KEFAI Mulit lane sachet packing machine is package style in three side seal,four side seal and stickpack form.It can works with various dosing system available, mainly for all kind of granule, powder and liquid products,Packed with heat sealable laminates film.
KEFAI multi lane packing machine for liquid paste products: piston pump filler, magnetic pump, gear pump filling device.This machine is applicable for dosing liquid, semi-liquid products and sealing in form of sachet, with 3 side sealed and 4side sealed style, include the sachet forming, product dosing, filling and sachet sealing processes, In different patterns of sealing, and flat, zigzag cutting or other irregular shape punching. By configure with different accessories, suitable for food, cosmetic, medicine packing such as ketchup, chocolate, mayonnaise, olive oil, chili sauce, honey, drinks, jelly, medicine, shampoo, cream, lotion etc.

KEFAI multi lane packing machine for Free Flowing Products(Sugar-Salt): dual flashboard, pushing cup, swaying heads filling device

KEFAI multi lane packing machine for Powdery Products(Coffee-Milk Powder)

Standard Features

1) Mainly stainless-steel 304 construction

2) Stainless-steel 304 for product touching parts

3) Heavy duty design suits for high speed operation

4) No waste of film design, no reserved film edge required

5) Motorized roller type film dividing device

6) PLC & Touch screen HMI control

7) Guided servo motorized film pulling device integrated with horizontal seal

8) Pneumatic piston pumps dosing for each lane with manual dosing range adjustment

9) Intelligent PID temperature controller

10) Door open and machine stop interlock

11) No packaging film and machine stop interlock

Number of lanes4lanes6 lanes8 lanes10 lanes12 lanes
Packaging styleStick pack
Production capacityMax. 60 bags/min per lane*
Bag width16- -84mm16 -54mm16- 40mm16- 31 .5mm16- 26mm
Bag LengthMAX: 150mm (can be customlzed)
Volume per bag1-30ml
Film roll outer diameter(max)350mm
Film roll inner diameter(standard)76mm
Power source220V/50Hz/1-Phase
Power consumption2.4kw3.2kw3.5kw4.0kw4.2kw
Air consumption 7 Litres/min @ 0.7Mbar
Dimension1026L x97x1352Hmm

Optional Features

• Stainless Steel 316 for product touching parts

• Sealing pattern

• Flat or Zigzag cutting off

• Round and other irregular shape cutting off

• String sachets

• Tear notch

• Embossing, ribbon, inkjet or laser coding

• Cool horizontal seal

• Dual products dosing with double layer tube

• Servo motorized pumps

• CIP connectable and/or double jacket heat insulation hopper

• Grouping conveyor with/without sachet weight checking, rejecting and target weight calibration

• Sachet counting system

• Cartoning or bagging system