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China Quad Seal Bag Packaging Machine Factory

Quad seal bag packaging machine is also named block bottom bag packing machine. Quad seal pouch packing machine is a kind of packaging equipment specially designed for the production of quad seal bags. This fully automatic quad seal pouch packing machine is suitable for medicine, daily chemicals, food, pesticides and other industrials, such as sugar, salt, seasoning, coffee, desiccant, washing powder, candy, nuts, agricultural products or rice, potato chips, french fries, puffed food, etc.

KEFAI's quad seal bag packaging machine provides a convenient and efficient solution for the brick bottom bag packaging of products and better product display, extends shelf life and enhances product protection. The high-quality packing machine can effectively form, fill and seal bags to ensure accurate and consistent quad seal bag packaging. Stand up pouches sealed on all sides provide excellent stability and durability for packaging various products. What's more, KEFAI adopts a new upgraded and improved shaper for this fully automatic packaging machine to make the packaging bag type more high-end and beautiful. Using KEFAI's quad seal doypack packaging machine can bring you the best packaging experience.


The quad seal bag packaging system can package a wide range of products, including dry goods, snacks, coffee, pet food, etc. KEFAI quad seal pouch weighing and packing machine is most suitable for handling granular and powdered products, can flexibly adapt to various bag sizes, shapes and materials, and can meet the special packaging requirements of different products. In addition, this quad seal bags packaging solution can be seamlessly integrated into the existing production line to improve the overall efficiency and productivity.


Enhanced Packaging Quality
These high-performance quad seal bag packaging machines can ensure that the sealing of the quad seal bags is consistent and reliable. The quad seal pouch equipment precisely controls the size and shape of the bag to ensure that each package meets the specified size requirements and avoids packaging that is too large or too small. At the same time, the quad seal pouch machinery adopts advanced sealing technology, which can ensure the stable and reliable sealing performance of the bag, and effectively prevent product leakage or pollution. The unique function of the machine realizes airtight packaging and ensures the freshness and quality of the product. After the product has been enhanced, the packaging quality can be better protected and presented, thereby enhancing the product's image and market competitiveness. In general, the advantage of enhanced packaging quality can bring significant value and advantages to enterprises.

Quad Seal Bag application


  1. Chinese and English touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation.
  2. PLC computer control system, more stable operation, without stopping to adjust any parameters.
  3. Ten groups of parameters can be stored, more accurate to change varieties.
  4. Using servo motor to pull the touch, more accurate positioning.
  5. Independent temperature control system, the accuracy can reach ±1℃ degree.
  6. Independent control of horizontal and vertical sealing temperature, can be well applied to various composite film, PE film and other packaging materials.
  7. Diversified styles of packaging, back seal, corner insert, continuous bag, punching, etc.
  8. Production of bag making, sealing, packaging, printing date is completed at one time.
  9. The working environment is clean and the noise is small.


KEFAI Automatic Quad Seal Bag Packing Machine
100-1000 g/pack
Measuring methodWeighing
Bag specificationLength: 100-400mm, Width: 120-180mm, Side width: 40-100mm
Bag typeQuad Seal Bag / Block Bottom Bag
Production capacity8-15 bags/min (packing speed depends on packing weight and bag size)
Control methodPLC+touch screen
Body MaterialStainless steel
Date printer
Air source0.6-0.8Mpa 30L/min
VoltageAC 220V single phase 50HZ, or 3 phase, 380V, 50HZ
Air source
0.6-0.8MPa, 0.6m3/min
Packaging material
NL/PE (thickness 8-12 wire)
Machine weight
Mainframe size

Deatils images

gusset pouch packing machine detail - PLC control electric boxgusset pouch packing machine detail - Bag making machinegusset pouch packing machine detail - Synchronized bag pulling wheel
PLC control electric boxBag making machineSynchronized bag pulling wheel
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Premade Quad Seal Bag Packaging Machine: This automatic packing machine is for pre-made quad seal bags for product packaging. This packaging machine for premade doypack pouch will pick up, open, fill and seal the bag directly. Like the vertical quad seal bag packaging machine, this model also provides effective sealing of the product.

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KEFAI Advantages

KEFAI is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of quad seal bag packaging machinery. Our strong manufacturing machine capabilities and professional technology are well-known in the packaging industry, and our quad seal bag packing machines are also very popular with customers all over the world. KEFAI offers machine customization options, including adjusting the size of the bag, filling capacity, sealing technology and other specifications. We will develop the most perfect quad seal bag packaging solution according to the different needs of each customer. With its strong capabilities, advanced technology and commitment to customer satisfaction, KEFAI has won the recognition and trust of various industries. I believe KEFAI will solve all your packaging product puzzles.

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Our Customers Feedback

We use KEFAI’s quad seal pouch packing machine to pack our pet food products, and each bag maintains a good seal and appearance. We would also like to mention that KEFAI’s customer service is excellent and they answered our questions in time. We highly recommend KEFAI’s automated quad seal pouch packing machine.Mr. Gavin, a customer from Sweden.
We have been using KEFAI’s quad seal pouch packing machine for a while, and we especially like the automation function and intelligent control system of KEFAI’s quad seal bag packaging machine, which can reduce the workload of operators and improve production efficiency. We are very satisfied with this purchase decision.Ms. Philip, a customer from Belarus.
KEFAI quad seal pouch packing machine fully meets our needs. The performance of their quad seal bags machine is very stable, capable of high-speed and long-term work and consistent quality packaging of our coffee bean products. The operation interface of the machine is simple and easy to understand, and maintenance is also very convenient. Furthermore, in order to ensure that we can use this machine smoothly, KEFAI’s professional team also contacted us by phone to explain.Mr. Leo, a customer from Mexico.

KEFAI Worldwide

FAQs about Angled Bag Packing Machine

1. Does the quad seal bag packing system support automatic metering and filling?

Yes, many quad seal pouch packing machines are equipped with automatic metering and filling systems, which can accurately measure and fill products according to set parameters to improve the accuracy and consistency of packaging.

2. How many people does the quad seal pouch packaging machine need to operate?

Only one or two skilled operators are usually required to operate the quad seal pouch packaging equipment. The operation of the machine is easy and simple, and it does not require too many personnel to participate.

3. Can a quad seal bag packing machine automatically perform troubleshooting?

Yes, some advanced quad seal bag packing machines are equipped with fault detection and automatic troubleshooting features that can automatically identify and resolve common faults, reducing production downtime and manual intervention.

4. What is the control system of quad seal pouch packaging machine?

The quad seal bags packaging machinery is equipped with an advanced electrical control system, which allows for precise packaging parameter setting and automated production process control. The machine's operator interface is usually intuitive and friendly, allowing easy adjustment of parameters, monitoring of operating status and troubleshooting.

5. Does the quad seal bag packing solution support mass production?

Yes, our automatic block bottom pouch packing machine is suitable for medium to large volume production. With its high packing speed and stable performance, it can meet your rapid production and mass packing needs.

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