Horizontal packaging machine is a composite film automatic packaging machine which is developed independently for the diversity of packaging materials and the adjustment of packaging bag type. Because this packing machine adopts the form of horizontal automatic bag making, filling and sealing, That it is called as Horizontal Form Fill Seal Packing Machine(HFFS).

horizontal packing machine

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine Packaging Process

hffs pack process drawing
1. Film unwinding

2. Pouch Forming

3. Film Guide

4. Photocell

5. Bottom Seal

6. Vertical Seal I

7. Tear Notch

8. Cutting

9. Pouch Pulling

10. Pouch Opening

11. Filling

12. Top Seal

13. Finished Product

14. Outlet

KEFAI Horizontal Forming Filling Sealing Machine is controled by PLC,which can suitable for filling of powder,

granule,water and viscous liquid.It also can be used for three-side and four-side sealing. It is widely use in food, pesticide, medicine, daily chemical and other industries.

Auger Filling Tank(Powder):

Multi-head Combination Weigher (Granule):

Liquid Filling Machine:

Our horizontal packing machine can complete pouch forming, measuring,filling, sealing, date printing,nitrogen filling,counting and pouch delivery. It is suitable for filling different products such as powder,granule,liquid,cream and other viscous liquid when equipped with feeding and measuring devices.doypack,with functions of making hanging hole,special shape, zipper or spout.
1. Advantage design,easy to control,install and clean.
2. All servo control makes your packing more digital and convenient control the machine
3. It can do 3 side bottom sealing,4 side vertical sealing and 2 side top sealing,make sure the strength of the sealing.
4. One pair of bag claw finish all work from catch pouch to finish top sealing and transfer the pouch.
5. There are balance self-adjusting and pressure well-distributed on the bottom sealing and vertical sealing device,which make sure the good looking and sealing strength of the pouches.