems. Therefore, we can offer a credible and supermatic assembly line to you. Bedides, your machine will be serviceabledue to ourtechnical assistance and spare parts for free.


Now you can receive a price as long as you consult our best packing machines.