Automatic packing machines occupy a very high importance and are widely used in modern production. However, according to the different packaging methods, we can divide the packaging machine into two common types of packaging machines, roller type packaging machine and splint type packaging machine. Both machines are part of the roll film packaging machine, but the differences are quite large.

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Roller packing machine is a kind of machine that uses one or several sets of rollers for packaging. The hot vertical sealing and the hot and cold horizontal sealing are completed on the same pair of rollers, and the structure is compact. The roller-type packing machine is suitable for three-sided sealing and four-sided sealing sachet packaging of various materials, and is suitable for a wide range of industries, such as food, medicine, and cosmetics industries. The production speed of roller-type packing machines is fast. Standard roller-type packaging machines can pack more than 100 bags of products per minute, and the packaging is beautiful and the quality is excellent, which can ensure that your factory will bring more efficient production efficiency.

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Splint packing machine is a very common equipment on the market for sealing and packaging through splint. The splint packaging machine uses two splint plates to clamp the bag and fill the material quantitatively, and then completes a packaging process through the pressure of the splint and the functions of heat sealing and cutting. Splint packaging machines are also suitable for products of various shapes and sizes of various materials, including the packaging of flat, three-dimensional and special-shaped products. The splint packing machine is easy to operate, can be easily started, and debugging and maintenance are relatively simple.

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Above is our brief introduction to the vertical roller packing machine and vertical splint packing machine, two different types of packaging machine basic working principles and characteristics. Then you may wonder, what are the differences between these two types of packaging machines?

Sealing form: The vertical roller type packing machine is stable in sealing temperature and pressure, and the average speed of the roller ensures that the sealing pressure of the four-sided sealing or three-sided sealing product of the package is consistent on all four sides. The automatic roller-type packing machine can be cold sealed, allowing the sealing place to quickly cool down and solidify, so that the bag can be sealed better, but the splint packing machine does not have this function. The roller-type packaging machine can realize precise packaging operations, ensure that the products are tightly packed, and effectively prevent the entry of air and pollutants. However, ordinary servo splint packing machines are only a simple clamp when sealing, which is prone to air leakage and the phenomenon of powder or clamping.

For example, for the same liquid side-sealed sachet products, the roller packaging machine uses rollers to continuously compactor the packaging to ensure that the bag is flat and neat, and the product has good effect.The splint packaging machine uses splint heating and sealing, which can achieve high sealing and ensure the sealing performance and leak-proof properties of the product.However, if the temperature is not set correctly, it may cause the side-sealed pouch product to not be completely sealed and cause leakage.

Heating method: The splint type packing equipment adopts conductive heating method, which cannot be completely cut off when the power supply of the heater is cut off, and it is difficult to control, but it can be heated slowly and the temperature can be controlled well. The temperature stability of the packaging material is very demanding, because the melting point temperature corresponding to the inner material of the packaging material is different. If the temperature is too high, the deformation of the packaging material is very severe. If the temperature is too low to reach the melting point, the packaging material cannot be effectively sealed together, which will lead to the situation of tight sealing. The roller-type packing equipment adopts indirect heating method, which can completely cut off the heating source when the power supply of the heater is cut off, so the temperature can be maintained stable, so as to achieve perfect packaging effect. The heating time of the roller packing system is very short, which can bring faster speed, but it will be a lot of trouble to encounter the combination of the outer layer of OPP and the inner layer of PE, because the melting point of the two is relatively close, it is easy to melt the outer layer of OPP.

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Transmission method: The power of the splint packing machine comes from a shaft and the cam on the shaft. It works tens of thousands of times a day under great resistance. It is prone to displacement deviations and needs to be checked and repaired regularly in time. The chain drive of the vertical roller machine has relatively little resistance, reliable transmission, high efficiency, and can work stably for a long time.

Price difference: The structure of the splint packer machine is relatively simple, the materials are small, and the cost is low, so its price is more acceptable. Therefore, for small and medium-sized enterprises that are just starting to develop, the use of splint machine packaging products will be their first choice. The price of a vertical roller-type packer machine will be higher than that of a splint machine. The standard roller wrapping machine prices range from $8,500 to $11,500, but the price range of the splint wrapping machine is between $2,800 and $3,300. However, in the long run, the service life of the roller machine will be much longer than that of the splint machine, and the failure rate is low and the use is more stable. Therefore, from the perspective of output, saving consumables, packaging materials, materials, manpower, material resources and cost performance, the benefits of high-speed roller packaging machines to customers are that the longer they are used, the greater the benefits and the more it can reflect its value.


In a few words, the automatic roller packing system has a faster production speed which can achieve high-speed continuous packaging, and greatly improves production efficiency. In addition, the quality of the products packaged by the roller-type high-speed packaging solution will be better than that of the products packaged by the splint-type packaging solution. However, the automatic vertical splint packaging machines are more dominant in terms of price. What’s more, the structure of the splint packaging machine is relatively simple, easy to debug and maintain, and reduces the difficulty and cost of repair and maintenance.


In summary, we briefly introduced the difference between roller packaging machines and splint packaging machines. I believe that through the content I said above, you should have a certain degree of understanding of these two packing solutions. Fully Automatic roller-type packaging machines and splint-type packing machines have their own advantages. These two packaging machines are essential in the industry, both occupy an important position and play a large role. If you need to choose a packaging machine for your production, you can choose according to your current needs and your product characteristics and other specific circumstances. After all, the most suitable is the best.