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Sauce sachet packing machine is widely used in catering industry, food processing industry. Using this sauce sachet packing machine can pack and package all kinds of instant noodles, instant food sauces, salad dressing, ketchup, soy sauce, seasoning, etc.

KEFAI's automatic sauce sachet packing solution is designed with a user-friendly interface and controls that make it easy to operate and adjust to different packaging needs. It requires minimal training and allows efficient production without a lot of manual labor. Overall, KEFAI's automatic sauce small bag packaging solution provides an efficient, reliable and customizable packaging solution for the sauce industry. It helps streamline production processes, maintain product quality and easily meet the demands of high-volume packaging.

KEFAI High speed sauce sachet packing machine

High Speed Sauce Sachet Packing Machine: This sauce sachet packing machine with high-speed can provide high-quality sachets of sauce products to the maximum extent possible. Sauce sachet packer can pack at least one hundred bags of products per minute. If you need high volume, high efficiency and accurate metering sauce sachet packaging, then you can’t miss KEFAI’s high speed sauce sachet packaging machine.

  • Automated and Efficient
  • Ensure Freshness of Products
  • Beautiful Packaging Appearance
  • Consistent Product Weight


The machine is equipped with one set of vertical sealing roller, one set of horizontal sealing roller and one set of sealing roller to strengthen. The vertical sealing roller is completed, continuous grain vein with leak-resistant line. The horizontal sealing roller is grain vein with leak-resistant line or plain sealing with leak-resistant line. The whole set of machine combines forming–vertical sealing--filling –horizontal sealing –horizontal strengthen sealing--notching–cutting together.

> What can this machine package?
KEFAI's automatic sauce sachet packing equipment is suitable for various paste materials. You can use this automated packing machine ti package ketchup, salad sauce, condiment, BBQ sauce, jam, and so on.

Bag Sample

Sauce paste sachet sample application


KEFAI High speed sauce sachet packing machine
30-95mm (3-side seal); 35-100mm (4-side seal)
Filling Capacity
Packing Speed
100-200 pcs/min
3kw/ AC380V
PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, OPP/CPP, etc. composite film
Parameters of Film Roll
Outer Diameter≤400; Inner Diameter φ75
Standard Filling device
Magnetic Pump/Hibar Pump/Piston Pump/Rotary Pump
Standard Cutting method
Plain Cutting,Sawtooth Cutting,Perforation cutting
Optional device
Thermal printer, Priniter, Level Sensor, Double layer Hopper, Agitator, Outlet Conveyor
Detailed Images
high speed packing machine detail


High Speed Packaging Capacity

    High-speed packaging capability is important for industries that require high-volume, high-efficiency packaging needs. The rapid packaging capability of high-speed packaging machines can significantly increase productivity and reduce the time and labor costs required for the packaging process, as well as reduce manual errors and waste in the packaging process. The high-speed packaging machine is suitable for mass production environments and can cope with the demand for packaging large quantities of products to meet the supply needs of the market.



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KEFAI has many years of experience in manufacturing sauce sachet packing machine and has established a good reputation in the industry. We are committed to providing high quality and reliable sauce sachet packing machines, and we use advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control standards to ensure that each machine meets the highest quality requirements. In addition, we offer customized solutions to meet the different needs of our customers.

In short, KEFAI will provide the most reliable sauce sachet packing solutions for our customers.

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Our Customers Feedback

KEFAI’s automatic sauce sachet packing equipment has helped us improve production efficiency and packaging quality. It can quickly and accurately complete large-volume packaging tasks. KEFAI’s small bag sauce packaging machinery is used in our production line and runs smoothly with almost no failures. KEFAI’s team is also very professional and friendly. They provide us with high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service. I am very grateful to KEFAI!Mr. Greg, a customer from Russia.
We purchased KEFAI’s sauce bag packaging machine, which fully meets our packaging needs. Sauce packing machine is simple to operate and easy to adjust, and the size and packaging capacity of the bag can be easily changed. In addition, I would like to mention that KEFAI’s team is very professional and responsive. They have provided us with timely technical support and training. Thank you very much for KEFAI’s quality products and services.Mr. Abner, a customer from Lithuania.
KEFAI’s sauce bag packing machine left a deep impression on customers. Using their fully automatic sauce sachet packaging machine, the sauce product can be accurately filled into the bag, and it is well sealed and will not leak. We would highly recommend KEFAI’s sauce small bag packing machine to othersMr. Earl, a customer from Norway.

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FAQs about Sauce Sachet Packing Machine

1. How fast is the packaging of this sauce sachet machine?
KEFAI's sauce bag packaging system has a high-speed packaging function, which can complete a large number of packaging tasks in a short time. The specific packaging speed depends on the size of the bag and the viscosity of the sauce, but it can usually reach the speed of packing more than one hundred bags per minute.

2. Can this 
sachet machine for packing sauce for sauce automatically adjust the size of the bag?

Yes, KEFAI's sauce bag packaging machine has the function of automatically adjusting the size of the bag.It can automatically adjust the width and length of the bag according to preset parameters to meet the packaging needs of different specifications. It makes the operation of the machine more convenient and fast.


3. How does this machine ensure the hygiene and quality of the sauce when packaging?
KEFAI's sauce bag packaging machine uses high-grade stainless steel materials to ensure that the sauce is not contaminated during the packaging process. At the same time, it is equipped with an advanced sealing system to effectively prevent oxygen and moisture from entering the bag, thereby maintaining the freshness and quality of the sauce.


4. Does this sachet packing machine support multiple packaging forms, such as continuous bags, double bags, etc.?

Yes, KEFAI's automated sauce sachet packaging machine supports multiple packaging forms. It has flexible configuration options and can be customized according to customer needs. Whether it is continuous bags, double bags or other special forms of packaging, our intelligent sauce sachet packing machine can be achieved by adjusting and using machine settings and additional equipment.