The vertical form filling sealing packaging machines have a wide range of applications, which almost cover all the scopes in the industry. They are very cost-effective and can save space.

You may be interested in the working principles of the devices. Then the following is the introduction of it.

The function of the automatic vertical packing machine is to make the film become a shape of a pouch. Then we will fill it with goods and seal it vertically.

  1. Transport film

The vertical packers use a piece of film stuff rolled onto the core. And the stuff is called a film roll. The stuff can be polyethylene, and some kinds of laminates. The film reel is put on the spindle units behind the device.

When the device is running, the film is pulled off by a conveyor belt, which is a common way of shipping. However, some devices can hold the film and put it down on their own instead of utilizing the belt.

You may choose to setup a motor driven surface unwinding wheel to drive the film reel. Then the belts can start to run. In this way, the unwinding is reformed. It is useful to be applied to those weighty films.

  1. The Strain of Films

During the process of unfolding, the film passes through a swing arm. The arm is placed behind the device. In transferring, the arm will move to make the film strained all the time. The purpose is to keep the film immobile.

  1. Printing

After the swing arm, the film usually passes through the printing equipment. The printing equipment consists of two categories, one is thermal, and another is  inkjet. Not only dates and codes, but also marks and pictures can be printed.

  1. Film Sensing and Positioning

The film is bound to pass through the registration eye when it is under the printing device. The registration eye can make the film have a precise location. And then the film can be cut accurately in this way.

Then, the film will pass through the film sensor. The sensor can find the location of the film. If the rim of the film is found a deviation from its normal location, the device will send a signal and the actuator will be moved.

  1. Making Pouches

When the film reaches the shoulder on the molded tube, it folds around the tube. Then a fraction of film is made, whose two rims overlies.

The molded tube consists of two types: lap sealing or fin sealing. The lap sealing can form a complanate sealing package by overlying the external rims. While the fin seal utilizes the internal part of the rims and forms an outstretched sealing package. The stuff that lap sealing applies is less than fin sealing. And the lap sealing is thought to be more aesthetic than the fin sealing.

The spinning encoder is next to the shoulder of the molding tube andrelies on mobile film to actuate it. The length of the pouch is set to digital in the interface. If the setting is achieved, the conveying will pause(merely suitable for fitful action devices).

The film is run by two geared motors. A pull-down band which makes use of vacuum suction to hold the film can be used instead of the friction one. And the friction band applies to dusty commodities with minimal abrasion.

  1. The Sealing of Pouches

We will let the film stop for a while on the fitful action devices. The purpose is to make it convenient for pouches to have vertical sealing. The hot vertical seal moves and touches the part of vertical overlapping on the film. Then the film layer can be attached.

A series of thermal horizontal sealer will fit together. And then a top seal and a bottom seal appear. The film in the fitful action devices will pause and have a seal by means of jaws. However, the film in constant action devices will be sealed without the help of jaws.

Ultrasound can be chosen in the system of cold sealing. it is usually applied to the industries which are sensitive to heat and littery.

  1. The Unloading of Pouches

A sharp knife inside the heat-sealing pliers will cut the pouch if the goods are filled. The wrapped pouch will drop out after the opening of the pliers. The device can achieve 30 to 100 times each minute.

The finished pouches will be put into containers or conveyor belts. And then they will be shipped to devices of the latter line such as case packer, x-ray inspection line and so on.

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