KEFAI honey sachet packing machine is mainly used for honey, tomato paste, shampoo, facial cream, spices such as paste, liquid, pure water, milk, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. pharmaceutical, food and chemical liquid quantitative packaging.

Features: bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and hot pressing batch No. or printing date can be done automatically.

Packing materials: several kinds of heat-seal lamination, such as cellophane/PE, BOPP/PE, Aluminum Foil/PE, etc.


KEFAI high speed automatic paste roller packing machine honey

High-speed honey sachet packing machine: High-speed honey sachet packing machine is suitable for packaging honey products in sachets or stick-shaped packaging. This type of honey pouch packaging machine has the advantage of high speed and is very suitable for companies with large-scale production needs.

  • High Precision and Accuracy
  • No leakage
  • Anti-stick
  • Customizable Options


1) Imported Mitsubishi, Japanese PLC control, English and Man-machine interface,easy operation.

2) Photoelectric tracking system for precise bag length and position of film.

3) Filling volume and bag length are easy to adjust on the interface without changing mould.

4) Digital temperature controller for vertical and horizontal sealing, intuitive and accurate.

5) No leak with high filling accuracy.

6) Easy operation, smooth performance, low noise, compact construction, convenient to maintenance, take up small floor space in high packaging speed and efficiency.

7) The machine is made of stainless steel S/S304.

Optional device:

1. Adjustable mixer in the hopper

2. Heating hopper

3. Date printing machine

4. Batch cutting device

5. Straight cutter, U cutter and tear mouth(一, V, U)

various sachet with option devices


Our automatic honey sachet packaging machine is suitable for packaging honey product. However, this intelligent vertical packing is also suitable for packaging other paste products, such as ketchup, sauces, condiments, cosmetics, cream, etc.

paste sachet application

Technical Parameter:

Product Name
Honey Sachet Packing Machine
30-95mm(3-side seal) 35-100mm(4-side seal)
Filling Capacity
Packing Speed
100-200pcs per min
3kw/ AC380V
PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, OPP/CPP, etc. composite film
Parameters of Film Roll
Outer Diameter≤400; Inner Diameter φ75
Standard Filling device
Magnetic Pump/Hibar Pump/Piston Pump/Rotary Pump
Standard Cutting method
Plain Cutting, Sawtooth Cutting, Perforation Cutting
Optional device
Thermal printer, Priniter, Level Sensor, Double layer Hopper, Agitator, Outlet Conveyor

Detailed Images:

high speed packing machine detail


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KEFAI high speed automatic paste roller packing machine honey 1

Concact Us

The biggest feature of KEFAI's honey sachet packing machine is its high speed, which can pack hundreds of bags of honey products in a short time. Not only that, the performance of this automatic packaging machine is also very powerful, the packaging of the product is beautiful, the sealing is very good, and there is no leakage or clamping.
KEFAI focuses on manufacturing high-quality honey sachet packaging machines, and we are committed to bringing you the best experience. We explore the latest packaging machine technology, and it is very important for a packaging machine supplier to know how to innovate. I believe that our automatic sachet honey packaging function will bring you unparalleled enjoyment.

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1. If the honey crystallizes, can your honey sachet packing machine still work effectively?
Our honey sachet packaging system is equipped with advanced temperature control technology, which can effectively prevent honey from crystallizing.You can set a specific temperature to ensure that the honey remains fresh and edible for a long time.

2. I am worried about hygiene issues in the packaging process. How does your machine ensure that there are no contaminants in the honey bag?
Our honey sachet packaging machinery takes hygiene as the primary consideration. The vertical equipment has an easy-to-clean surface and a food-grade material of stainless steel, which means that there is minimal contact between honey and machine parts during the packaging process. Besides, our sachet packing machines for honey need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that all parts are properly disinfected after use.

3.Can your honey sachet packing machine handle honey bags of different sizes and shapes?
Our honey sachet packing equipment is highly flexible and can adapt to various pouch sizes and shapes. For example, if you need a special-shaped sachet packaging machine for honey, we can also provide it for you.


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