kefai vffs granule packing machine

KEFAI Automatic granule packing equipment is widely applied to medicine, daily chemical, food, and other fields. The granule filling equipment is especially useful for free-flowing goods. Tablets, walnuts, corn, dry fruit, soybeans, hazelnuts, cranberries, and so on are covered in it. We promise that the products we produce are of superior quality and the price we offer is the most reasonable. We can provide you with all kinds of pellet packaging devices. Besides, our professional team can help you design an automatic granule packing machine according to your requirements.

KEFAI will always be your good helper in offering solutions of granule packaging machines. You will never regret choosing KEFAI pellet packing machine. We will provide you with unparalleled service. The adoption of the advanced technology makes our granule packing machines more valuable and reliable. Whether you need fully automatic granule filling machine or semi automatic granule filling machine, we can provide it to you.


More Choices About Granule Packing Machines

  • Nuts Granule Packaging Machine: The nutsgranule filling machine can automatically weigh and fill the nuts at a high speed. It means that the automatic granule filling machine for nuts can well meet your requirements about nuts package. We can achieve efficient packaging of nuts while maintaining high quality by means of automatic granule packing machine.
  • SugarGranule Pouch Packing Machine: All the sugar granule pouch packing devices that will touch sugar are made in stainless steel. Your food safety can be completely guaranteed so there is no need for you to worry about it at all. The setting of intelligent control system can make your operation easier.
  • PopcornGranule Packaging Machine: Unlike sugar, popcorn can't be exposed to air for a long period, or its taste and quality will be affected a lot. Therefore, popcorn needs good packaging to keep quality. KEFAI popcorn packaging machine can help you complete the packaging of popcorn in a very efficient process. You can benefit a lot from it.
  • Volumetric CupGranule Packaging Machine: The volumetric cup granule packaging device has a measuring function and can accurately measure the capacity of granule products. Then the device can fill the granule products and seal them. Equipped with the volumetric cup, the machine also has strong versatility and stable structure.
  • Multi-HeadGranule Packaging Machine: The multi-head granule packaging machine can weigh by using multi-head, which is capable of enhancing the speed and accuracy of metering. The machine is energy saving and easy to maintain.

KEFAI Machinery is committed to giving you the best experience.

  • Excellent Customization: KEFAI, a granule filling machine manufacturer, can design and produce all kinds of granule packing machines according to your requirements. KEFAI Machinery has a professional engineer team, who has been working in the machine industry for more than thirty years. The main engineers has rich experience so they can solve any problems you might have. If you have any doubts, you can consult us and we are bound to give you an accurate and satisfactory reply.
  • The Most Favorable Price: We guarantee that our granule packing machine price is the most reasonable and granule filling machines are superior in quality. The granule packaging machines are directly sold by factory, so the prices are factory prices. We have reduced the price to the lowest in consideration of your interest. After stripping out the cost of automatic granule packing machines, we don’t make much profit.
  • One-Stop Service Of Package: From pre-sales, in-sales, to after-sales, we will provide you with a coordinated process service. Before the sale, if you need, we will help you make a complete set of design about the granule packaging machine. When selling, we will produce products strictly according to international industry production standards. After sales, if there is a problem with the automatic granule filling machine, we will help you solve it in the earliest time.
  • Extremely Easy Operation: The automatic granule packing machines are equipped with intelligent systems. In addition, the operation process of the granule packaging equipment is similar to your smart cellphones. You can learn about the operation method quickly after getting the instruction manuals. You can conduct the food packaging machinery to do what you want.

The Delivery Service In No Time.

As a packaging supplier, KEFAI can deliver those automatic granule packing machines to you at a much faster speed compared with others. The reason is that KEFAI possess a great deal of commodities in stock, which can definitely be delivered on time. Once we have goods which need to be shipped, we will deliver them to you as quickly as possible. In addition, we will choose the most suitable transportation plan for you to ensure the timely delivery of granule packing machine.

Reviews from our customers.

I bought a granule vertical packing machine a few months ago. The service attitude of the staff is very good, and the delivery is very fast. The quality of the pellet packing machine is also quite good. Love it, thank you!A comment from Austria
KEFAI is the best seller I’ve seen, you are so patient. I finally got what I wanted here. You help me successfully install the granule filling machine. Thank you so much! I wish you have a more prosperous business.A comment from Philippines
Through my personal experience, the reputation of this store is quite good. The quality of the granule packaging machine is  more like diamond. I am quite satisfied with the automatic granule packing machine. If necessary, I will continue to come and buy another kind of granule packaging machine.A comment from Netherlands

What is automatic granule packaging machine?

A granule packaging machine means that it can automatically complete small granular material packaging. The automatic granule packing machine is mainly used for packing granule medicine, sugar, coffee, fruit, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, seeds and other small pellets.

What are the features of granule packaging machine?

Granule packaging machines can greatly improve labor productivity because mechanical packaging is much effective than manual packaging. Granule packing machine can reduce packaging costs, save storage and transportation costs especially for loose products.

What should I pay attention to when using the granule packing machine?

①When the granule packaging machine is in operation, you should check the environment around to see if there is some factor affecting the packaging machine

②After the granule packing machine begins to work, we should try to stay away from the machine. Do not touch the running parts of the packing machine with our body parts, especially the head and hands.

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